Blogging had become very popular over the past few years. Many youngsters are stepping in this field in order to be a successful blogger. People not just simply start a blog just for sake of money but it allows them to express their feelings, thoughts and even share their ideas to the whole world. With the help of blogging, you can also connect to like-minded people and share common goals.

There are around 100 million blogs available online and the figure is increasing at a rapid rate. There are tons of blog posts available which covers almost every doubt you have. You can easily find out blog posts on any topic you wish to search online.

If you have read my previous blog posts then you might be aware of the fact that creating a blog is not a big deal as it seems like. The real challenge is to maintain that blog and put a constant effort in order to make it count successful.

But that’s not all. The real challenge comes when you are creating quality blog posts for your blog but still getting a very little recognition online. It’s no use if no one is there to read your blog. That’s why it is must to regularly work on your blog. Blogging needs the commitment to update it, work on it and building a network for it.

Therefore to help you out I’m writing this blog post. Today’s post is all about how you can strengthen your blog network. If you’ll have a good audience for your blog then you’ll definitely end up creating a successful blog. So, carefully start reading all the below points which will guide you to multiply your blogging network.


1. Stay Active On Social Media Platforms
One can’t simply overlook the power and reach of social media networking platforms in today’s world. Social media platforms are one of the top areas which you should consider in order to promote your blog posts. These platforms will help to find a quality audience who will appreciate all your efforts.

Creating a page of yours, Joining similar niche communities and groups, reaching out people all can be easily done on these social media platforms. By staying active on these social platforms you can not only promote your blog but also create your own authority online.

I personally know many professionals blogger who get almost half of their blog traffic through social media platforms. They generally use live sessions in order to target more audience to their blog.

Asking your blog readers to post their doubts on your social profile also helps you to power your network. Delivering quality information and helping people out by solving their doubts is a good strategy. This practice makes your readers trust you which end up giving you a loyal blog readership.

Tip: To target more audience online you should always use hashtags when promoting your blog posts. Using a short description with quality and relevant graphics allows you to get your reader’s attention easily.

I would also like to suggest you add social media sharing buttons to each of your blog posts. In that way, your audience can easily share your blog posts with just a click.

2. Start Attending Conferences

Going to different events and attending conferences also helps increase your blog’s reach. This thing not just only helps you to increase your audience but also allow you to meet other bloggers and gather new ideas for your future blog posts.

Attending any blogging event means there will be many other bloggers just like you who are there to network and create more connections. Knowing other bloggers personally creates a connection which is somewhere not possible online.

You can also exchange business cards at such events. Believe me, there are tons of benefits you will be getting after attending these conferences or events. You’ll get aware of the latest technologies and strategies going around in your niche. Even there are pretty good chances that you get sponsors for your blog. That’s the next point is all about.

3. Collaborate, Team UP!

There’s a high possibility that you meet some great bloggers and sponsors who would like to team up with you. Interviewing them or promoting their products on your blog. Working in a team or collaborating with other bloggers in your niche always turns out to be good for your blog network.

Many bloggers had interviewed other great bloggers in order to reach a more potential audience online. Generally, these interviews feature some top influencers in a particular area who share their problems, tips, and techniques which they used to come to that level.

Tip: If you are planning to interview an expert in your niche then make sure you do pretty good research about them. Your job will be to ask those questions which haven’t answered before.

Another way to collaborate with bloggers is via guest posting. Writing quality blog posts on other blogs helps you to target their audience. Don’t forget to add your other blog posts links (backlinks) when you are writing guest posts. This is the most popular strategy used by many experts online in order to increase their blog reach and also to improve their domain authority. Guest posting is one of the most essential factors which you must never ignore.

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4. Guest Speaking

Guest speaking is another cool way you expand your network. You should speak to new people whether it be in your college, society or any conference about your brand, your blog. This is a tried and tested trick which not only helps you increase your audience reach but also continue to build credibility.

Know your audience mindset before actually delivering the speech. I recently wrote an article “An Easy Hack to Create Stunning Presentation & Increase Your Business” in which I have covered almost all important points which are needed in order to prepare a good presentation. Doing good prior research and speaking with confidence is the real key to deliver an effective presentation.

Note: When you are giving your presentation don’t forget to record it. Recording and sharing your presentation further on social networking platforms help you to gain more authority online and in that you can target more readers to your blog.

5. Organizing Event

Organizing an event or being the host is the next point we’ll be discussing. Events actually help you get to know fellow bloggers around you. I’m not saying to throw a huge party at your lawn. You can organize a simple get together or a small party which doesn’t affect your pocket that much.

Such type of getting together or events helps us to know each other on a more personal level. Creating bondings with fellow bloggers, sharing ideas, discussing lifestyles, tips, and tricks, success journey is common things that are usually discussed in such events.

Tip: Design a cool banner for your event so that people can take you seriously. If there’s no issue of budget then you can also offer free keychains, t-shirts, and other accessories with your personal branding.

6. Email Marketing 

Managing a good subscription list is the key for great email marketing. Adding a subscription box to your website helps you to reach a potential audience online. Whenever you’ll be updating your blog in future your readers will get notified instantly.

Tip: Make sure you place subscription widget in the proper place so that your readers can easily notice it and use it.

If you want more readers to use your subscription box you can distribute free ebooks or even trial products. This call to action technique works very well to get more subscribers. You can also read many techniques available online which will guide you on how to manage a subscription list for your blog.

7. Running Giveaways

I don’t think there will be someone who doesn’t like to have free stuff? That’s what giveaways are for. Organizing a giveaway on your blog like contest and giving prizes helps you to drive insane traffic to your blog. Many people both technical and non-technical will be attracted towards your blog to win the contest.

You can give away anything you wish like t-shirts, products, free e-books or even cash prizes. You just need to be creative and have a proper promotion of your content on social media network. There are many tips and steps available online on how to conduct a proper effective giveaway. I recommend you to go through those content and then actually start one on your own.

8. Create Quality Content, Offer Value To Readers

Offering value to all your readers by creating quality content is the proven way to multiply your blog network. If your readers will find your content attractive enough then they’ll surely be sharing it online with their communities and networks. You need not put that much efforts in self-promotion as now.

Be creative with your content. Creating good graphics for your blog posts is a nice way to get your audience attention. But make sure to collect all valuable information and organize it in a proper way. Designing infographics and sharing it online is one such trick which multiplies your blog traffic online.

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Final Words

Make sure you follow all the above points properly if you want to multiply your blog audience this year. These methods are fully tested by professionals so no doubt it’ll be going to work for you as well.

Blogging is a powerful way which helps you build authority online. You can easily get more customers and increase your sales by having a good blog.

Although, creating a blog is an easy task but maintaining it is where a real challenge comes. When you start a blog there should be only one goal in your mind that is offering quality, interesting and valuable information to your blog audience. Caring about your audience is what eventually will lead you to grow your blog network.

That’s all with this article. If you have any kind of suggestions or doubts after reading the above blog post then kindly let me know by leaving your valuable comments below in the comment section. At last, if you loved this post then share it with your network so that they can also get a benefit of it… :)