In this article, I have included some important points, hacks, and tips which will be helping you out to deliver your presentation in the most stunning way possible. Broad research has been done on this topic and many expert opinions have been collected which will surely be going to make a difference for you.

I still have memories of my very first stage presentation. All my thoughts got shuffled and I can’t able to organize and present my content as prepared. My voice was not clear and I was just hoping to get out of that phase.

Although, I have learned many tips over the past few years yet I’m still learning and polishing my speaking skills. With all this time and learning from many experts, I have improved and developed my presentation skills a lot. But I can assure you one thing, how I got improved, developed a confident style and what’s the actual powerful procedure to follow for an incredible presentation. 

I know that it’s not easy to deliver the best presentation every time but with the help of below tips you can work on improving your skill set, strengthen your voice and give an engaging presentation when you are on stage.

Below I have listed some steps which I use every time while preparing for my presentation. All the tips are highly recommended by experts in order to give a good speech and increase your business sales.

How to Deliver An Engaging Presentation & Increase Business Sales

1. Research Well On The Topic 

Do you know what’s the main element which makes a presentation good? It’s research. Good well-organized depth research leads to a great presentation.

I’m not making things up, this is the main element of focus which will strengthen your whole speech. Many beginners choose to avoid this phase and directly start working over the slides without having proper prior knowledge.

But not everyone overlooks this step. There are people who conduct research but not effectively. Blindly doing research or I would rather say bad research results a bad presentation.

Dividing your research into steps and then working on it has always been a nice strategy for effective research. Before doing any kind of research have the following points in your mind: 

  1. Main Focus Topic. 
  2. Knowing Your Audience Mindset. 
As you have started with the procedure, it’s essential that you know some points before continuing further. 

Let me ask you a simple question. So, what do you think, how much content a normal audience retains in an hour of presentation? 
You’ll not believe me but the figure is quite low. 

A recent study has been conducted by a bunch of renowned scientists on this topic. The result they got out of their study was a bit surprising. Scientists found that their audience only is able to retain just 4 slides out of 20 on an average.

Eliminating unwanted slides, delivering precise information, narrowing down your speaking will help your audience to gain most of your words. Sticking to the main topic with all well-defined boundaries is a secret to an engaging presentation.

Whether it’s your speech or slides, include only those material which is relevant and up to the point. Always remember to pay extra attention to the total number of slides. All your slides must be well organized with proper format and a clean design. All eyes will be on you if you’ll follow this tip for your presentation. 

Remember, audience love the one who is good with knowledge, skill set, area of expertise and engaging. These are the things which make you unique from the crowd.

Always continue your research keeping in mind that where you’ve to deliver your presentation, who is your audience and what’s their level of understanding. Especially if you are about to present on a technical topic, it’s very essential to work on the above points.

While your research is very clear with the following points: 

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. Why they want to listen to you? 
  3. What’s the main problem? And what’s your proposed solution? 
Always remember that your content will be going to vary as per your audience. Like if you have managers as your audience then content will be different from that audience which has employees as an audience. After you have a rough idea about your audience then you have to be careful about the next point. Never assume on start that you know your audience problems and choices.

Using Search engines and analytical tools to get your audience mindset and what exactly they are looking for is always been a great strategy to follow. If you are not clear with the approach then here, make a search on the following points: 

  1. Main targeted keyword.
  2. Relevant keywords, phrases and, questions.
  3. Niche targeted keywords.
  4. Trending keywords under your area of expertise.
Note: Every presenter should know that what their audience is searching and on what platform. Keep this point before begin targeting your research around a group, social networking platform or any other suitable fields.

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2. Create An Outline


Now that you have your main finalized topic and you are clear with your audience mindset it’s now time to move to the next step. 

Creating a rough outline of your presentation is the next step which you have to now work on.

Drafting a presentation outline is a great way to organize and clear up your ideas. Outline not just only helps in organizing but also ensures that we stick to the main idea and don’t let us go off track. You can later on polish your writing and remove all unwanted redundant elements. 

Below are some top tips which you have to remember while working on your writing part:

a. Try To Tell A Story

People don’t usually remember texts and data graphs. To make your presentation effective and to make people remember your words you need to tell it in a fun way. Presenting your ideas and information like a story is a great strategy. We remember things for much longer which are told in a story compared to simple text and stats. But be careful that you stick to the main keyword of your presentation. 

b. Keep It Exciting

If you have to grab your listener’s attention then you have to work in an intelligent way. According to studies it has been found that an average person hopes to get surprised after every 10-15 seconds in a presentation. Adding interesting facts and key points to excite your audience is a great strategy to get their sole focus. Whenever you feel like presentation is going in a boring way, add an interesting fact.

c. Never Go Off Topic

Going off topic is the worst thing you can do with your presentation. Always try to give relevant facts and figures around your main presentation keyword. Use slides, vector graphics, data graphs to support your main idea.

