If you’re on this webpage then that means that you must be a Whatsapp user. Whatsapp is one of the top rated and most efficient free messengers of all times. Many users use it to get simply connected to their friends and family. Well, let me tell you one fact. We’re all using the official version of WhatsApp in our daily routine. Although official Whatsapp version comes with many amazing features like video calls, images, voice calls, sending files and many more but do you know there’s something which can offer you more? If you want to change your WhatsApp looks and want to add-ons some extra features then you’ve landed on the right webpage. By simply downloading the unofficial Whatsapp mods you can easily get plenty of new features which are sometimes better than the real version itself.


If you’ll search online for WhatsApp mods then you can definitely find out many Whatsapp mods which comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. If we compare to the original Whatsapp then these mods offer you some good looking UI’s, good customizing features, various themes, and unlimited sending and receiving files without any restriction. Whatsapp mod helps you to easily change chat background color too. The best point of all is that you can easily send large files on your Whatsapp with extensions like pdf, rar, zip and more.

What basically is Whatsapp Mod APK?

If you haven’t understood yet then here’s it. You can easily find out a number of Whatsapp mods available online which has no harm in downloading and installing. A user simply has to download the latest Whatsapp mod and enjoy its extra features. Instead, I show you some top 10 unofficial Whatsapp mod APK downloads.

Top 10 Latest Best Whatsapp Mod APK Of All Times

1. GB Whatsapp APK

GB Whatsapp has millions of downloads all over the world. This amazing Whatsapp mod supports all android versions. When it comes to installation, installing GB Whatsapp is extremely simple and setup just requires 1-2 minutes time. You can get a number of great features like online status, blue tick, hiding, theming and many more. Users using this Whatsapp mod finds themselves one step ahead of those who are stuck with the official version.

The best thing about GB Whatsapp is that you don’t need to have a rooted device. If compared to all other WhatsApp mods available in the market this one is above all. Also, in case you don’t want to uninstall your official Whatsapp then you can also run GB WhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp version.

For all those people who want to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device then GB Whatsapp is the best option which you have got.

Unique features of GB Whatsapp offers two accounts manage, privacy options for both accounts, sending videos up to 30MB. If you use GB Whatsapp then you can easily send up to 50 images at once. You can set 35 characters for your group name and plenty more amazing features are available with this amazing Whatsapp Mod.

2. Whatsapp Plus APK

Whatsapp Plus APK is an updated version of the official WhatsApp with a number of extra features. Whatsapp Plus APK allows their users to customize it according to their own taste. The best feature about this Whatsapp Mod is that it hides names and date when you copy messages.

If compared to the official version then you’ll find that you are only allowed to send 16MB videos in one go but you can easily send 30MB video with Whatsapp Plus APK. The sent message can be easily recalled and last seen can be hidden too. You can easily customize themes MOD and other features. You can be allowed to use about 250 characters for a status update if using Whatsapp Plus APK. Online/last seen can easily be seen from the main screen itself.

3. YoWhatsapp APK

Next, YoWhatsapp, another enhanced WhatsApp version which comes with awesome updates for WhatsApp which you can enjoy. YoWhatsapp has some outstanding features for enhancing your WhatsApp experience. You can find out new bubbles and ticks, colors for contact name text and widget backgrounds. One big update for this Whatsapp mod is that you can find out latest android Oreo emojis. Crashing problems are resolved in the update by Yo themes.

4. Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk App

It wouldn’t be wrong it I would mention this WhatsApp mod as a rebirth of Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus Reborn is an advanced version for the official WhatsApp. The best combinations of features, themes, and no annoying apps. You can easily send 30MB photos and videos without any compression, isn’t great? Downloading and installing Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk App is like eating a piece of cake.

5. Whatsapp MA Apk

If there’s any other WhatsApp mod which should be counted after the amazing GB WhatsApp then here it is. Whatsapp MA Apk holds very similar features offered by GB WhatsApp. There are a couple of extra features and bugs resolved in this WhatsApp mod. You are allowed to send full image resolutions up to 50MB. Whatsapp MA Apk offers you 4 style themes, over 80 icons, updated texts, color texts and couple more features which enhance both the looks and performance of your WhatsApp.

6. Whatsapp Prime

Whatsapp Prime is the next enhanced version. In this amazing WhatsApp update, mod group links can be easily sent. This version is considered to be unique among all as it has plenty of new features which aren’t offered by Whatsapp GB. You have to remove the official WhatsApp version in order to install Whatsapp Prime. You can permanently mute any conversation using this WhatsApp mod. Lastly, you are allowed to send about 70MB of videos at once which was 16MB in the original WhatsApp application.

7. WAP Whatsapp Apk

Another great unofficial WhatsApp messenger which is available for free download for Android devices. This WhatsApp mod is considered to be the most reliable version among all. With its simple and secure messaging users love this WhatsApp version. Let me tell you that this was the very first messenger spread globally, all other mods available online are clones of this particular one.

8. Whatsapp Indigo App

Next amazing mod in the list is Whatsapp Indigo App. Whatsapp Indigo comes with good looks, simple and stable performance. The most amazing feature of this version is the changes made to emojis. Downloading and installing this WhatsApp mod can be done under just a few minutes.

9. Whatsapp MD Apk

This particular WhatsApp mod is more stylish and attractive compared to all other versions available online. Whatsapp MD apk is no doubt a free alternative to the official Whatsapp application. You can easily find out the latest smileys and emojis for better and a fresh experience. You can easily find many online sites offering Whatsapp MD Apk free download.

10. Whatsapp Gold Edition APK

If you want to experience the new Whatsapp then Whatsapp Gold Edition APK is one for you. This amazing WhatsApp mod holds some amazing features which are there to provide you a whole new experience to the way you use WhatsApp.

Some amazing features of this update are you can actually play the videos before completely downloading them, video calls, voice calls can be easily disabled. There are no restrictions for the number of photos and videos to be sent. Overall a good WhatsApp mod for all android users which can be downloaded for free.

Final Words

There are many reasons why one can use these amazing mod apks. Undoubtedly, these mods allows you to highly customize your app and chats and help you getting the perfect kind of look you want. I want to tell you that you should try one of these mods once. Comment down and let me know what’s the most amazing thing you like about the above list and which one is the best among all according to you. At last, if you like reading the above article then do share this article with your friends and online networks and help them get a totally new experience of using WhatsApp messenger.