A few years ago building a website was something that is only done by most advanced computer & tech experts. Learning codes, expensive computers, and other resources were far beyond the reach of a normal user.

But now the time has been changed!

Today, anyone can simply create a website in minutes without even having much coding knowledge. Even if you haven’t created your own site before then also you can build a beautiful website.

Whether you are planning to start your own online business or want to start a personal website in which you can share your thoughts, ideas and other things.

Setting up your blog or website has never been this much easier as before.

So, let’s get started and find out how you can actually build your own website in minutes.


What’s the need of building a website?

All of us knows that everything is going online. Whether you are trying to make a purchase or trying to get connected with your friends, everything relies on the internet. In such a case, online networking sites are not just enough!

A website helps you to make a name for yourself online, can help you creating your own online personality, you can also make some extra earnings from your websites.

1. Choose the Correct Platform

A few Years ago when people want to create their own website firstly they had to learn some basic coding skills. As learning code language was not an easy task many of them simply drop their idea or hire a professional.

However, things have been changed now. There are a large number of websites designing platforms which can help you create your own website within minutes.

Though you can find a large number of website designing platforms but I will recommend you to use Wordpress. Here’s Why I’m recommending you to use WordPress:-
1. No Charges

You don’t have to pay anything for installing WordPress on your system. The best thing about WordPress is it comes with hundreds of amazing templates which can help you customizing your website without breaking your bank account.

2. It’s Easy as That!

If you haven’t created a website before then also you can design a website on your own without many efforts. WordPress comes with dozens of plugins which helps you customizing your website according to your needs.

3. It’s Popular + Powerful

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly website designing platform used by peoples all over the world. A recent report says that around 25% of the total websites available online uses this platform.

4. Offers great community support

WordPress has a great community supports which offer you videos, tutorials, articles and even personal chat assistance which will always help you solving out your problems.

Now, the next question arrives that how to get started with your WordPress Site

Building Your WordPress Website - 5 Simple Steps

Now you know that how effectively and easily can WordPress help you building your own website, It’s time to get on word now. Simply start following the below steps and create your own websites within few minutes:-

2. Picking Up A Correct Domain Name

When you are setting up your WordPress site, it will give you a free address. The website address is something like:-

Example - WebsiteName.wordpress.com

Although you can choose to continue your blogging with this free domain name but if you want to give your website a professional look then you have to purchase a domain name.

There are many websites available like GoDaddy, Namecheap, InMotion Hosting, BigRock etc. which provides both domain name + hosting at affordable rates.

Purchasing a domain name is easy but finding a perfect domain name is a bit challenging task which must be done carefully. Below are the few key points which must be taken care while looking for any new website domain name:-

A. One Can easily memorize it

Always try to avoid complicated words in your domain name, make it simple as much as you can. You should purchase a domain name which is short, simple and can be easily memorized.

B. Pick up a catchy name

Your domain name will be going to reflect your work and that’s why you have to be very careful while picking up a perfect name. Take your time, think for a catchy name which people like to hear.

C. Avoid Using Numbers & Symbols

Try not to include any kind of numbers and symbols in your domain name as they create confusion. Here’s an example:-

Example - www.Domain4you.com and www.Domainforyou.com

Pronunciation of both the domain names are almost same and therefore they can easily make confusion in anyone’s mind.

After purchasing your website domain name, we can now actually move on to our first step of creating a website. The First step is installing WordPress in your laptop, computer or even on your tablet. Suppose, you have bought your website domain name from InMotion hosting, you will now be able to install WordPress from your AMP (account management panel) within minutes. Follow the below step by step procedure:-

1. Login to your InMotion hosting account.
2. Open your AMP.
3. Next, Click on Quick links > Get started on your website.
4. Then simply click on create a new website and select a website builder i.e, WordPress.
5. Now click on Add to checklist > Go to install.

Almost done, Now scroll down and enter your site name + description in the respective fields and then click on “Install” button.

That’s it, You have now successfully installed WordPress on your device.

Now Moving on to the next step, It comes…

3. Selecting A Good Website Theme

After installing WordPress, next it comes to customization. The basic WordPress design is very simple and clean. Though it is good but many people simply want to customize their website according to their needs and requirements.

To Select a new theme for your website, Click > Appearance > Themes in the sidebar of your dashboard.

Now you will see many free WordPress themes which you can apply and give your website a whole new look.

If you even don’t like those WordPress themes then there are other websites available which are known for providing best quality paid WordPress themes. I have written an article on this topic click on the link below and go through it.

After finding the perfect match for your website, simply click “Install Now” button.

4. Adding Pages & Content

Your website is almost done now, but you have to add some content and pages before it’s final launch. There are some basic pages like Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy which must be there for every website. To create a new web page, Go to > Pages > Add New.

Enter the necessary details in your web pages. You can also add videos, images and other elements for making it attractive. After all, things have been done click “Save”.

5. Customization

Your website is now Live, So let’s make it more interesting by doing some customization. WordPress offers you many amazing plugins which are the best way to customize your website.

If you don’t know what does plugins means then let me tell you.

Basically, WordPress offers some extensions which can easily provide your website new features and capabilities.

You simply have to click on Plugins > Add new and browse for suitable plugins which can satisfy your needs. There are more than 25,000 free WordPress Plugins available to enhance the capabilities of your website, Cool isn't?

Note - Don’t install too many WordPress plugins on your website because plugins affect your website speed and make it slow. Therefore, choose your website plugins wisely.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your own website within few minutes. So, creating a website is now like a child’s play for you, isn’t? There are many amazing things which you can do with your website like promoting your business online, providing education, sharing your ideas & views on various topics or simply creating a blog for some extra income. No need to worry, if you can’t figure out how to do it, I’ll always be there for you to help you out :)

At last, If you have any type of questions after going through the above article then kindly share with me by leaving your comments below in the comment section. I’ll surely be answering all your questions as soon as possible… :)