Blogging is getting popular with each passing day. There are many platforms available online who had made this task just like a child’s play. Anyone one can do that with basic computer knowledge. Anyone from anywhere can start a blog. Whether it be a technical person or a non-technical person, it doesn’t matter. Do you know how many blog posts are published each day? Let me tell you, the figure is quite big.

Over 2 million blog posts.

Yeah! I’m not making things up but that’s the actual figure which has been recorded according to a recent blogging survey. There are more than 100 million blogs available online and the number is growing at a significant rate.

You must now be thinking that “Why there are so many blogs available online?

Well, there can be many reasons for this particular question. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

1. Blogs help you to gain authority online.

2. With the help of your own blog, you can enhance your network and can convert your readers into your valuable clients.

3. Many people choose to start a blog as a side hustle but soon start taking it seriously and eventually get converted to a full-time professional blogger.

4. Blogs are also created to inspire people.

5. Blogs can also be started to keep a daily record of your activity. Just like a personal journal.

And many more…

But what about you? Being a college student it is necessary for you to have your own blog? Will it turn to be beneficial for you?

Of Course, Starting a blog during your college life is the best thing you can do online to create your own online identity and brand authority.

Well, That’s not all. There are many reasons which will tell you why you should start a blog during your college life. Below I have compiled a few most popular reasons which I found super interesting and are enough to convince you. Have a look:

Popular Reasons Why “Starting A Blog During College Life” Can Be Helpful


#1: Improves One’s Writing Skill

The biggest advantage of starting a blog is you are able to present your thoughts. With the help of blogging, you can articulate all your ideas in an organized manner. Being consistent in writing blog posts not only improves your vocabulary but also develop a good command on that particular language.

Rather than maintaining a daily diary, you can prefer starting a blog to improve this skill of yours. Blogging demands one to be consistent in their writing part and that’s what improve our writing and articulation skills.

If in case you love writing and you are already maintaining a daily diary but start having a second thought on starting a blog then you should start it. Your blog can be about anything, literally anything which you would like to share with the online world. Whether you like to write about yourself or share helpful guides with your blog audience on any particular topic.

Even you can share photos and videos on your blog. I have seen many bloggers who don’t like writing that much, so they create videos and click pictures in order to describe their story.

You’ll be shocked after knowing that over 10 million people use social networking platforms in order to blog on daily basis. So, Whatever be the platform you choose to blog, note that there must be a written part. Creating content as it is a story is a skill which can be improved with the help of regular blogging.

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#2: Getting More Comfortable Sharing Thoughts

I still remember when I started my first blog, it was a disaster :P and I hated sharing it. Back then I have no idea how to manage a blog and what are its possibilities. But after so many years I practiced things and here’s Blogging Bro.

When I started this blog, it was nothing like now. It has been gone under many changes. Many themes and layouts were tested and finally, I learned how to be more presentable and professional presenting your blog posts.

Back in the time when I started, I was so afraid to publish my blog posts, thinking about people, whether they will going to like it or not. And somewhere I had that fear because I didn’t have that much command on English as I have now.

But I didn’t give up. I daily read many blog posts on how to create amazing content and tips on improving blog network. Soon, I realized that everyone has their own way of delivering information and that’s what makes people like you. From then onwards I’m creating content daily and now I’m much more comfortable sharing my voice online.

Putting efforts in creating blog posts had developed confidence in me. Experiencing this thing is not possible overnight, you have to continue blogging for weeks even for months and then you get to know what it feels like. This feeling not just only makes you feel good but also allows you to put an impact on your blog audience.

#3: Motivating & Helping Others

Do you know your story can motivate a lot of people out there? When you put your efforts into writing blog posts, it actually helps other bloggers out there. Many people can get inspired after going through your blog posts.

When you start getting some recognition online and people actually start appreciating your efforts, it feels great. You get a good feeling after knowing that your blog posts are actually helping others out solving their doubts or even motivating them somehow.

As a blogger, you should know how your words can make an impact on one’s life. Keeping this point in mind and creating content accordingly can help thousands of people out there.

Blogging helps you to set an example for the whole world. There are many bloggers who are inspiring newbies in order to start their blogging career. After all, at last, helping others out making their life good is all that matters, isn’t.

#4: Gives You A Sense Of Responsibility

Suppose you choose to start a blog on your daily routine much like a personal online diary then you have to stay active on it. You have to keep posting stuff to keep things going. For example, if you choose to get started with a fitness blog then you have to publish your daily routine, diet, progress etc knowing the fact that people are going through your blog posts.

You have to keep posting blog posts no matter what. Remember people out there will be going to watch you and learn from you. So, don’t be afraid to share your content online.

And this daily side hustle which you will do on your blog will develop a motivation to work and help you achieve your desired goals. And after achieving these little goals you will improve your way of thinking and start taking things more seriously.

#5. Can Help You Get Some Cash Out Of It

Many people start with their blogging career just for sake of money. I personally know many bloggers who choose to be a full-time blogger and are earning pretty good out of their blog. But beware about this point. It will be going to take a lot of time to get at that level.

Turning your blog into a money machine is not an easy task. You have to be consistent, follow correct strategies and move in the right direction to get at that point.

You’ll make money from your blog, no doubt with that but your primary focus should on offering quality content to your audience. If people find your content attractive and valuable then they will surely be checking your blog on regular basis and at last, that’s the key to make money out of a blog.

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#6: Develops Confidence

Students need to have confidence. After blogging for years now I have developed more confidence than before. I’m now proud of my blog and all the valuable content I share with my blog audience.

Blogging allows you to be more confident with your writing skills. I’m not saying that blogging will eventually turn you into a great writer but yeah it can surely help you to find out your own unique way of writing posts. Everyone has their own way of delivering information and that’s what readers love to see.

If you are just a beginner in this field then I will advise you to first go through other blogs in your niche. Find out how they create content and try to learn from them. Those experts are blogging since years and they know exactly how things work in this online world.

After you have mastered your art of writing then you will be proud to share your content among your friend circle and with your readers' community.

#7: You’ll Have A Strong Online Network

Blogging allows you to create a brand online. By offering value to your readers you can make them follow your blog. This results in creating a strong online network.

Having a network in an online world matters a lot. You can use this network to influence a lot of people out there. Promoting content, sharing valuable information and other things works out a lot better if you already have a good network.

Final Words

There are many reasons why students should get their own blog, but I think that the above points are sufficient in order to make my point. So, Are you planning you start a blog now? Or You already have a blog? If yes then let me know in the comments below that what are the benefits you have got out of your blog and how it had affected your daily life. 

At last, If you liked this article then kindly share it with your classmates and online networks to encourage them to get their hands on blogging… :)