If you are a blogger or an online marketer then you surely have an idea about Google Adsense and how does it actually works. Google Adsense is undoubtedly the top player in the industry when it comes to generating revenue from blogs and likely things. Many pro bloggers highly recommend their readers this advertising platform as it offers you the best ad networks for your website. By showing relevant ads to visitors you can easily make a good amount of money with this ads network. In all, Google Adsense is a remarkable ad network if you want to earn through monetizing your content.

But getting approval by Google Adsense isn’t that easy at all. Then what will happen to all those people who are struggling hard for getting their Adsense approval or had already been rejected by the Google Adsense team? Does it mean that it’s an end of their blogging career? Will they able to turn their blog into a money machine?


Well, The game isn’t over my friend. It’s just a beginning.

In today’s article, I’ll be sharing some of the tips and tricks which will ensure you that you can still create a profitable blog even you don’t have Google Adsense. The problem isn’t as big as it looks like.

But before proceeding to the tips, let’s discuss why many bloggers and webmasters prefer Google Adsense over other similar ads network:
  • Provide you with a user-friendly experience. 
  • Helps to target your audience very easily. 
  • No efforts for maintaining ads. 
  • Reliable and widely used service of all. 
But things get a little bit interesting after you get your Adsense approval and you start putting Adsense ads on your blog. There are some bloggers who face several issues using this ads network. Some of the most common issues are mentioned below:
  • You simply have to agree with all the content guidelines which are offered by Google Adsense. 
  • You must watch your content before publishing. Violation of even a small rule can result in you getting permanently banned from this network. 
  • If you want to keep generating high income then you must follow new guidelines and techniques accepted by Adsense team. 
  • And the one above all, If you are getting most of your readers from India, and other neighboring countries then you’ll end up earning pennies from this program. 
But, it doesn't mean that Google Adsense is not a good ads network. I’ve simply mentioned these facts in front of you to tell you that it may not be as great as you think. Earning money through this ads network is still a quite tedious task.

No Adsense, No Problem?

Well, I personally know many successful bloggers who are working on their blog and generating a good amount of money. But their main income source ain’t Google Adsense, but instead, there are more likely to earn through Affiliate sales.

Earning huge money is still possible without Adsense or any other similar ads network. You might have seen many popular sites which generate huge revenue without even displaying Adsense ads.

Comparing to affiliate marketing, Adsense only allows you to generate a handful amount of money after putting lots of efforts.

Now, you know that losing an AdSense account or not getting your Adsense approval isn’t a big deal as it seems. So, what are the other ways which can help you overcome this situation?

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Blogging Success Comes from Failure

Don’t you dream of getting success in this field without experiencing failure? The more you try new thing the more you learn. The same thing applies to monetize methods. Trying new monetizing ways can help you increase your earnings. You will get fail a couple of times but at last, you’ll surely find a solution which works perfectly for your niche. This strategy also lets you learn new ways and getting experience from other competitors in your niche.

If you aren’t so sure about the new money making strategy then you can also ask other bloggers working on similar blogs and can ask for their help. In this way, you can invest your valuable time on tried and tested methods instead of introducing yourself to a completely new method.

For example, if you are owning a fashion blog then there’s a ads network named, Viglink which can offer you great returns. But this isn’t the same case for my blog. My blog mainly focused on Blogging and technology related topics.

I hope, you have got it what I’m trying to say. Taking advice from bloggers or even asking for their help can save your time and not repeating the same mistake as they did. In case, your blogging network is not that strong then simply search online for that particular ads network. Reading the case study and looking for payment proof can also help you with this case.

Know and Work on your Skill Set

I just wanted to tell you that know and work on things which you are good at. If you think that you are good with Blogging related stuff then create campaigns and give advice to newbie bloggers. If you think that you are good with fashion, then creating good designs and suggesting them to people working in the similar industry. If you are good with health and exercise then creating a good diet plan for your readers and taking money in exchange can help you a lot.

You should first be very clear about what you are good at, and then try to use that thing in your favor through your blog. You should know that there’s a market out for everything, you simply have to find your skill set and offer people your services in exchange for money.

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Try affiliate marketing

If you are generating a good number of visitors on your blog then you should definitely try for affiliate marketing.

It is a fact that Google doesn't like affiliate marketing that much but it can be a good alternative to Google Adsense. I know many bloggers who have affiliate marketing as their main income source. But before jumping into marketing try consulting it with any professional blogger who’s already working on the similar niche.

Although, there are many affiliate marketing networks which can help you earn lots of money, but be very careful when it comes selecting a correct one and the one which suits best for your blog.

It’s a fact that blogging can help you earn a good amount of money, but if you want some financial success then you should do it with the correct technique. Just believe in yourself, it pays off in a long run.

Final Words

The main reason for writing this article was to tell you that there are many ways to create a successful blog without even getting an Adsense approval. If Adsense is not working out for you then search for some other method. Keep trying new earning methods by consulting people who are working on it.

That’s all with this article. If you found this article interesting then kindly share with other bloggers and your network. In case, you have any suggestions or new earning methods then do leave your valuable comments below in the comment section.