d. Emphasize Keywords 

If you want your audience to remember the main idea of your presentation for a long time then you have to emphasize it. Recall your main targeted word throughout the presentation. But be careful with not using the emphasized word more often or else audience will not take it seriously.

e. GIve A Brief Summary

It’s good to offer your audience with a summary of your whole presentation. Tell them how long you will be continuing with your presentation and what are the points you will be covering throughout (like a short overview). Giving these details before actually starting your presentation is a good way to initiate. The audience is always anxious and by this trick, you can calm them down.

f. Expand As Per Your Need

After drafting an outline for your presentation you now have to add value to it. Be careful I’m not saying to add unwanted and irrelevant information simply in order to make it lengthy. You just have to add some statement as connectors or fillers to expand it a little bit.

Note: Drafting a presentation outline keeps it much more organized and to the point. This thing helps you not going too off topic and help you to only discuss the main keyword which you have all prepared for.

3. Design & Organize Slides


Now as you have done with the outlining part, you now have to work on designing and organizing your slides. You have to come up with the most amazing way to present your content. Before you actually get over the designing part you have to ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Do I have to use bullet point and numbers in order to make it easy? 
  2. Does all my graphics saying what I actually want to deliver to my audience? 
  3. What’s the best graph should I choose? Is it a pie chart or bar graph or any other? 
Here’re top three components which I always keep in my mind before I start designing my presentation. All these points worked far good for me and are expected to work for you as well:

a. Show Examples

Like I already mentioned it above that you have to continue your presentation as you are telling a story to your audience. Showing examples, results, graphs, slides etc works very well. You have to show other people that how your presentation objective can help them, their organization or company. Also, don’t forget to show the future scope of your objective.

b. Compare Things If Possible

Comparing things with relatable objects and aims help making it more familiar. For example, if you have ever seen apple or any other big marketing giant giving their presentation for a product launch they use a similar technique. Comparing the product with other market products makes it a lot easier to count features.

c. Looks & Feel

When you are designing your slide keep your main keyword or headline at the top and make sure it is clearly visible. Add relevant image in order to support your thought. Also pay extra attention to the color scheme, text style, and graphics.

You have to make sure that all things are in proper format and in an organized manner. While preparing your presentation slides don’t forget to use grids, that will help you keep all things properly aligned.

Tip: Always try to keep your slide as simple as possible. Avoid adding too many elements to it. Your main idea should be clear to your audience with a supporting image and that’s all.

If you don’t have any prior knowledge then search online for professional presentation slides in order to get a rough idea of how it actually looks like. Remember don’t ever add irrelevant graphics which are not supporting your idea.

Here’s a check-list which will help you stay focused:

  1. An Idea per slide
  2. Simple and well-organized design
  3. Avoid creating clusters slides
  4. Simple Fonts (Avoid Fancy fonts)
  5. Quality graphics (Looks professional, to the point and clear)

4. End Conclusion


When you are about to end your presentation put a conclusion. I’m not saying to summarise your presentation, that a different thing which we have already covered earlier. End with a call to Action.

What’s your presentation aim? What you expect your audience to gain from your topic? What are you actually expecting from your crowd when you are done with your presentation? In short mention a call to action slide at the end of your presentation.

Offering something at the end is a nice way to end your presentation. For Example, Many popular product companies use this trick in order to increase their marketing sales. They offer a trial-month period to use their products or services.

Now What? Is that all?

No… Here comes the main part i.e, practicing

5. Take Time To Practice


You have to put all of your energy you have got for delivering your presentation. You will be giving your presentation for a couple of minutes but you have to make sure you don’t get dull or inactive in between. Your voice must be confident enough so that your audience pay proper attention to you.

But this can’t be done overnight.

No matter how good your content is if you are not able to deliver it properly, it's of no use. That’s why the best way to overcome this situation is rehearsing. Practice and More Practise that’s all it takes.

Practice with your prepared material and achieve fluency. If you are cool with speaking, practice presenting yourself. Skills like smiling, eye contact and gestures are equally important as your content. Observe professionals and copy their style. Practice a lot before you are about to give an actual presentation.

Record your audio and later on listen to it. Listening to your own thoughts helps you a lot.

Final Verdict

Just try to stay focused on your main keyword and remember to continue your presentation as you are about to recite a story to your audience. Keep your presentation lively and entertaining.

All the points which I have mentioned in this article are highly recommended for a great presentation. Take note of all the above points and start working on it. If you’ll be able to present your ideas in an interesting way you can build relationships, and if you are able to build relationships with your audience you will gain their trust and trust leads to loyal clients. As a result, you will lead to your business growth.

So, That’s all with this article. If you found this helpful then kindly share it with your friends and help them prepare for a great presentation. Also, if you got any kind of doubt after reading the above content then you can share them leaving your valuable comments below. I’ll be surely replying to your comments as soon as possible… :)