The online marketing industry has been evolved so much since the last couple of years. Everything we know which is printed on papers, magazines, flexes, the pamphlet has now moved online. I’m sure you have seen online banner ads on websites, that’s similar to bulletin boards. Not just that just many affiliate marketers are earning great by referring people via their websites.

If you want to establish a successful business and want to make more money than ever before then you can’t simply depend on the offline market. Circulating pamphlets and handling brochure won’t work that great in today’s scenario. You must have to work on creating an online marketing program which can offer you a good return.

But, Isn’t that costly?

Just you have to invest your time, you don’t actually have to spend your hard earned money promoting your online business or products.

If you are been in this industry then you might already know that SEO is like a queen to your website’s content. SEO’s is the fuel which you need to keep your site going. Since it helps web search engines to list your website on top, you can’t ignore this factor. If your website appears on the top 5 results then you’ll definitely make some serious cash out of that link.

I have seen many improvements and strategies which one should be aware of when working on their sites. SEO techniques have evolved a lot in past 7-8 years.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the biggest SEO mistakes which one should totally avoid in order to create a brand name.

So, Let’s begin.

1. Not Considering Mobile Users

You should never do that. I insist.

Avoiding mobile users can result badly for your blog. You should be aware of the fact that mobile users are increasing exponentially by each passing day and all those websites which are not mobile-friendly can get affected out of this.

I’m extremely sorry to say that but you can’t make your website rank better if you have poorly optimized your blog. Website ranking has decreased dramatically for all those who got failed to optimize this point.

That’s the reason why all the latest plugins and website templates started supporting mobile devices too. You’ll notice that after the latest update, all websites are now offering responsive layout design to provide better reading experience. All website developers and bloggers invest their time making their website fully optimized for PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Therefore, If you don’t pay enough efforts in making your site responsive to your website visitors then you will definitely lose a lot of good opportunities.

I would suggest you make your site responsive right now. Start paying attention to mobile users more than you have for desktop users. Putting highly responsive templates and plugins can help you achieve your desired marketing goals. You’ll definitely see a rise in your online sales if you follow the above suggestions.

Not just that, Making your site mobile-friendly is an important factor for website SEO. You can improve your website ranking by creating a proper mobile-friendly website.

2. Creating More Backlinks; Avoiding Link Quality

When I started with my blogging career I noticed that people back then pay a lot more attention to creating backlinks to their blog. Bloggers back then just wanted to make more and more backlinks. Instead of focusing on link quality, they were counting on quantity. No matter what’s the source, they were creating backlinks in every possible way.

But after the recent updates, Search engine bots started figuring out the difference between good back poor backlinks. These bots are even capable of finding out relevant and irrelevant backlinks for a particular site.

Pro Bloggers knows the fact that creating one quality backlink is equivalent to hundred links which don’t add any value of a blog.

Also, be careful while creating backlinks to your blog. Always aim for similar niche websites. If search engine bots found that there’s any irrelevant backlink then they’ll immediately lower your website ranking on SERP.

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Google and other popular search engines have been evolved significantly and applied many updates for pointing out spam backlinks.

I would like to suggest you that if your blog has crappy links then kindly remove them all immediately. No one wants to get penalized by Google. Removing that penalty out of your blog is not an easy job.

Therefore, Start focusing on link quality than just quantity. Leaving comments on other popular sites, Guest posting, creating cool infographics are some most popular ways which you can have to come up with a quality backlink.

3. Using Effective Keywords Researching Tools

If you know even a little about SEO then you might have an idea about keyword stuffing strategy. Putting popular keywords with less competition is one of the most important things which content writers do to list their content high on SERP.

If you want to get more organic traffic to your website then you should start considering this factor. Making article rich with popular keywords helps you to get your content on the first page which will definitely give you good returns in the future.

But, how to know what to put? 

Searching good keywords for your niche is a thing which comes with experience. A mastering keyword search will help you to get know which types of keywords do the job for your blog.

Always keep this point in your mind when you are creating content for your blog. If you want to improve your website ranking and want to see your blog posts on first search engine result page then you must work on improving this skill.

Using effective keywords searching tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahref, Google related searches and Google Trends can make that job easy for you. So, better start working on keyword researching and get ready to see shocking outcomes.

4. Poor Website Layout & Design

Simply creating good content for your site is just now enough these days. If you want search engine bots to properly crawl and index your website content then you have to work on your website design.

Website design is one of the most crucial things when it comes to on-page SEO. That’s the reason you should choose a correct website template and structure all your website content properly. In that way, you can allow search engine bots to go deep down your website.

Also, don’t forget to submit your sitemap to search engine console whenever you update your site. Submitting sitemap manually ensure you to index your website content on time.

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5. Come Up with Latest & Trending Topics

Many newbie bloggers when starting with their blogging career they simply pick old content from various sources. I recommend you to not to do that.

You should always aim for creating new latest trending topics which can help your readers. Don’t focus on creating quantity, rather focus on quality.

Updating your site regularly with fresh content helps you to improve your website ranking as well as increase your online sales. Google will definitely make your site appear on top results if you follow this SEO tip.

6. Using Long Tail Keywords

If you are following my blog for a long time then you know how using long tail keywords can affect your blog posts. New bloggers and content writers know the fact of using long-tail keywords and are aware of its benefits.

If you are targeting your website content for small keyword competition then you might fail to rank on SERP. There are many reasons why one must target long-tail keywords for their website.

In short, if you choose to target your content for a long-tail keyword then you’ll be facing very little or medium competition by other content creators online. Therefore, ranking for such a keyword becomes easy which automatically leads you to get good reader response.

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7. Social Media Promotion

Choosing not to promote your sites or blog posts on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest etc can be a huge mistake. You have to admit the real power of social networking sites. Social media platforms have a huge potential which can deliver you great website traffic.

You’ll definitely see a hike in your website traffic and online sales if you run a website promotion campaign on these social media websites. Promoting your product properly is as important as creating it.

If you’ll get new visitors for your website then you can improve your website ranking quickly. So, underestimating these social media platforms can be a huge mistake in order to grow your online market and network.

Believe it or not, there’s every type of market available online on these social media websites. Promoting your website content on the right platform in the right group of people can deliver you good returns.

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So, These were some of the most common website SEO mistakes which you should avoid in 2019. Taking proper care over these mistakes can help you achieve your desired goals quickly. You will never face any kind of failure if you take proper SEO actions for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Start from now on, work on these mistakes and try to overcome these issues. I know that learning all the techniques in a single day isn’t possible but you won’t be taking longer if you start practicing these techniques from now onwards.

That’s all with this article. If you liked reading the above article then kindly share it with your online network. Also, if you have any kind of suggestions or want to give your valuable feedback after reading the article then you can leave your valuable comments down in the comment section… :)