If you are a WordPress user then you might know that there are many amazing features which are offered by WordPress to their users but social share sharing buttons are one of the most essential features which somewhere lacks. 

But, implementing these buttons is a very easy task. WordPress bloggers can simply search for WordPress plugins for filling this gap. WordPress plugins are there to enhance your blog performance by offering all those features which are not provided by WordPress itself. 

Isn’t simple? No…

It isn’t as simple as it seems. Finding a right WordPress plugins which can offer you a good service is quite a challenging task. You should know that there are more than 50,000 plugins available for your WordPress blog and selecting few of those is surely a big task. If you’ll install too many plugins on your blog then it can harm your blog’s performance. 


Many of these Plugins for Wordpress offers you great features, but sometimes they simply get fails to fulfill your requirements. So, here’s the list of some best social sharing WordPress plugins which delivers you a great performance without a doubt. All these amazing WordPress plugins which I’ve mentioned below are highly recommended by the top bloggers in this league. 

Outstanding Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

All of these plugins are well known for offering great features to their blog owners. You simply have to allow these plugins on your blog and rest all will be maintained by them. Before starting with this list, I wanted to tell you that most of them are paid WordPress plugins but they do offer you a trial period to test their services. 

1. Easy Social Share Buttons 

Easy social share buttons come with a complete package, offering you a set of remarkable features for enhancing your blog’s performance. This widely used plugin allows you to customize it the way you want by offering you 48 templates variants and more than 22 display positions.

It almost covers all major social networking platforms including mobile messengers like Viber and Whatsapp. Featuring like A/B split testing and automatic display triggers is what makes this plugin more than just a social share widget.

2. Social Warfare

Social Warface is one of the top choices of many pro bloggers and online marketers. It is another widely used social sharing WordPress plugins. This plugin comes with great responsiveness which looks great on every screen sizes. 

Other than adding just social sharing buttons there are a couple of features which are also offered. With the help of this amazing WordPress plugin, you can add a popular posts widget to your blog’s sidebar which helps you displaying the top trending posts.

The most interesting part of this WordPress plugin is, it comes with a support of Twitter cards and OpenGraph data. With many customization options and themes, Social Warfare will be a great choice to increase your site’s performance.

3. Monarch 

If we talk about all in one social media plugins, then Monarch will definitely be there in that countdown. This amazing WordPress plugin is offered by Elegant themes. 

Monarch covers more than 35 social networking platforms and also offers you 5 different display locations for better customization. You can even customize the size, color, and icons for this plugin in the best way you want. 

With about 6 automatic pop-up triggers and good mobile responsiveness, it is said to be one of the best social media sharing WordPress plugins of all times. 

4. Ultimate Social Media 

You should know that the ultimate social media plugin is the highest rated social media plugin on Wordpress. 

Setup of this WordPress plugin is extremely easy. It also guides you to questions like which set of icons will be good for your site, what location will be perfect and many more. 

Like other WordPress plugins, it also offers you many interesting designs and placement options for full customization. The best thing about this social sharing WordPress plugin is it’s animated icons. Pop-up and social share counts is one of the best features offered by this amazing plugin. 

You can get a free version of this WordPress plugin but in case you are not satisfied with the features then you can switch to the paid version which offers you more features and better performance. 

5. Social Buzz

If you are looking for responsive social share WordPress plugin then do mind considering this WordPress plugin in your list.

Recently, I got a message from one of my readers asking about share buttons available on Mashable.com. Well, in case you love the share buttons available on Mashable.com then you will definitely like this plugin too. 

Not just only social share buttons but share graphs are also offered by this plugin. In all, a good responsive plugin which looks great on all screen sizes. 

6. SumoMe

SumoMe is more like a subscription service offered to WordPress bloggers. This amazing WordPress plugin comes with plenty of tools that help you with your email marketing list and increasing your social shares. 

You can find over 16 social media platforms and many display locations for better customization. Share button offered by SumoMe are well responsive and looks great on every device. 

There are two main features of this WordPress plugin, share smart mode and image sharer. When you turn to share smart mode option on, all the share buttons will automatically get rearranged according to the number of their clicks. Image sharer allows you to directly pin your blog posts images through the share buttons displayed right on top of your post images. 

7. AddThis

There are more than 15 million WordPress websites using this WordPress plugin. It is one of the widely used services when it comes to adding a social share feature for WordPress blogs. 

AddThis offers 4 different types of share buttons for your blog. It is one of the best responsive social share widgets you can find for your blog, offering great service on laptops, desktops, and smartphones. 

Your readers are allowed to share your blog posts on more than 200 different social networking platforms; making this WordPress plugin a great choice.

8. Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple share button adders is a free WordPress plugin which offers more than what it promises. The setup procedure is quite a simple task, you simply have to select the display positions, set images and share text. If you’re not satisfied with the icons then you can use your own share button images. 

You’ll not be offered with lots of features like other WordPress plugins listed above. It’s a simple WordPress social sharing plugin you prefer when you just wanted to add share buttons for your blog posts and pages. 

9. WP ShareX

Finally, WP ShareX is an ultimate social sharing WordPress plugin which is developed by JoomDev. It offers you some extraordinary features and elegant designs.

You can easily share your blog content with over 24 social networking platforms. With 4 different animations and 3 button styles, this plugin offers you a good deal.

Other features like hiding social sharing icons on mobile and tablet devices and adding the custom hashtag for twitter platform is what makes this amazing WordPress plugin an interesting choice to all WordPress bloggers. 

Final Words

Choosing a perfect WordPress plugin requires you a lot of research. Every one of us has its own taste and feel and what makes this a difficult task. Although, I personally love using Monarch and Easy social share buttons in case if you have just started with blogging then you can go for AddThis. But at last, it all comes to how you feel and what actually you are searching for? 

So, have you enjoyed reading this article. Do leave your comments below and tell us what’s your choice. If you have any other good WordPress social share plugins then feel free to share them with us… :)