When people visit your blog, they want to get exciting news, creative content, and interesting blog posts. Your blog readers simply don’t like to get bored at all. Everyone who is visiting your blog wants to get valuable information from your blog posts.

According to research, it has been proved that you only have a few seconds to get your reader’s attention. If you get failed to get your reader’s attention within a few seconds then they’ll simply move onto other options available online.

When you are writing your blog post, you need to imagine yourself as a reader and then start writing your content from that perspective.

Believe me, if you are not able to impress your readers in the first place then it’ll become very hard for you to get them back as your loyal readers. Poor content can even cause serious loss to your loyal blog readership.

A single point of boredom could be deadly to the whole article which is well written.

Hope, you’ve now got the point which I’m trying to say here. You must have to capture your reader’s attention in order to create a successful blog right from the very beginning.

In today’s article, I’ll be mentioning some great tips and tricks which are suggested by blogging experts in this field for creating good content. If you will follow all the below-mentioned points carefully then there’s no doubt that you’ll end up creating a good piece of content.


So, Let’s get Started.

5 Pro Tips Suggested By Experts For Creating Tempting Blog Posts

1. Show Care For Your Readers In Your Writing

Many people think that you simply have to select a particular niche and start creating content to convert your blog into a money making machine. But things aren’t as simple as they look like.

Selecting a blog niche is the most vital steps of all. You have to make sure that the niche which you have selected is good for you or not. Will you be able to create interesting content relevant to that particular topic for the long run? And do you really enjoy writing content to your niche?

You have to produce interesting content which shows your love for that particular topic. You have to put your best effort for your niche. You need to have an enthusiasm to tell the whole world about that particular thing on which you are writing.

I have seen many bloggers who quit blogger within a year because of lack of passion for their blog’s niche. They simply fail to come up with new ideas to write interesting blog posts.

If you really want to test yourself, here’s a trick.

In your friend circle, if you aren’t able to talk about your blog niche for hours then maybe you aren’t in the right blogging niche.

You need to tell everyone what’s the thing which excites you about your niche. Tell the whole world what this niche means so much to you.

Putting Emotions In Your Writing

Show Emotions in your blog content

This is probably the best way to come up with mind-blowing attractive content. Using emotions in your writing is a great trick to show your care to your audience.

Writing content about things which makes you excited, frustrated, sad, happy etc. This art of writing will not only help you produce a natural tone article but also help you create a better understanding with your readers.

If you still haven’t got the point then here’s why?

We all know that human beings are emotional in general. If you observe it carefully then you’ll be going to find out that most of our life decisions which we take are based on our reaction to that specific thing.

Using emotions in your writing creates a direct connection with readers and they will relate themselves better to your blog posts.

But be careful while following this tip. One simply hates reading a rant. Too many emotions can lead your blog to danger.

There must be the right amount of emotions in your blog content, just like garnishing your dish.  

2. Write Like You Are Sitting Write In Front Of Your Reader

People often read blog posts in their minds. That’s the same case when they talk to themselves. And if you notice then you will find out that’s the same thing you are doing it right now.

You don’t really know how I sound like, you’re simply reading this article in the most familiar voice inside your head.

When we go through something, we want all that to be read in the same tone which exists in our head. You’ll notice that people don’t usually like content that sounds unfamiliar to them.

So, creating content in a conversational tone is the next tip which you have to follow while writing your blog posts.

But how do you do that?

It’s not hard at all. Simply imagine that you are having a conversation with your friend.

There are many advantages to write in a tone like this. In fact, I can hardly imagine any disadvantage why you should avoid writing in this way.

All the blog posts which are well written in conversational tone are more likely to be read by readers. It helps in establishing a better connection on the other side. It seems like you are actually trying to help your readers with your creative blog content.

I have also met people who are afraid to write in this style. They think that they should write like a technical guy, using relevant jargons in a professional way. That’s much more like to become an authority.

But no matter if you are into a top-notch technical niche, your audience will really be going to enjoy articles written in a conversational tone.

Because of this easy writing style, you can even explain complex technical terms and deliver information in a fun way.

But yeah, I’m not saying that you don’t have to structurize, organize or edit your words.

The First & Second Person Method

When you are creating your content for your readers, you’re directly conversing with them. Giving direct reference to your reader by using words like he, she, I, you, they etc helps in making a better connection with your blog audience.

