Whenever the internet crashes, we get a lot of free time. Many bloggers wait for the internet to get repaired while on the other hand there are peoples who know exactly what to do with such type of situations. These pro bloggers utilize their free time effectively which results in a very good output for their blog.

Today, In this article I will be telling your some of the most common and best practices which you can do in your free time whenever your internet connection goes down. So, without wasting much time let’s get started with this article.

1. Create Blog Posts For Your Blog

Writing daily is a good practice for every blogger. Although, when the internet crashes most of us quit the writing work and wait for the internet to get fixed up. Let me tell you that you are wasting your precious time by waiting for the internet to get started again.

Creating new content for your blog is a very good option you have when the internet goes off. This will not only help you in continuing your work but will also help you to get on to work with no loss. You can create drafts and can update your blog more frequently whenever you get connected back online.
2. Start Writing Guest Posts

You can not just only write for your blog but can also create some amazing content for other competitor’s website in your niche when your internet is down.

If you have been reading my blog posts then you know the importance of writing guest posts. Guest posts have many benefits which can significantly affect your website’s domain authority. Writing guests posts in your free time is a very good habit which will surely be going to pay you good in future.  

3. Creating Facebook Updates

Creating content for your blog is one thing, other things such as posting Facebook updates, Tweets, Instagram updates also help you in targeting your readers. Creating attracting and interesting Facebook updates helps you to get in touch with more like minded people.

You can create interesting blog posts updates for your Facebook page, give blogging tips and tricks to newbie bloggers out there or can also motivate them to hold on to hope and continue with their work. You can also reveal some of your secrets or can tell your own success story.

4. Take Pictures For Your Blog Posts

When the internet goes down, you get a lot of free time. I will recommend you to go out and explore your surrounding. Exploring your surrounding and taking beautiful snaps with your smartphone or camera is a great idea.

I have seen many pro-bloggers who pays a quite high price for buying copyrighted images for their blog posts. If you have free time then you can go out and click snaps according to the way you like. This practice will not only help you in saving your hard earned money but will also help you in exploring your surroundings.
5. Brainstorm Unique Blog Posts Ideas

As I have mentioned above that when your internet is down, you should go out for a walk. Simply walking or hanging out with your friends can help you getting some cool ideas for your future blog posts.

Hanging out with your friends also helps you to keep your mind relax and can help you to focus more easily on your work.

If you don’t like anyone’s company then you can simply go out for a walk.

Reading books and novels also helps you in brainstorming some cool blog posts ideas. Not just only ideas but with this practice you can get your daily dose of motivation to get back over your work.

So, these were some of the best 5 things which you can do to utilize your time efficiently whenever your internet goes off. Please ! leave down your comments below and share your views and ideas on this blog posts. Also, If you have any other interesting option which you do whenever your internet goes down then kindly share with our audience by leaving your valuable comments below.

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