You must be here because you want to know how can you easily generate insane traffic for your blog in the coming year, right? If so, then keep reading this article and find out the absolute trick which can surely help you improve your rate of visitors on your blog.

In this article, I want to stay focused on the topic in terms of niche blogging. Well, If you have got some experience in the past then you might know very well that niche blogging allows you to drive the high audience to your site in a short period of time.

If you choose to get started with niche blogging then you have already crossed the halfway. And by knowing proper tricks and techniques you can easily cover the major part just like that.

I see many people struggling for the right niche after making their mind for getting started to blogging.

Quick Guide To Come Up With Trending Topics: Generate insane traffic for your blog in 2019

What if I tell you that choosing the right topic for blogging is not as difficult as it looks like? It’s of course not a rocket science kind of deal. If you are a tech genius then get started with technology blog, If you like fashion then fashion blog will be good, a programmer can get started with blog relevant to codes and related material. In short, your blog niche should be the very thing you like your own. Isn’t simple.

Next thing, finding good topics to create content. If you’re from those people who find it really hard to come up with some good trendy topics then this article can surely help you with this case.

How to come up with good topics

 for your blog in 2019?

1. Take help of SEMrush

Using SEMrush to find trending topics which can help you get good traffic to your blog is surely a great strategy. I must tell you that finding topics for a niche blog and an authority blog is two completely different things which you should always remember. 

Quick Guide To Come Up With Trending Topics: Generate insane traffic for your blog in 2019

With the help of SEMrush, you can easily find those high ranking keywords and topics which can help your blog improving its ranking in case you have an authority blog. But if you are working on a niche blog then you have to search for those topics which can help you with the following things:

1. High traffic generating topics (Trending topics)
2. Topics which can help you make money

In other words, Focus on those topics which can help you attract visitors to your blog and at the same time help you generating a good revenue. 

Searching for such good topics is a difficult thing, right? 

NO… Not at all.

If you have access to this premium SEMrush SEO tool then it can be a lot simple for you. SEMrush is not like any other SEO tool, but it has got some excellent features which will amaze you for sure.

If you are looking for one tool which can help you with online traffic + website sales at the same time then you should surely take SEMrush into consideration.

Here are a few things which are offered by SEMrush:

1. Site Audit Tool
2. Keyword Ranking
3. Backlink Checker
4. Competitive analysis
5. Keyword analysis
6. Keyword Research Tool

Now, if you are wondering that what things you can do with this tool alone then here are few of its features:-

1. Helps by searching for Long tail keywords by providing you with a wide range of suggestions. 
2. Keyword analysis metrics like Volume, Competition, CPC etc.
3. Search volume for the individual keyword.
4. Accurate data compared to other tools available in the market.
5. Allows you to export keyword lists to a CSV file for further analysis.
6. SERP analysis like positioning, backlinks and more.

SEMrush not just only helps you by providing extensive reports but also provides some highly profitable keywords for your blog by giving you access to things such as volume, keywords positioning, CPC, competition and other necessary results.

You can easily create a report of all the good keywords which are doing well in SERP. Keyword volume helps to figure out a particular keyword which has a good number of searches per month. By CPC you can use those high ranking keywords which can help you generate more revenue out of your blog. When it comes to competition, you have to decide whether to take that in your content or not based on difficulty level.

Although, this is a premium tool they do offer you a 30-days trial period which will help you make it sure that you are investing your hard earned money in the right resource.

Note - If you want to create a really good article then you have to use both Google Trends and SEMrush one by one for searching profitable keywords and topics in your niche. Google Trends will help you getting the trending topics all across the world while SEMrush will ensure you that you are selecting the right keywords for your topic.
SEMrush is also beneficial at those point of life when you feel exhausted for new topics. There’s the point in blogging when you feel like all topics are covered and you are out of the latest ideas to keep your blog running. This is the time when this tool comes handy. This amazing premium tool helps you exploring some good relevant ideas and phrases related to your blog’s niche with their search volume and competition.

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Analyzing your competitor's websites for getting good results

This is another good reason where SEMrush can help you. With the help of this amazing tool, you can easily analyze your competitor's websites for searching new topics relevant to your niche and to find out exact keywords which they are using to rank over search engine results.

2. Using Quora for Help

Quora, Probably the coolest place for finding new topics. Quora can help you searching for latest trendy blog topics related to your niche without struggling much.

I’m recommending you to start surfing website like Quora because there are millions of users who are asking their doubts every minute. Answering those questions will not only help you find new inspiration for your blog topics but also helps you drive more traffic to your blog.

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So, Why I suggested Quora 

over other similar sites?

According to Quora’s content license, you can reuse your content no matter how many times you want and that’s the best part about it. Yes, you read that right. You can simply copy and paste the exact material with a source link in your answer field.

Quick Extensive Ideas For Your Blog’s Niche

Well, it doesn’t actually matter what blog niche you are working on. Whether it is a marketing blog or a fitness health blog. These ideas work well for almost every kind of blog niches.

1. Running Contests or Giveaways asking for trending topics to be covered. This will not only help you brainstorm new ideas but also helps you get some serious attending by your readers.

2. Reviewing top trending products can help you get organic traffic via popular search engines.

3. In-depth Guides takes a lot of your time but believe me they are the best content if you are looking blogging as a long run. By creating this kind of content you can easily target more keywords which will eventually help you increase your blog’s online presence.

4. Creating Infographics. People just simply love this kind of amazing content online. Many blog readers want to see amazing infographics which offer than a great piece of information.

5. Covering controversial topics on a blog can also help you leverage your blog readers. 

All the above ideas which I’ve discussed above till now are the best but if you are still struggling for trending topics for your blog in 2019 then here are a few more suggestions.

1. Go with Evergreen Topics

Many new technologies are introduced to the market every other day and creating a whole dedicated blog for these technologies doesn’t feel quite right. Writing a single blog post or even a series of a blog post can surely work out well for your tech blog. 

See, every other week technology chances, new improvements, and updates are made to increase their efficiency so writing a blog post and keeping them updated will be a good decision instead of creating a whole dedicated blog for that particular technology.

2. Make it for all

Yeah, I know that niche blogging grows more rapidly compared to a random topic related blogs. As those blogs are completely dedicated to a topic and people can find relevant material while if you choose to go with other option then case might be a little bit different.

You’ve to target a group of audience for your blog. You can’t expect a normal audience to go through cloud computing or big data content. You have to analyze your blog audience very carefully, target a specific age group and then create content which can be easily understood by them. Always choose a topic that your readers want to hear.

See, creating a blog isn’t a big deal, maintaining it properly is where most people lack. After creating a blog you will not be scared or struggling for topics for a few initial months, but as time goes, you start facing problems searching for good topics which can help your blog’s growth.

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3. Setting Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an amazing tool which is offered by Google. This free tool helps you by sending email alerts to your inbox based on your keyword selections. This mail will include necessary data and reports based on those keyword queries which are searched worldwide.

Setting Google Alerts

4. Joining Discussion Forums

As I’ve already mentioned it above that discussion forums are the best platform which can help you brainstorm ideas. These online forums are one of the best places which help you figure out what’s trending and on what topics people are struggling normally?

5. Conducting survey

You might have seen that these days many bloggers prefer to ask for new topics from their fellow readers. Conducting similar surveys is the best strategy which can help you getting direct views from your readers. 

That’s all with this quick guide. Hope, you’ve learned some good tips and tricks to generate amazing ideas for your blog. If you have any suggestions or doubts then kindly leave your valuable comments below in the comment section. Lastly, if possible please share this guide with your social networks and help other bloggers setting their blog. Keep Reading, Stay Connected… :)