Daily thinking about new blog posts topics and writing quality content for your blog is not an easy task. You have to come up with new and interesting ideas that are actually liked by your audience and also helps you improving your blog ranking.

I just want to say that, Starting a blog is a child’s play but maintaining it is not easy at all. I have personally seen many people struggling hard with their blogs and getting failed. Instead of keep working hard many people choose to leave blogging in the middle of their journey and that’s the reason why they experience failure.

There can be many reasons why one give up on blogging, not getting enough resources, support and time is one of the major reason behind their failure.

Whatever the reason, you have to keep continuing blogging for getting success, even if you are not working on your blog since a long time then also you can easily get back on track and rescue your dying blog.

But before I start telling you that how can you easily rescue your old blog, let me first tell you that what types of problems you start facing when you stop blogging.

1. Losing Daily Traffic

This is one of the biggest drawbacks seen when you stop working on your blog. You have to keep on updating your blog frequently to full fill your audience requirements. If you are not updating your blog anymore, people will simply stop visiting your blog.

2. Affects Your Website Ranking

As you all know that for maintaining your good website ranking you have to keep on updating your blog. Search engine loves those websites which are updated more frequently. And if there’s no update on your blog since a long time then for sure your website ranking will be affected.

3. Decreasing Sales

If you are using any kind of advertising network on your blog such as Google Adsense, by Yahoo, Infolinks etc then it will also get affected badly.

4. Getting Demotivated

Watching daily fall in blog traffic, website ranking, decreasing sales you slowly start getting demotivated for your blog’s future. You lose hope and then simply decide to give up.

So, these were some of the most common things which get affected when you decide to give up on your work.

But things are not completely gone out of your hands, Not Yet !

If you want to bring your blog back on track and give a tough competition to other bloggers in your niche then you have to create something beyond your ordinary work.

Now the question arrives, What type of things do we actually need to do to make our blog healthy again. Keep scrolling down and let’s find out.

In today’s article, I will be sharing some great and most effective tips which will surely be going to turn your blog into a tough competitor in your niche.

If you are facing any one of the following issues then this article can surely be a great comeback for you:-

1. You had started a blog but because of not getting as expected results you quit.
2. Your blog was used to be good but not getting results as before.
3. You give up because you haven't seen any kind of improvement.
4. You quit Blogging because of not getting enough time and resources.

Best Proven Ways for a
Great Blogging Comeback


1. Work On Design And Looks Of Your Blog

If you are not getting more website views now as compared to good old days then it might be because of your blog’s design and interface. Your blog’s design and interface might be not working well for both SEO and your readers. According to studies, it has been found that you get approximately 6 seconds to put an impression on your visitor's mind. In such case, website design and looks matter a lot.

Instead of working on new blog content, I will firstly recommend you to work on your website design and looks. Ensure that whether your website template is optimized properly or not?

Here are some key points which must be properly taken care of while working on your website's design and looks:-

a. Updating Website Template

If your blog theme is ugly, poor interface, dull colors then simply replace it with something quick and simple. There are many online websites such as Themeforest, StudioPress themes etc which are well known for offering good website templates. The best part about these website themes is that you can easily customize them according to your requirements.

b. Responsive Website Theme

More than half of the total world population owns a smartphone and so you can understand the importance of applying a responsive website theme.

Not only this but the recent data also shows that those websites which are not mobile friendly have seen a decrease in their daily traffic. Around 30% - 40% internet users simply go to other websites if they found that a particular website is not mobile friendly.

Also, your website ranking will also be going to improve if you will have a responsive mobile friendly design.

You can find many online tools which can help you checking the mobile friendly score of your website. I will personally suggest you try Google Mobile-Friendly Tool Checker.

c. Better And Easy Navigation

Proper Navigation also helps you in improving your website readers experience as well as it's ranking.

I will advise you to make your navigation as simple as possible. Rather than filling up many items and using too many drops down menus, you can simply go for some major categories. Sometimes a user might get really annoyed after seeing too many navigation options and simply switch to another website.  

d. Adding a Subscription Box

Next thing which you should focus on is converting your website visitors into your good readers.

The best method to do so is simply adding a subscription box in your website design. If you are using Google Blogger then there are many subscription widgets which you can add and if you are a WordPress user then you can use Plugmatter WordPress plugin.

Check it out - Cool Wordpress Styled Blogger Subscription Box

So, these were some of the best key points which you should remember while updating your website design and looks.

2. Optimizing Your Website Speed

According to studies, it has been proved that if a website is taking more than 2-3 seconds to load than the user immediately switches to other websites.

So, you have to ensure that your website has quick loading time. If your website is taking too much loading time then it is a primary reason why your blog will going to fail.

