If you are in this field for a while then you might have heard that WordPress is the best online platform which allows you to create good quality blogs with amazing blog support. There’s no doubt that WordPress has always on the top of this blogging game. Many online professional bloggers are running their blog on this famous online blogging platform. Webmasters and bloggers prefer working on this platform as it has got tons of new features and amazing functionalities that can increase your blog’s performance. But something having too many features can be a bit confusing for a blogger.

That’s the reason why I’m today writing this article. If you are from those people who want to focus on creating content rather than content marketing then I have got some good WordPress alternatives for you all which can easily help you create a good blog without putting many efforts.


So, Let’s get started with this list.

1. Wix

Let me tell you that Wix is one of the most popular and widely used website builder for creating many websites. Wix comes with many pre-designed templates which are both suitable for personal as well as business purpose. All the templates available here can be easily customizable by simply using the drag and drop option. However, you can easily create your first site using this platform for free of charges but in case if you want to get more features or better support then you have to upgrade your plan.

2. Squarespace

Just like Wix, Squarespace is another amazing website builder which can easily help you creating your sites with the help of simple drag and drop functions. This amazing online free website builder have already built website templates which are highly customizable.

Unfortunately, you have to have a certain amount to use this online website building platform. But you can test this platform by getting a free trial demo. Squarespace provides a very good support to their site users so that they can host their website smoothly. Because of this thing you can get enough time to focus on your content quality rather than getting worried about your site maintenance.

3. Weebly

Next, we have Weebly. This online website building platform is very friendly is you are just getting started with this business. Similar to Wix and Squarespace you can get an amazing online support no matter you are a techy guy or not. Weebly offers you a number of quality website tools for creating really good websites. You can also find some already configured themes and website templates which you can use for creating your first online website.

4. Medium

Medium is another good online blogging platform which you should definitely try. This online website building platform mainly focuses on blogging and on building its online community. Bloggers who want to use this free online blogging platform does not have to worry about themes and plugins instead try to create more quality content.

Medium has an amazing content editor which make the content creation part great. If you are searching online to create blog posts which appear to be professional then I will highly recommend you to try this option. Although, Medium online free blogging platform is not as robust as WordPress but yeah it’s perfect for getting a job done.

5. Ghost

This is one of the best online blogging platform for free which is fully focused on blogging. Because of its clean and simple interface, you can easily create your own blogging site within few minutes.

If you are not fond of having more features and distractions then this online blogging free platform can be a count for you.

6. Joomla

Joomla is as popular as WordPress when it comes to blogging. This amazing free online blogging platform has an excellent user support and also offers many well-made in-built features.

If I have to round-up then I would say that Joomla has everything which is offered by WordPress, even little bit more than that. Joomla is a great online blogging platform for free.

7. Drupal

Next, to Joomla we have Drupal. Drupal is another famous blogging platform. In fact, Drupal is older than both WordPress and Joomla. This is a great online blogging platform that has tons of quality data. You can easily host your website for free on this online blogging platform.

Because of its user-friendly design and powerful features, this is can be a good option for getting started with blogging. There are many large institutions which use Drupal.

8. Tumblr

Tumblr is a good option if you have to create a blog as a hobby. Tumblr is used mostly by youngsters and because of that, this is less professional. You need not to have any technical knowledge to setup things. Simply create and get started with the writing part.

This is much more than an online blogging platform as it is also a social networking platform which allows you to share your views and thoughts to different communities on this site.

9. Google Blogger

Finally, Blogger is here. I personally love this online free blogging platform. You simply need to create an online Google account and that’s all that you need. With the help of blogger, you simply have to worry about your site content and rest all technical details will be cared by them.

Although, Google Blogger is not that much famous as before still this is one of the best WordPress alternatives online.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that WordPress is an amazing online platform which can provide you with almost all things you need to create a good site but you should give a try to these famous WordPress alternatives too. This will help you explore some good features and become a better blogger. So, what do you think? Do you have any other famous online free blogging platform? If yes, then feel free to tell us by leaving your comments down in the comment section. Also, if you have enjoyed reading the above article then kindly share this article with your social contacts… :)