If you are a blogger or an online marketer then you already have an idea about the popularity of WordPress. WordPress is one of the best and widely used online blogging platform which offers you a huge range of interesting features and cool design. I personally love this platform because of the amazing themes and layouts that helps me creating elegant professional websites.

The main reason why many people get attracted towards this online blogging platform is that of WordPress plugins. WordPress offers the most amazing and valuable plugins which help us optimize our websites. Thousands of mind-blowing plugins are there to help you out with your website SEO score and increasing your site visibility.

It might be possible that you have heard or read about WordPress somewhere recently and now you want to try creating your own website.

Before getting started with the main task, let’s first discuss some valuable key points. 

As I have already mentioned it above that WordPress is an amazing online blogging platform and is known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Although, if you have not got any experience then launching a website can be a little tricky task. At least, in those cases where you want to have a finished professional website.

That’s why before we actually get started, we need to understand a few basic principles of how to develop a website and what’s the first step where you have to start from.

Today’s post is all about how to be a real WordPress master. I have compiled 10 valuable key points which will be helpful for a WordPress Beginner in order to master their skills. So, Let’s start.

1. .Com Or.Org?

The first thing before starting with the website development part is of choosing a right website platform. You should know that there are two available options which you have to choose from WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

Having a correct website platform is the very first thing which should be clear in reader’s mind. So, take your time and as per your required need go with the most suitable platform available.


But, What’s actually the difference between them?

Well, If you choose to go with WordPress.com then you don’t have to buy a separate web hosting plan or need to install the software. Here, you get a choice of getting started with a premium pack which costs you around $99 (that’s the lowest package deal available). You can have this package in order to get started with your personal branding and businesses like blogging.

All the premium WordPress subscriptions include amazing features offered by Jetpack, in order to improve your website performance and network.

But if you are looking for a bit serious business, not like a personal one then WordPress.org will surely be a good choice. This platform is perfect for large-scale online businesses which give you full control with enhanced security measures.

2. Have A Good Domain Name

Choosing a right domain name is the second thing which you should now pay attention to. You should be taking your own time to think for a great domain name which satisfies your business need. What is your business all about? What products and services you offer? All these things should be pretty much clear with your domain name.

A good website domain name contains the primary keyword which your website is all about. Including primary targeted keyword helps you increase your website visibility and also maximize your online sales.

Here’s an example: www.BloggingBro.com sounds amazing and by looking at it anyone can easily figure out that this website deals with content relevant to Blogging. If I choose to publish fashion or lifestyle related things on this website then it will be a bad strategy.

There are many popular online service providers like Godaddy, Namecheap etc which can help you get your website domain name. You can also choose to purchase a domain name directly from hosting providers like HostGator which will make this procedure a little easier for you.

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3. Be Careful With Plugins & Themes

WordPress offers you a wide variety of free plugins and website themes. There are high possibilities that if you choose to create a WordPress website and get attracted towards these free stuff. I understand, who in the world don’t want to have free services and products.

But, I recommend you not to go after free products and services only.

I have seen hundreds of amazing WordPress plugins and themes which offers excellent features in free versions. But have you ever saw what’s there in the premium version?

Premium version offers you more amazing features, services, customization, security and what not. It all costs you just a little investment but the thing which you’ll be getting in return is worth every single penny you have spent.

4. Ever Thought About Having A Backup?

This point is pretty much like a piece of advice. Newbie bloggers when starting with their blog they directly get over the writing part and avoid keeping a proper backup. Neglecting backup of your WordPress site is surely one of the worst things one can do.

Ever thought about security breaches or thefts? What in case your website gets hacked? Or due to an issue, you lose all your valuable website data? Then what you’ll be going to do?

Hosting providers also allow you to create a backup of your site, but that’s partial. It’s not a good idea to depend completely on your hosting provider. Activating a good WordPress backup plugin in order to keep all your data safe should be your very first move before you actually start creating content.

You can find many amazing WordPress plugins which offer you interesting backup solutions. Carefully select one as per your requirements.

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5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A Good SEO score is the most critical website ranking factor which you should always focus on. Many new bloggers don’t pay enough efforts in improving their website SEO score which isn’t a good thing to do.

There are tons of benefits of having a well SEO optimized site.

WordPress offers you many amazing plugins and SEO optimized site themes which you should definitely consider while working on your site.

Tip: Instead of using too many WordPress plugins, try to use as low as you can. Using fewer plugins on your site not only helps you keep your site clean but also affects your website speed and performance. For Example: instead of using many plugins for SEO you can choose to go with All In One SEO Pack. This is a complete package which does the same thing and also does not affects your site loading time.

6. Permanent Links

When you end up with the writing part, there’s still a lot remaining. Having a good permanent link for your blog posts is the next tip.

Editing a permanent link may not look like a big deal.

Wait, Let me clear the doubt.

Tell me how will you go to share your articles or products online? By sharing webpage links, right. Exactly, that’s when we understand the need of having a good and well organized permanent link.

Permanent links help us figuring out the website content as well as it’s one of the vital SEO factor used by almost all Search engines online in order to rank your content.

A permanent link should be meaningful, enrich with keywords and should be precise.

Here’s an Example:


That’s right, by just looking at it you get to know that this post is all about a comparison between Blogging & Girlfriend. Therefore, you must pay attention to your website permanent links.

7. Always Have Proper Security Measures

One of the major aspects of developing a website is security. A recent report shows that around 70% of the most popular WordPress installations are vulnerable to security threats.

The very first thing which you have to do just after WordPress installation is of changing the default username and password. Having a strong password protects you from becoming a victim of harmful website attacks.

You should also install Security plugins. Hundreds of reliable options available in WordPress plugins directory to get this job easily done for you.

8. A Reliable Contact Form

A good online business allows their visitors to engage easily. You can easily create a reliable network if your visitors can contact you anytime they want in order to clear their doubts.

In this case, Contact form comes handy. Adding a good website contact form creates an online authority among your readers. So, Add a good reliable contact form on your website and place it in such a way that your readers can easily access it.

9. Put a Favicon

Favicon, What’s that?

Favicon is nothing just a small icon which shows up at the address bar of a web browser. Many of us think that it’s not that critical thing to pay attention to. But things are not just like that.

Favicon helps you representing your website authority and also helps you with your online branding. You can easily find many amazing free favicon images online but I recommend you to design your own favicon. Design it the way you like after all it will be going to be a symbol of uniqueness.

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool which is used by every expert WordPress Developer. WordPress experts install Google Analytics in order to monitor their website traffic and performance.

This amazing tool offers you to analyze your website traffic and helps you with your marketing strategy. By getting a proper track of your readers you can target your services or products much more accurately.

If you want to have a good marketing strategy then observing your website traffic is a must thing to do.

Final Words

WordPress has millions of users and each day many people decide to try their hands on to this platform. Although, Working on WordPress is pretty simple and it's true that it offers a wide range of amazing features, but still you have to learn things and have a prior-knowledge before you actually start working on it.

After reading the above article carefully, you now have an idea on how to become a WordPress master. All the above-mentioned beginner level tips are recommended by experts and are fully tested. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get started with it...

At last, if you got any doubts or want to give your valuable feedback then you can leave your comments down in the comment box. I'll be glad to make a reply to your comments as soon as possible... :)