If your website is not optimized properly then you simply have to follow some important steps which will surely be going to help you out.

Firstly, you have to analyze your whole website that why it is taking too much loading time and how can you optimize your website speed effectively.

There are many free online tools available which will help you to calculate your website’s loading time. Some of the best online website speed checker tools are:-

1. Google PageSpeed Insights
2. Page Scoring
3.. Pingdom
4. GTMetrix
5. WebPagetest

I have written “10 Amazing Tips to Reduce Blog Page Loading Time” which will be surely going to help you out in optimizing your website speed and achieving the perfect speed score.

Note - You should properly optimize your website for both desktop and mobile users as both of them affect your website ranking as well as Domain Authority Score.

3. Fixing All Technical Issues

I have already published a blog post on “SEO Mistakes - Why Blog Posts Are Not Ranking In Google Searches ?”. In this article, I have discussed some of the most common SEO mistakes which are usually done by new bloggers. Therefore, if you really want to do some serious work on your website then the very first thing which you should do is fixing all your website issues properly.

Here are some quick tips which you should follow for improving your website technically:-

1. Adding Google Analytics and webmasters to your website.

2. Fix All Dead and Broken site Links ( You can either fix, redirect or simply remove all your broken links ).

4. Building Backlinks & Interlinking

Always Interlink your blog post with relevant blog content. I have seen many bloggers who don’t interlink their blog posts properly and that’s the reason why their page doesn’t rank higher on Google Search results.

Interlinking blog posts helps you to make your visitors stay for long on your website and pass some of your website traffic to other pages as well.

Whenever you feel like there’s a relevant content, simply put down a link to that particular post.

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Note - Always remember to interlink your blog posts, as it helps you increasing your page authority score. Whenever you think of publishing any new blog content, firstly make sure to add relevant content links.

5. Keep Updating Your Old Blog Posts

Before creating any new blog content you have to make sure that all your previous blog
posts are working fine or not. If you have old news then update it, even update your old blog posts headlines.

One easy step by which you can drive more audience to your old blog posts is by updating old blog posts headlines. If your posts headlines will be catchy then the audience will be visiting it for sure.

Always remember “ Headlines can make or break your blog ”.
By including words like Best, Spicy, Delicious, Spoiled, Sizzling, Brilliant, Effective etc you can easily make your blog posts look attractive.

6. Proper On-Page SEO

I have seen bloggers struggling with their blog traffic because of not doing proper on-page SEO. Although, recent studies shows that SEO is not a big factor which determines your website ranking but that doesn’t mean that you start ignoring it.

It’s very important to audit your previous blog posts and check whether they are properly search engine optimized or not.
7. Target Better Keywords

Many bloggers make this mistake of targeting wrong and much more difficult keywords. This is the reason why even your good content fails to rank well in search engine results.

I will advise you to firstly fix all your existing blog posts by checking their keyword density and replacing them with smart keywords that can bring a lot more traffic.

Well, There are many online tools which can help you finding out right keywords for your blog posts. You can get both paid as well as free options. The method which I’m going to tell you don’t need any kind of investments or expensive tools. Simply start following the steps below for targeting the smart keywords:-

1. Log On to Google Webmasters Tool > Search Traffic > Search Analytics.
2. Then check Impressions and positions.
3. Now you will have a list of all your searches, impressions with their positions.
4. Then sort all the results according to impressions made. With this thing, you can actually figure out which posts are making good on search results and which are not.

Now you just have to update those posts which are not getting more clicks but have a high impression rate.

I had already published an article on “Great Tips, Tricks & Tools for Finding Long Tail Keywords” which will help you finding some effective keywords and will improve your website traffic rate.

8. Offer Your Visitors Freebies

By offering your free e-book on your website you can easily turn your visitors into your permanent readers. Here are some tips which you can follow while sharing your free e-book:-

1. Firstly, let everyone know that you will be again working on your old blog. You can do this by sharing this news on all your social networking profiles.
2. Design a landing page where you can offer a free e-book to your visitors.
3. Publish this news on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Email List etc.
4. Make sure to get feedback from your readers about your e-book.


So, these were some of the best tips and tricks which you can do to rescue your dying blog. Isn’t simple? You just need motivation and dedication for your blog and believe me you will be going to see great results very soon.

At last, I want to say that don’t give up in middle, hold on to hope. Every great work takes time. And yeah! Don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again, Learn from your mistakes and make sure that you get improved with every next step you take.

Hope, you liked reading this article. If yes, then kindly share it with your online networks. If you have any type of doubt or want to give your views or any kind of feedback after reading the above article carefully then please let me know by leaving your valuable comments below in the comment section… :)