Every experienced blogger knows this fact that backlinks are meant to be the backbone of your blog. In order to receive high organic traffic your blog must have a good number of backlinks, But is it advisable to buy backlinks for your blog?

Disclaimer: As per Google Policies, Buying backlinks is prohibited.

Famous bloggers believe that one should never buy backlinks. But all of us knows that its a backbreaking task for any beginner level blogger or webmaster to get a good number of backlinks in a short period of time. Although, this can be an easy task if you know the right track to follow this path.

No blogger can refuse to have good backlinks for their blogs. So, what are the actual steps you need to follow to get quality backlinks for your blog?

Today, In this article, I’ll be telling you some good resources which can help you buy backlinks for your niche. All the websites which I’ll be mentioning down will be going to provide you a good number of backlinks to boost your blog’s performance. 

Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Any Niche, Increase DA in a Week!

Why Backlinks? 

Before, getting started you must know the answer to this question.

Backlinks play a vital role in this world of internet. I’ve heard bloggers saying that backlinks are only made to get good search engine ranking and getting good traffic, but it isn’t the complete truth.

Backlinks can offer you more than that. Although, it is the truth that backlinks are made to drive good traffic and getting good search engine score there are other positive points you should know for building quality backlinks.
More Number of backlinks helps you creating a brand name. By getting good backlinks from popular blogs you can increase your branding authority in the online world. Not just that, but good relationships can also be made at the professional level.

Best Reliable Websites for Buying Backlinks

Below are some good trustworthy websites which can help you buying quality backlinks for your blog and help you in increasing your blog’s performance. 

1. Links Management 

If you have a limited budget and want to have a good number of quality backlinks to your blog then this is the website you need. You can easily select to have website backlinks from PR1 to PR8 as per your need. 

They are known as one of the most trustworthy sources to get permanent backlinks. In case you have a doubt about their services then you can search for their case studies online. They mention the fact that links are manually inserted by them. 

The best thing which I like about this website is that they offer you an additional bonus of $50. The bonus will automatically be credited to your account once you have done $100 
business with them. 

2. Black Hat Links 

In case you want to buy bulk backlinks then this website can a good choice. You simply cannot use this website for getting a backlink or two. You will be getting about 50-200 quality do-follow backlinks if you choose to get started with them. 

One thing which I like about them is their schedule. Backlink building starts a week before so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it. Also, they offer you a very promising service. They make it clear that you’ll start getting expected results in an hour without waiting for much for days. 

3. Buy High-Quality Backlinks

This website is famous for offering a good reliable service to all of their clients. Buy High-Quality Backlinks assures to take your blog’s search engine score to a whole next level by offering you to get PR1 - PR5 backlinks. 

It not just only helps you with backlinks but also guides you with best link building strategies to strengthen up your blog’s overall score. 

4. PostLinks

PostLinks helps you receiving an innumerable number of high-quality backlinks right from good publishers and reliable sources. This website is no scam. Your blog will only get genuine high-quality backlinks without any cheating. All the backlinks and content will be 100% authentic without any spam involved. 

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the widely used marketplaces to buy backlinks for your blog at just $5. But let me warn you, many sellers use automated tools who building backlinks which can result in serious harm. So, beware while selecting a seller. Check for their ratings and reviews before you proceed any further. 

6. Backlinks.com

Another widely used website by many online marketers and professionals. You can easily get backlinks paying through your credit card/debit card/Paypal. Not only this but if you want to make money out of your blog then this site allows you to sell backlinks and make a good amount from this site. Overall, it is a reliable site with a good rating.

7. The Five Dollar Links 

If you are searching for only high-quality links to buy then you should surely consider this website. Backlinks offered here are best of all and are of top trending niche topics which are loved to be indexed by search engine bots. 

This website helps you achieve good search engine ranking. They also provide your site stats including traffic details which helps you in enhancing your site’s performance. 

8. BacklinksRocket 

BacklinksRocket sells you quality backlinks which increase your search engine score. This site also offers some additional advantages like good social media score, Alexa ranking, and organic traffic. 

It’s not just about buying backlinks when it comes to this site. Your SEO requirements will also be fulfilled if you choose to go with this option. There are plenty of good packages which you can buy as per your need.

After finishing the task, you will be provided with a complete report for ensuring that you have invested in the right place. You’ll also get few government site links which is the best way to get good ranking. 

9. AuthorityBacklinks 

Recommended by many professional webmasters and specialists if you are searching for a premium marketplace for purchasing and selling backlinks. You can easily manage your sales with its extremely easy to use control panel. 

With the help of this website, you can maximize your earning by publishing text ads on your website as a publisher. Your site should have a minimum score as per their requirement and then you are free to monetize each and every page on your website. 

If your website is often index by Google bots then you can easily get a head start monetizing your blog’s content. 

10. LinkWheel.Pro

Lastly, I present you LinkWheel. Pro. If you are searching for EDU backlinks to boost your site’s performance then definitely mind considering this website. With the help of quality links offered by this website, you can easily increase your blog’s SEO score. 

But before getting started and making any kind of purchase, do have a look on their offered package carefully. After that, you can simply start buying more backlinks from this site and increase your search engine score. 


So, These were the top 10 best reliable and premium websites where you can buy quality links for your site. You should do proper research before making any kind of purchase.
Buying poor links can make a serious harm to your domain authority and disavowing those links is quite a tedious task which everyone wants to avoid.

That’s all with this article. Hope, you have found the answer to your question now. In case you have any other suggestions then feel free to leave your comments below in the comment box. At last, I want you to kindly share this article all across your network and share this valuable list with your fellow blogger community.