First of all, a very happy new year to all my friends who loves to read my blog. I want to thank all my readers who had supported me in the year 2016 in making this blog popular.

Today, in this article I’ll be telling you some of the best new year resolution ideas for bloggers which will help you making a successful and a famous blog. As you know that the new year 2017 started and everyone is busy wishing each other a very happy new year 2017 and also making new year resolution.

Many people make their new year 2017 resolution to improve themselves, to quit their bad habit, to perform better in their life and also for making their business more successful. If you are a blogger or recently started with your blog then stick to this article and keep reading till the last, I guarantee you that you’ll be going to learn something new after reading this article carefully till the end.

If you are a blogger and want to start some serious blogging then you have to make some serious commitment i.e, the new year 2017 resolution for your blog. It could be anything like writing articles daily, replying to your reader’s comment, building backlinks, learning new things etc.

I’m getting many messages and requests from my readers who are asking for the new year 2017 resolution ideas which can benefit their blog. To help my readers, I’m here sharing some of the best top new year 2017 resolution ideas for making a successful blog.

Note - I do not want that you should pick all of them and then after few weeks give up. I want you to pick few and stick to it. Select some of the best new year 2017 resolution ideas which you feel you need the most and promise yourself to do it correctly. If you feel that you can pick all of them then go for it, but make sure you do it all correctly.

New Year 2017 Resolution Ideas for
Becoming a Successful Blogger:-

1. Create Your Unique Identity

If you want to become a successful marketer, businessman, YouTuber, blogger etc. then you must have your unique identity. People love to see new faces and those with new and refreshing personality or any kind of unique business idea. My suggestion to you is that make more social profiles and share your blog updates daily.  

People will start following you and start listening to what you want to say or what you are sharing on your blog if you have your unique online personality. Updating your blog frequently with fresh and unique content can easily make your blog successful within few weeks.

2. Interesting Ideas

Are you doing your best for your blog? Is your content Interesting enough to grab reader’s attention?

Always try to come up with new ideas. Here New Ideas mean, Original and interesting blog topics that can easily grab reader’s attention.

If you will write original and interesting blog posts then people will going to enjoy reading your posts and will definitely share it with their social networks. Therefore, I will suggest you to daily read new content, do lots of research and then create quality blog posts for your readers.

More value you add to your blog posts, more it will be liked by your readers and that how you can easily make your blog successful.

3. Writing Daily

Making a new year resolution of writing daily for your blog is a good decision. Writing a blog post daily and updating your blog helps you in getting more blog subscribers. The reader will know when to expect new content from your blog. If you are updating your blog daily then the reader will daily open your blog in order to read a new blog post.

Updating your blog daily with 2-3 unique high-quality blog post will surely going to benefit your blog.

4. Keep an Eye On Your Competitors

There are much reasons why one get started with a blog. If you had created a blog then most probably you want to create your online identity or want to make money out of your blog. Let me tell you frankly that money can be easily generated through a blog if you can attract readers to your blog. More Quality traffic you get, More money you will generate.

The best way to get blog traffic is targeting your traffic. You can also study what your competitors are doing for targeting blog traffic. I will suggest you to always keep an eye on your competitor. Know what they are doing for making their business grow. Follow their guidelines correctly.

Following top blogger in your niche and reading their blogs daily is a good practice.

5. Getting More Social Contacts

Creating more social profiles and getting touch with more people helps you in promoting your blog online. People will only be going to visit your blog if you can reach to them. Making social profiles on popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. helps you in building more connections.

Not only this much, but these platforms also helps you in gaining more followers for your blog. So create more social profiles and increase your online network this year.

6. Reply To Every Comment

Replying to every blog comment helps you making a personal relation with your readers. Simply updating your blog daily with new content is not enough, you need to also build a good relationship with your blog readers.

Replying to your blog posts comments is the best way to make a good connection with your readers. Therefore, I will suggest you to always reply to your readers comment this year and I promise you that you will surely see the importance of this thing very soon.

7. Improving Writing Skills

By improving or learning new writing skills you can easily become a successful blogger. You should know that writing online blogs is an art. There’s no science behind a successful blog.

You can also create a successful blog within few weeks by easily manipulating search engines. By updating your blog with fresh and unique content you can get more readers for your blog.

Make a resolution of learning new and effective writing skills for your blog is the good new year 2017 resolution.


Not only these but you can also build more contacts with bloggers in your niche, Building more backlinks for your blog, getting new ideas for your blog promotion, start focusing on other earning sources are some other new year resolution ideas which can make you a successful blogger.

That’s all with this article. Hope, you liked reading this blog post. If you have any other resolution ideas or want to give your feedback after reading the above post carefully then feel free to use the comment section below. At last, I want you to kindly share this blog post with your online networks and let them also create a successful blog by taking new year 2017 resolutions… :)

Happy New Year 2017 and Keep Blogging :)