When it comes to internet surfing and other likely stuff I always prefer Google Chrome. I’ve been using Chrome for past couple of years and it has undoubtedly given me excellent performance and smooth browsing experience. Google Chrome, a lightweight and quick browser is surely an excellent alternative to Firefox.

If you are a Google Chrome lover, then I’m pretty sure you’ll definitely be going to like today’s article. Today’s article is all about extensions which are very helpful for bloggers and SEO specialists out there. If you belong to any of the relevant fields then you can easily install these amazing chrome extensions and analyze SEO metrics for your site or any other site you wish.


These extensions can be very helpful when it comes to checking domain authority and other likely stuff. For example, when you are creating backlinks for your site you’ll be checking domain authority of a particular site from who you’re linking to. In such cases, these amazing SEO Google chrome extension came to be very useful. In this way, you’ll always be sure that you’re not linking to any bad site which doesn’t have a good DA score.

It’ll not be a lie if I tell you that Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers when it comes to fast and smooth performance. But when it comes to practical use, particularly in the SEO world, people find Firefox more SEO friendly than chrome. The reason is people find Firefox extensions much easier to install compared to Chrome.

But in reality, it isn’t it looks like. There are some amazing featured SEO extensions which are available for Google Chrome and can help you just like any other premium SEO tool.

So, without talking much, let’s move on to the list of the 5 best SEO plugins for chrome.

Super-SEO-Friendly Chrome Extensions for SEO Specialists:

1. Open SEO Stats

Open SEO stats is a very powerful and amazing SEO extension which gives you a detailed description of SEO metrics for any site. This SEO extension is always well-maintained and suggested by maSEOseo professionals.

You can easily get tons of useful SEO data from any page you like on the internet. You can easily monitor good data like social media stats, in-depth SEO data like a number of backlinks, domain authority and much more.

2. SEO Review Tools for Chrome

Next in the list, SEO Review Tools for Chrome. SEO Review Tools for Chrome a is really great plugin preferred by many SEO professions for analyzing site metrics. You can easily get many amazing SEO details like pages indexed, backlinks, traffic, ranking and other relevant data.

If you like to get an overview of site SEO data then this SEO extension is for you. This SEO extension for chrome provides you a brief look at site SEO data and gives you an overall SEO analysis.

Download it HERE

3. SeoQuake

If you are an SEO specialist then you might have an idea that SEMRUSH is one of the top leader the in SEO industry and no Chrome SEO add-ons list would have completed without SeoQuake being mentioned. This is another well-maintained addon which helps you inspect all important data of website’s seo.

SEOQuake a is a feature-full extension which allows you to configure it the way you want. You can use this amazing seo extension with or without SEMRUSH. However, if you are having a SEMRUSH account then it’ll help you fetching more useful data.

SEOQuake will easily help you with website’s SEO stats right from your search results. YOu can easily find on-page SEO, backlinks, social media stats and many more interesting website data.

If this SEO extension for Chrome would start showing social media stats for individual posts then no doubt this would be my favorite SEO extension of all time.

4. Shareaholic for Google Chrome

If you are an SEO lover then you can’t deny the importance of social media love in search engine ranking.

Shareaholic is not a direct SEO extension, but it works quite good for increasing one’s site ranking. With the help of this amazing Google Chrome extension, you can share all your posts and links at only a single click. In all, this is a quick way to reduce your workload and promotion time as well.

Being a blogger, it’s very essential that you share your valuable links on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc. If you’re seeking for a one-step solution then here you go. Shareaholic is made for you.

This extension offers you many amazing customizable features and you can also select 100+ bookmarking options for their list.

5. Majestic Chrome Extension

Finally, This is one of the favorite SEO extension of mine. Majestic SEO extension offers you many good features which help you improve your site’s SEO score by a single click. This is a great SEO plugin which is famous for checking backlinks. But let me tell you that Majestic Chrome Extension offers you a paid service for all your data analysis.

That’s all with this article. Hope, you’ve found your perfect SEO chrome extension which can help you analyse and collecting site data. Let me know in the below section which one of the above is your choice. In case, you have any doubts or questions or any other kind of feedback then let me know in the comments.