As technology is evolving at a rapid speed with every passing day, things are gradually moving to the online world. Many people prefer taking their business online in order to achieve their desired goals. There can be many reasons when one try to create an online business.

I have personally seen many youngsters and tech enthusiastic people starting their online business. Starting a website or a blog is the most common field chosen by many of them.

Although, blogging is not just about making money online but many of them prefer to create a blog just for sake of turning their blog into a money-making machine.

Very soon the current will be gone and with the new year, many people will be starting a new blog as a side business. But will they go to be successful?

Getting successful in online business is an extremely easy job. Anyone can do it.

This line would be true if it would be 2005. But things had changed a lot since then. Hundred of people decide to create a new blog each day. Believe it or not, competition has been significantly gone high since past few years.

Because of the above fact, only the quality business can turn to good online, survival for the fittest.


Today, in this blog post, I have covered some common reasons which will lead you to experience failure in the blogging industry. If you want to fail in the online blogging world then kindly follow the below points carefully.

Wait! Is it really for you?

I know that it sounds cool to have our own blog. Many people start a blog just for sake of bragging in their friend circle. I have seen people getting excited after knowing that we can make lots of money running a blog. Most of them easily got misled when pro bloggers and experts share their blogging income reports online.

Many bloggers are even making money by hiding this truth from their readers. They want them to believe that if they’ll going to start a blog today, within a year their life will be changed completely.

Let me tell you a fact, Yeah! Your life can be changed completely because to make your blog come to that particular level you have to work hard, very hard. You have to be consistent and keep working on your blog with a no giving up attitude. No matter what happens, you have to keep on creating quality content for your blog. If you going to follow this golden rule then you can surely make it large within a year or so.

You’ll be a failure for sure in 2019.

This can be a truth if you work inconsistently, not following a proper timetable and avoiding all the above rules which I have talked about.

Blogging needs discipline and hard work with the right approach.

You know what, anyone with access to the computer with internet service enables is ready to enter the world of blogging.

According to a recent study it has been found that in 2018 around 70 million new blog posts are written each day. Even that study claims that the number of online blogs will increase to 32 million by the year 2020.

So, if you are planning to start a blog then just start. Start it now, stop procrastinating and thinking much about it. Here I have written this blog post to make this job a little easy for you.

Below are top reasons which will lead anyone to a blog failure.

Popular Reasons To Avoid Blogging Failure & How To Create A Successful Brand Online


#1 Short Term Affection

This is one of the main reason behind the failure. Many bloggers simply fail because they have affection for short time i.e, lack of passion. People start with their blog but after a month or two, they start feeling bored. This phase can come because of many reasons.

Newbie blogger usually follows the same niche what other pro bloggers are up to. The result, newbie blogger can’t manage to create sufficient content on that niche which eventually results in a closedown.

Or maybe they start for making money. After working hard for a month they notice that they aren’t generating any money out of their blog and because of this reason they start losing their interest and ultimately experience failure.

Tip - In order to become a successful blogger, you have to be very careful with your blogging niche. Always select a topic which you are passionate about. To start a blog or to create effective content you need not be an expert in that particular niche. You just need a passion for that niche and you will keep on learning new things under that niche with time which will help you generate good blog posts. 

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2. Procrastination

Procrastinating is another major reason behind blogger failure. I have seen people who want to get started with their blog, they read all the necessary materials which are there to help them create a blog.

But here comes the real problem. They fear to take actions on what they have learned so far. They are afraid of investing their money on their blog. Newbie blogger has a doubt in mind that whether they’ll going to succeed in their blogging business or not and because of this reason they never actually take it seriously.

Tip: It’s the absolute truth that no matter what you learn, you’ll going to make mistakes. Till the time you personally try those methods, you’ll never be going to learn it properly. Making mistakes is a part of blogging and many successful bloggers have failed a lot before achieving that level of experience.

I want to get you to know that you have to start with it, start it today. Fail, as much as you can and as quick as you can so that you can figure out what actually works for you and what not.

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3. Plagiarism

Experience blogger never copies from other bloggers because they know the fact that by simply copying other successful blogger methods they really can’t make it. What work for them isn’t necessary that the exact same will be working for you too. It’s hard to get success online and by copying else material you’ll never going to achieve your goals.

You need not to copy from other content creators online. Make your own way, come up with your own unique way of creating quality content.

Tip: I’m not saying that you can take ideas online. Searching popular social networking platforms like Facebook Groups, Twitter communities, Blogging Forums, Pinterest etc in order to take ideas for latest blog topics is a good practice. You just have to keep one thing in your mind that people like your blog because it’s unique in itself. 

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4. Working Inconsistently | Not following a plan

In order to improve your website ranking and make your blog more SEO friendly, you have to write on regular basis. You have to keep on creating content on your blog consistently. Following a proper writing plan can help you do so.

Although it’s not mandatory to keep posting content on a regular basis, the critical part is being consistent.

Newbie bloggers are super consistent in the first few weeks of getting started with a blog. But after sometime they start losing their interest and take things lightly.

Blogging needs consistency and smart approach. Expect nothing and keep working, that’s how you can make a successful blog.

Tip: If you got a new blog then you have to keep on updating your blog as frequent you can. You have to keep on posting high-quality blog posts so that you can attract as many new readers you can. Updating the blog frequently means more traffic, more traffic means more popularity, SEO comes with popularity and popularity gives success.

5. Not Spending a Penny

Many people are afraid of investing any money in their blog. They want to do everything for free. Newbie bloggers prefer using all those services which are freely available. But answer me a question, you are trying to create a business online then how can you make money without spending a penny?

Just like any other business, creating a blog also needs money. Using premium tools and quality services on your blog will surely help you get good returns.

It’s true that you can make a blog without spending any money but competition will be super high in that case. Because the tools which you are going to use will be used by millions of other bloggers. But this doesn’t mean start spending lavishly on your blog.

Tip: Start spending money wisely in order to grow your blog. Purchasing a good hosting service for your blog, using premium tools for analyzing your competitors' activity and premium services to create high-quality content is a good idea.

Never fear of investing money on your blog. If you are following all the rules properly and creating content on a consistent basis, you’ll definitely get good returns in not so far future and that’s for sure.

There are a few more reasons which I haven’t covered in this part. I’ll be writing all those points in the next part. So, stay tuned.

That’s all with this article, If you have any doubts or want to give your suggestions then you can leave your valuable comments below in the comment section, I’ll be glad to make a reply to your comments.