So, here’s the next part. Let me catch you with the part which we have discussed till now. Under this blog post topic, I’ve discussed popular blogging failures which are faced by many newbie bloggers when they choose to start with a new blog. All the points which I have discussed in part 1 of this article are necessary to be avoided by a beginner level blogger.


I have not covered some remaining points in the previous part of this post which I have listed down here. So, let’s continue further with this topic and see what are the mistakes done by a blogger which can result in a blog failure:-

6. No Good Blog Monetization

Many blogs fail because of not having a good monetization method. If Google AdSense isn’t working for you then you should try your hands on affiliate marketing or other monetizing networks. You can simply quit monetizing your content if your Google Adsense Application got rejected. 

I personally know many affiliate marketers who are making a huge amount from their online sales via their blogs. Those bloggers are living their life lavishly and also investing their money wisely on their blog’s growth. 

Not experimenting on various blogging monetization methods can result in failure. When you’re not earning anything from your blog, it becomes tough to make any investment further on your blog.

To increase your blog’s authority you have to invest your money wisely on premium blogging tools and services to make it good. Also in order to create quality backlinks, you sometimes have to pay a good amount to many blog owners who can help you with exchanging DoFollow links.

Tip: It’s true that not following a proper monetization method can result in a blog shut down. Being a beginner blogger you should try your hands on popular monetizing networks like Infolinks, Google Adsense, Yahoo ads or if you like to enter into the area of affiliate marketing then Amazon affiliates will be a good option.

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I know that monetizing your blog isn't an easy task for all of us. But not following this tip can cause you serious problem in future. It is also possible that you got no money in your pocket to make a good investment on your blog.

7. Do I Still Have To Use SEO?

In order to create a good online website, one should consider SEO. SEO helps you get your links rank on top of SERPs.

If you actually want to create a successful blog then ignoring SEO for optimizing your blog can be the biggest reason behind your blog failure. Getting potential traffic, loyal readers, increasing sales, money, fame all depends on proper SEO in this online world.

When a beginner blogger chooses to ignore SEO for a blog then he might have to work 3 times or 4 times harder compared to those bloggers who are optimizing their blogs by proper SEO techniques.

But why one doesn’t pay attention to SEO?

The main reason is social media platforms. Newbie bloggers usually invest their 100% on driving traffic via these popular social networking sites because compared to SEO it needs fewer efforts.

Tip: In all, You must not ignore SEO. I know that SEO methods take a good implementing time but once you are done with it, you can expect to get traffic from all online sources like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and many more.

Organic traffic is more valuable compared to any other social media driven traffic.

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8. Not Focusing On One Blog

Many bloggers choose to start more than one blog at a time. There’s nothing wrong in starting a second blog but you have to know when is the right time?

If you will search online then you’ll find that many successful bloggers are managing two blogs without any issue. Observing those bloggers, new bloggers also start two blogs at a time.

And this can be a huge mistake.

Starting two blogs and managing both of them effectively is a challenging task. No matter how hard you work on your blog you have to do the same thing for your second blog. The time comes when a blogger is fed up working on both the blogs. They start noticing that the performance of both of their blogs is going down which eventually results in a shutdown.

Tip: Instead of creating many blogs, start one. One is enough. Focusing on a blog and putting all your efforts in making it big is surely a good strategy. You can invest all your time and money on creating a successful blog.

Later on when your blog creates a good network online then you can expand it creating another blog. The time comes when you don’t have to work on your blog as hard as you are working now. Those days are just perfect in order to start another blog.

You’ll already be having a good online network from your first blog which can help you make your other blog popular.

I’m not saying that one should not run two blogs at a time, but when to start another blog is a real question you should care of.

Will A Blogging Career Worth For You?

Starting a blog as a side hustle is surely a good choice. If you are a student or a person who would like to invest their time creating a good future asset then the blog can be a good option. A blog is just like any other online business. If you treat it properly you will definitely be going to get good results.

With the help of proper blogging tips and techniques and all necessary tools, you can end up creating a successful blog for sure. But do keep all the above blogging failure mistakes which we have discussed in this article.

In blogging, success has only one mantra, "Consistency & Hard Work" which helps you creating a great blogger. There’s no replacement for hard work.

Now, after reading the above article you know that what are the things you have to avoid in your blogging career.

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Well, You might feel scared starting a blog as there are millions of quality blogs available online. But you should know the fact that each one of us has got his/her unique way of delivering content and that’s what makes readers feel so special about you.

That’s all with this blog post. If you have any other suggestion or want to give your valuable feedback after going through the above blog post then you are most welcome to leave your valuable comments below in the comment section, I’ll surely be going to make a reply to your comments ASAP! :)