But be very careful while using this trick. Excessive use of these words can turn your well-written article in an unnatural and awkward conversation.

3. Use Graphics For Making It Attractive

If you are a blogger then you already know the power of words. One simply can’t deny the fact that words are great. The whole career of your blog depends on how well you are presenting your thoughts.

But in these days, just words are not enough. If you want to create attractive content then you have to put attractive graphics to your content and make it more creative.

Using Graphics For Making Your Look Attractive

There are lots of options available online who are trying to get the reader’s attention. By offering interesting graphics you can easily welcome readers to your blog.

Putting graphics to your blog posts not only help in getting your readers attention but also makes your content 40% more interesting. Pictures are the best way to kill boredom.

Creating relevant graphics to your content also helps you in explaining things properly.

Putting Proper Caption

Captions are the text which is displayed below your images. They are the best way to make your images more engaging.

The main purpose of a caption is to convey your reader what the image is actually about.

I have seen people who simply ignore to add a caption to their images which results in great confusion.

But be careful while adding captions to your images. You should avoid putting obvious captions. Adding too long captions can also result in bad.

4. Avoid Creating Long Paragraphs

This is probably the most vital tip of all.  

If your content looks dense to your readers, they’ll simply switch to other options available online. Creating long paragraphs usually fails to get the reader’s attention. One simply doesn’t like to read lengthy paragraphs.

Long paragraphs just not only blocks readers attention but also conveys like the whole article will going to be very time consuming and full of boredom.

Do you know that most of the readers like to scan through blog articles? And if you are creating dense content, it becomes a lot difficult for your blog audience to scan them.

It’s proven that keeping your paragraphs short helps your readers in digesting more information.

Here’s an example.

Let’s imagine this as doing exercise. Many people simply quit the gym and exercising because they look at all things at the same time as a whole. The result, they fail to achieve their goals.

Continuing exercise can be a little tedious task. But if you break down your exercise routine into small sections, then you’ll notice that it doesn’t look that difficult.

People stay on their words/goals if they choose to set small milestones on their journey.

Using Bucket Brigades

Many copywriters and bloggers use this trick to create their article more engaging.

You must be thinking that what’s Bucket Brigades?

If I have to say it in short, then they are terminations in the paragraphs which are used for highlighting something intense.

Here’s how it looks like.

Yeah, This one.

That’s what it looks like. Just a few words, and a colon and then a few words.

Writers choose to put bucket brigades in their content to make their article more effective and keeping their reader’s attention. Writing content in this style helps to lay out your content much more nicely in a way that reader can easily grab your thoughts quickly.

But be careful while using these bucket brigades. Excessive use can ruin your whole article, making it look dreadful.

5. Go Personal

Many readers like to read the article which gives them a feeling of personal connection. Writing content in this style makes your reader think that you’ve specifically written this piece of content for them. This helps in establishing a better connection with them.

Mark my words, after reading your content if your readers feel like you were inside their head talking to their thoughts then they will surely turn into your loyal blog readers.

Tell A Tale

Relating your content with a good story is a great strategy. Stories being highly effective to convey information from a long time.

Telling your secrets, journey or any incident you like to share is a good choice. A Lot of people don’t feel quite comfortable sharing their personal stories but believe me that’s the best thing which helps you relate with your audience.

Your personal stories also help you to build your unique identity online. Showing your journey to your audience is a good way to maintain your authority online.

You can also share stories of other people successful in that particular field. Sharing such kind of stories helps in motivating your audience. Showing struggles and hurdles helps your readers to overcome those situations more easily.

It doesn’t actually matter what kind of story you tell your audience but whichever story you tell, that must put an impact on your reader’s mind.

Final Words

All of the tips which I’ve shared in this article are suggested by blogging experts. If you carefully follow all the tips mentioned above then you can easily achieve your desired blogging goals within a few months. At last, I just want to say that always ask your readers to leave their feedback and suggestions which they would like to see in your blog posts. After all, that’s the best way to create a tempting blog post.

So, what’s your thought? If you have any types of suggestions or want to give your feedback then you can leave your valuable comments below in the comment section. Also, If you liked this article then kindly share it with your online network and help them creating great blog content.