If you doing blogging since a long time then you all might know that SEO is one of the most significant factors behind every blog’s success. One should simply not ignore this factor. Keyword research and keyword stuffing is an important part of SEO which helps you getting more number of clicks i.e, readers for your blog.

If you want to get a good number of readers for your blog then proper keyword research is the must. It’s totally your responsibility to do the proper keyword research and add them into your content. There are various online websites and tools available which you can use for proper keyword research. You get both paid and free tools which help you finding the best match for your blog posts.

So, Today’s article is for Bloggers, SEO Experts and all other webmasters who want to write more search engine friendly content. The below listed best keyword research tools helps you doing this task without many worries.

There’s no doubt that there are hundreds of tools available for this task which you can download for free as well as by purchasing them. Following are the Top 6 Best Keyword research tool for your blog which will help you making your content more SEO friendly. I have mentioned both free as well as paid tools so that you can select the best one which fits for you.

Best Keyword Research Tool
To Increase Your Blog’s Readership

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular and a widely used tool by many SEO experts and webmasters. This tool is available for free. The best thing about this amazing keyword research tool is that you can get many options and features similar to other paid tools.

If you have recently come to know about SEO techniques or Keyword Research then this tool can be a perfect match for you. This tool is totally a beginner friendly keyword search tool. You can find various data and reports like average monthly searches, competition, Suggestion bid and much more.

There are different filters available to filter your reports. This is the best feature which makes this tool worth using.

Another Excellent Keyword Suggestion tools which helps you making your content more SEO friendly without doing much work. This tool is a premium tool but you can get 14 days free trial period. Many successful bloggers personally use this tool and also suggest their followers and fans use the same.

Similar to any other keyword Suggestion tool, SEMRush shows you various data which helps you picking up the best keywords for your blog content.

Long Tail Pro is a paid Keyword suggestion tools which have many powerful features for increasing your website’s search engine visibility. If you are looking for a good keyword research tool then you have to pay a little bit to get the best. Good things always not come for free.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Suggestion tool can easily track the most powerful keywords which you want to rank for in search engines without having many troubles.

KWFinder is personally one of my favorite keyword research tools which I suggest to my readers. It’s a powerful keyword search tool which helps to find long tail keywords phrases for your blog posts. If you are a beginner then I will strongly recommend you this tool.

This amazing keyword research tool shows you various searches and other related issues. It also shows you data reports like CPC, Search volume, Trends etc. You can also get the difficulty level for specific keywords. Not only that much but you can also get the details about the domains which is targeting that particular keyword like the number of backlinks, daily traffic etc.

Moz Keyword Explorer has a simple interface which makes analyzing different keywords very easy. This tools easily helps you getting thousands of other relevant keywords which you want to target.

You can get the number of search volume, keyword difficulty level, opportunity and potential etc. This keyword suggestion tool offers you many great features which help you increasing your search engine listings.

I love using Uber Suggest Keyword research tool. This tool has some great features which has made keyword research job much easier. Uber Suggest also has an extension for your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers named Keywords Everywhere.

You can easily find many long tail keyword phrases using this tool. You can get keyword search volume, competition, traffic, CPC etc. This tool works on the algorithm of Google Autosuggest. This means that this amazing keyword research tool will show you relevant keywords alphabetically after your main keyword which you want to rank for.

Final Words

If you want to be a great blogger then you have to use proper keywords in your blog content so that it can easily rank well in searches. Keyword research is a must follow step for all bloggers, SEO experts, and other webmasters which have an online business.

Hope, you enjoyed reading the above content. If yes then kindly share your feedback by leaving your valuable comments in the comment section down. Also, if you liked this most popular keyword research tools list then share it with your online network. Till then stay tuned and keep working hard… :)