Well, if I have to say it in short then it can all happen with well organized and good optimized content on your site. Enriching your article with keywords for better SEO is what helps you get more website clicks. But you have to remember another thing, that’s website ranking. Your website ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc helps you getting more attention to increase your readership.

Well, In this blog post I’ll not be telling about how to optimize your blog posts for better SEO or any other content marketing strategy.

Then, What’s now? 


In today’s article, I’ll be discussing a few essential tricks which every beginner blogger should know in order to improve their blog’s listings on SERP. I’ll also be telling you the secret that how can you make your blog more compelling so that it stands out from the crowd and helps you attracting more potential readers to your blog.

I know that being a beginner blogger you might not know about SERP listing. Don’t worry, continue reading this article and get to know more about it.

SERP i.e, Search Engine Result Pages is actually all the results which appear on the search engine pages when you search for a particular query. Based on various algorithms and keyword techniques Google and other popular search engines show you appropriate results.

Here’s an example: 

Search Engine Page Result 

There’s another term which is commonly used for search engine listings by bloggers and webmasters called snippets. Whenever a user hit a query on Search Engines, this is the very first thing which they see before actually entering your site.

If I had to break it down in parts then SERP consists of the following things:

1. Meta Title.
2. Website Address/Post Address.
3. Publishing/Updated Date.
4. Meta Description.

If you are still reading this article then you are probably from those guys who like giving their best for blog posts and maintaining your site. Whatever be your objective is, each of you wanted to get more and more audience to open your website, isn’t?

We all want to surpass our competition by getting more loyal readership for our blog.

So, After finishing the article and enriching it with popular keywords you need to add couple more things to make it work. You have to make sure that the meta-title which you add to your blog posts stands out uniquely and can easily grab your reader’s attention. Not just only the meta title but you also have to work on your meta description to make it more compelling.

But how?

Continue scrolling and know how to make your website content more compelling in SERP?

1. Get an Attractive Headline (working on meta-title)

Creating a good Meta-title is the primary thing which you should focus on. No matter what SEO strategy or plugins you are using for making your blogs more SEO friendly, working on creating a good post headline is what actually helps you to get more readers.

Putting your primary targeted keyword or a phrase is always been a good idea.

With that, you should also make sure that your title is: 

1. The title should look interesting + attractive. (putting effective, massive, compelling, mind-blowing and similar types of words can help you do that.)

2. Keep it short + effective. (You should be able to describe your content in limited words and that too in an effective way.)

3. Don’t go off-track. (Always stick to relevant information)

Now, You might think this as a little challenging task. Here’s a tip for you.

Firstly, you need to search for those blog posts which are already doing great on SERP. No matter what keyword that particular post is targeting, just look. Search that page on SERP and analyze other results which you see on the same page result.

Now, consider all other meta titles of your competitors and then find a way to use that information as yours.

Like I told, use effective and attention-grabbing words to create a good meta title for your blog posts.

Yeah, There’s another thing which you have to keep in mind while working on the title.

Always avoid putting too many characters for your post headline.

Short headlines seem more conveying and relevant in many cases. Readers usually click on those links which they find it shorter and up to the point.

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2. Adding Effective Meta-Description

Now the next thing which you need to work on is your meta description for your blog post.

The meta description is the second thing which user notices after reading the headline. This is what helps the user to get a rough idea what’s post is all about.

If you fail to convey your post information via your meta description then it can result badly for your entire blog.

Always remember the following points when you’re working on your meta-description:

1. Make it short, relevant, and effective.

2. Try to use call-to-action words.

3. Don’t reveal all things at once.

I know that many of you’ll be facing a real trouble creating a good meta description. When you have to fit all your relevant blog posts elements + make it sound interesting at the same time, it becomes quite a challenging task.

Well, basically you have to tell people why they should visit your site. Tease them by creating a suspense in your post description. That’s the real secret.

That’s all that you need to know to come up with a good SEO friendly meta description.

Final Words

Whenever you finish the writing part, always work on the above points which we discussed in this blog posts. With the help of all the above-mentioned tricks and tips, you’ll end up creating a nice compelling article for your readers. These are the same tricks which are used by pro bloggers.

So, What are you waiting for? Go, create a good content for your blog and start using this strategy to make your blog posts sound more interesting. If you’ve any suggestions or want to give your valuable feedback then you are most welcome to share your views using the below comment section. At last, If you liked this article then kindly share this article with your online network… :)