Well, there are lots of ways by which you can increase your blog readership. Social Media Promotion is known as one of the most popular ways for driving huge visitors to your blog. But we all know that organic traffic is the best, as you will be getting long term benefit out of it. No matter whether you are having 1 follower or 1000 followers, you will keep on getting decent blog traffic if you are focusing on driving organic web traffic.

Driving organic traffic to a blog is not that much difficult you just need to know some basics and few other tips. The quality of your blog content and how well it has been optimized are two keys to achieve good search engine traffic. Although, social media promotion also plays its significant role in improving your blog’s search engine visibility.

Every blogger should keep on updating their old blog posts and improve them more for search engines. Adding more information to blog posts, Analyzing keywords, and optimizing images are some great ways to update your old blog posts.

In today’s blog post I will be discussing some of the common SEO mistakes which resist your blog from not appearing in search engine results. Below I have shared some tips so that you can avoid such types of mistakes in future and thus can improve your search engine optimization of your blog.

SEO Mistakes That Are Resisting Your Blog Posts From Appearing In Google Searches.

1. Excessive Use Of Headlines

One of the most common reasons why your old blog posts are not getting search engine traffic is using too many headlines tags repeatedly.

Adding too many headlines tags can make your articles look great for your readers but on the other hand, it adversely affects your blog’s SEO score. Editing old blog posts and using limited headline tags can improve your search engine visibility and can easily get you more organic traffic to your blog.

2. Image Optimization

We all know that images speak a lot more than words. Adding images to blog posts not only attracts readers but helps in making the article more search engine friendly.

To optimize your Blog images you should add alt tags relevant to your images name. When I was analyzing my old blog posts with almost no organic traffic I have noticed that images containing no alt tags or wrong alt tags which was affecting my blog SEO score.

Another common SEO mistake which I have seen in many blog posts is not updating the images name.

Let’s take an example :-

Suppose you are writing a blog post on Social Media Targeting. For that blog post, you have used an image of a bow and arrow. You haven’t updated the image name as “bow-and-arrow.png”. This is the biggest mistake when it comes to image optimization.
Before adding any images to your blog posts, you should update its name. In this case, it should be something like “Social-Media-Targeting.png”, or other relevant names.

3. Using Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions plays a significant role in improving blog posts search engine visibility.

One thing which you should keep in mind before adding meta descriptions to your blog posts is it should not exceed 160 characters.

A past few months ago I simply copy down 1-2 lines of my blog posts and add them as a meta description. This was one of my biggest SEO mistakes.

You should add meta description in such a way that it can easily attract more and more readers to your blog posts. Your meta descriptions should be unique, interesting and should not exceed the character limit.

If you have done this mistake in past then it’s time to update meta descriptions of your old posts blog.

4. No Keywords

Being a blogger you must know that Content is the king of your blog. I know that blogging is all about sharing knowledge but what if there’s no one to read your blog posts ?

As I have already discussed in my early blog posts that SEO plays a very important role in blog ranking. The search engine uses their bots to crawl, index and rank blog content. Therefore, by adding keywords in your blog post title, headlines, images can gradually increase your search engine ranking.

If you have written a great article but haven’t used any relevant keywords then you are not helping search engine bots to understand your content.

5. Avoiding Internal-Linking

Many Newbie bloggers avoid internal linking. We all want that our readers should spend more and more time reading our blog posts. Linking blog posts help is improving the user experience and also improves SEO score.

If you want to decrease your blog’s bounce rate then you should always try to add relevant blog posts links and make your links open in a new tab.

Final Words

I would suggest you to keep on updating your old blog posts for better SEO. Whenever you create new blog posts, always interlink it with other relevant blog posts. This practice will not only improves your blog SEO but also helps you in decrease your blog’s bounce rate.

That’s all with this article. If you have any questions after reading this blog posts then feel free to ask me in the comment section below. If you have liked this article then kindly share it with your social networks… :)