Being a blogger you must know about SEO and how does it work? Not just only a blogger, but if you are an online business owner then also you should learn this marketing strategy very carefully.

If you want to learn SEO for your online business then let me tell you that there’s no time left to sit back and think when to get started. Competition is increasing every day and you have to be proactive, using the best tools which can help you in tracking your progress and help you making your online business more search engine friendly. 

I’ve recently discussed long tail keywords which are also an effective technique to increase your daily blog traffic and increase your online presence. Long tail keywords not only helps you to reach your daily blog traffic goals but also helps you in making your blog SEO friendly.

In this post, I’ll discuss top Google Tools which are loved by SEO experts. However, In this post, I will not be discussing popular tools like Google Keywords Planner, Google Analytics or Google Search Console. Instead, I’ll be sharing some of the best tools which you may not be using but put a significant impact on your blog traffic.

So, Let’s get started.

1. Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

According to research, it has been found that about 60% of the daily searches are made by mobile users. However, If I would have been talking about this thing 7-8 years ago then it would be very hard to believe this fact.

So, If you want to do some serious SEO work for your online business then you have to understand the importance of this thing. Google has made it very clear that your website should be mobile friendly. Therefore, you cannot simply ignore this thing.

Fortunately, Google has a tool which helps you doing this task easily. With the help of Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool, you can easily test your website mobile friendly score. Within few seconds this tool tells you that how well you have optimized your website for mobile devices.

You simply have to enter your website URL and press Enter, you will see a similar result as shown in the below screenshot:

In case your website fails this mobile-friendly test then I will suggest you do not waste any time in making necessary changes. A mobile-friendly version of your website can help you increasing your online sales, revenue and improves search engine ranking too.

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2. Google My Business Tool

You should know that local SEO is a good business. If you have started your online business and looking to drive more visitors to your site which will increase your online sales then you must implement search engine optimization techniques for your business website.

With the help of Google My Business, you can create your business listing online. You can provide more information about your workplace to your visitors. Not only that but it also includes reviews, working hours, location and contact numbers.

If you will use this tool effectively then you can easily increase your local business by 30% - 40%. Though I cannot guarantee you that this will surely be going to increase your local business but it will definitely help visitors in taking the right route.

Below I’m sharing a screenshot showing how listing appears on searches. 

Google My Business is an amazing tool for business owners, you can take it’s full advantage if you are running a local business and want to increase your online sales.
3. Google PageSpeed Insights Tool

You should know that web page speed is one of the top most ranking factors which determines your search engine position. PageSpeed not only helps you getting higher search position but also helps you to give best to your visitors.

Therefore, It is very important to make your website fast as possible. 

Google PageSpeed Insights tool helps you to make your website load faster on all devices. 

Make sure that you check both Mobile and Desktop tabs. This amazing Google tool not only shows you score but also helps you in fixing that issue.

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4. Google Correlate Tool

If you want to take your keyword researching to the next level then you should try this tool.
Google Correlate is an amazingly long tail keywords tool which helps you to generate best results. This tool provides you keywords which are searched together. You can search keywords which are searched most closely to your primary keyword which you are trying to rank for.

Before writing your next blog post, give a try to this tool. It will surely be going to help you in lifting your search engine ranking.

5. Google Trends Tool

Google Trends Tool is a powerful tool which is often used by online marketers. This tool helps you in knowing what’s the trending i.e, most popular topic searched online for that time.

In case, you are planning to start a new blog then this tool may help you. With the list of trending topics, you can also get ideas for your new blog posts.

Using this tool on the regular basis will surely going to push traffic load to your website.

6. Google Chrome

Now you must be wondering that how come a web browser can be used as SEO tool?

Google chrome has a number of SEO extensions which helps you getting the real time reports. You can check your top competitor's website SEO score, number of backlinks, domain authority, page authority, and other useful data.

7. Google Docs

Google Docs works very much similar to MS word. This is a free online tool for creating text documents.

Google Docs is very helpful for blogger and content writers. This tool has a number of features like word suggestion, auto correct and much more. Creating documents over this tool help you to create an online backup for all your documents.

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8. Google Sheets

If you are SEO beginner and want to have a close watch on all your activities then you must try this tool.

Google Sheets helps you doing various SEO related tasks. Some of the are listed down:-

1. Creating a list of future blog posts ideas.

2. For Tracking your keywords progress.

3. Helps you keeping a record of your site backlinks.

4. Creating your email list for your blog

Along with the above features, Google Sheets can also be used when sharing your SEO duties with your co-workers.

This tool may not be the most powerful SEO tool but it is one of those tools which put a serious impact on your blog’s progress.

9. Google Alert Tool

Google Alert tools help you to keep an eye on your competitor’s action.

If you are a blogger or an online marketer than tracking your competitor’s action on regular basis helps you making your blog more successful. By tracking your competitor’s action you can plan your future business strategies.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your own Google Alert and track your top competitors in your niche. At a time you can set an alert for up to five competitors.


So, These were some of the top but underrated Google tools which can help you doing some serious SEO for your online business. If you want to create your strong online presence then above listed tools will surely be going to help you out.

Hope, you liked reading this article. If you are already using any of these tools then let me know by leaving you to comment below in the comment section. At last, kindly share this article with your social contacts and help them making their business more popular… :)