If you are a content creator who runs a blog then you might know that getting valuable comments from your audience is a difficult task, But in order to grow your blog, you have to take this point seriously and work on it. More comments on your posts show your post engagements and audience reach.

Getting comments on your blog posts not only help you show your blog’s reach but also helps to improve your search engine ranking on Google. According to my experience, I have seen that blog’s which are getting more number of comments on their posts are usually secure better position compared to those who are not that active.

There are many options and tricks which you can learn and implement your blog to make it more popular among your audience. If you are a WordPress user then it will be a lot easier for you compared to those who are running their blog on other blogging platforms. You can easily search for many amazing WordPress plugins which can help you with this task. In fact, there are hundreds of good plugins which might make this a difficult task for you. 

So, In this article, I have gathered top 5 comment plugins for your WordPress blog which will surely be going to help you out. I have to say that all the plugins which are mentioned in this list will completely change your comments section forever.

So, Let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Comment Plugins For Your WordPress Blog in 2019

1. Thrive Comments

Thrive comments is an ultimate WordPress plugin launched to improve your comment section. This amazing WordPress comment plugin is launched by Thrive Themes. Many popular blogs use this comment plugin to get more attention from their audience. Thrive comments gives you a completely new look by changing the original comment section and enhancing the performance.

All your previous blog comments will be there as it even after installing this plugin to your WordPress blog. And if for some reason you want to take this plugin off via your blog then also comments will be there, they’ll not get deleted by themselves.

Here’re some great features offered by Thrive comments:-

  • You can Upvote as well as Downvote each comment you got on your blog. 
  • Enables Social Login for Comments.
  • Gamification badges for numbers of comments or upvotes.
  • You can set custom messages or Offers after the user leaves their valuable comments. 
  • Custom moderation Panel for controlling comments.
  • Comments Analytics.
And many other features which will help you boosting your social shares and promoting your blog posts. 

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2. No Self Pings

Another Great WordPress Plugin which is used by many bloggers to improve engagement for their comment section. No Self Pings is a simple yet powerful plugin which helps you in keeping your comment section clutter free.

Whenever you use a link within your blog, it will leave a pingback on the post which you have linked to, this action is by default.

If you are using good SEO tricks and want to link to your internal post then this plugin will help you interlinking.

The most amazing thing about this WordPress plugin is its link excluding feature. When you install this plugin on your site it allows you to exclude a particular domain. By default, it includes your own domain name and you can add domains as per your choice.

3. Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comments is very popular among WordPress bloggers. It is a module in the all-purpose jetpack plugin which simply replaces your default blog comment section with all new form that allows your audience to use their social login.

Your blog comment will not be affected at all, just a little improvement will be made to your comment section where the user will be leaving their views.

I personally like its social login feature which is extremely easy to use when compared to other social login plugins. Just a simple social login click and you are there to leave your valuable comments.

If you are willing to change the view for your comment section and include a social share plugin then this plugin is for you.

4. wpDiscuz

wpDiscuz offers many amazing features to their users of the Disqus comments platform. Many features and working of this plugin is similar to Thrive comments.

This plugin will replace your default comment section with a new one. Here are some amazing features offered by this comment plugin for their users:

  • Allows you to Vote your Comments
  • Easy Comment Sorting like New, Old, Most viewed. 
  • Multi-nested comments
  • Easy editing for anonymous comments
  • Subscriber to Newsletter

There are many other options offered by wpDiscuz. Suggested by many bloggers, I also recommend you to use this popular WordPress comment plugin once on your blog.

5. Thank Me Later

This WordPress comment plugin helps you to get connected with your commenters via email after leaving comments. Thank Me Later automatically sends an email after they’d left their comments on your blog post. You can even set a timeframe after which you are willing to contact your readers via email. 
Even you can create your own thank you email which you want to send to your commenters on your site. Overall it’s a very nice WordPress plugin to improve your blog’s reach by giving a personal touch to your blog’s audience. 

Final Words

All the above-mentioned WordPress comment plugins have great features and are quite reliable for your WordPress site, But I personally liked the Thrive Comment Plugin because of its wide range of features which is offered to the users. 

If you have any other suggestions which you want to share with our audience then you can leave your valuable comments in the comment section. At last, if you loved reading the above list then kindly share with your social connections and help to improve their reader’s engagement… :)