Probably, Humans are the most talkative creature on earth. We can’t live without interacting with other peoples. For interaction, we either prefer speaking to each other or simply convey messages through written text. Well, writing down your messages in English is no big deal but when it comes to accuracy, it becomes a quite challenging task. This is the reason why good writers easily grab their reader’s attention while on the other hand other people struggle very hard finding correct words which can make their content effective.

Writing effectively is a skill and is way beyond then the simple grammatical use. Grammar is an essential element for creative writing but there are few other elements while are also responsible for good writing skills. Excessive use of Adverbs, Cliches, Complex words  etc results to a poor content and which is something that needs to be seriously improved. You should  better know that writing is an art and it takes time and patience to become an expert.

So, how to improve writing skills ?

Effective writing skills can’t be achieved overnight. For improving your writing skills you have to practice for days regularly. But that’ll take a quite long time, right ?

Therefore, to help you in improving your English writing skills I have collected some of the best online websites which will surely be going to help you out. These websites are there to help people in improving their writing skills. Below I have listed down few best websites which are dedicated to this mission.

Grammarly is one of the best and the most effective website tool which makes your writing more effective. Basically, it is an online word processor which correct all your grammatical error and even suggest you much more effective words going beyond ordinary English words. If you are using the Microsoft word then it is quite similar to that but this tool can easily correct 250 types of English language errors which make this tool different from Microsoft Word. For Improving your phrases, this online tool suggests synonyms.

You can also install Grammarly extension on your web browser through which you can easily edit all your emails, social media posts or any other document in the run-time.
Both the spelling checker and vocabulary enhancer features of this online tool are amazing and will definitely help you out improving your writing skills. You can use this online tool for free but if in case you want extra features then you have to buy it’s premium account which costs around $30 a month.

Grammar Girl is an another good tool which offers amazing tips to help you in improving your written content. Grammar Girl interestingly answers you all your grammatical questions.

This is a great online resource where you can get grammatical knowledge, Vocabulary knowledge, Writing Skills and other friendly tips to make your content look even greater. Although this website now covers a wide range of tips but it still dedicated to the mission of making grammar easy for everyone.

The Purdue Writing lab which is also known as Purdue Online Writing Lab i.e, Purdue OWL is an online resource to help people by improving their writing skills. This is one of the best online resource available for improving writing skills effectively. The Purdue Writing lab has many great guides for their users. All types of grammatical errors and queries which are arisen by people are solved by Purdue OWL.

A user can easily get help related to thesis writing, drawing an outline for their posts, writer’s block, proofreading etc.

Improving your vocabulary skills is an essential part which makes you a better writer and that’s what The Thesaurus do for you. This amazing online resource has some of the best collections of antonyms and synonyms which are used for improving your English writing skills.

If you are looking for an online resource to simplify your written text then Thesaurus is all that  you need. Except all these, they also have a collection of some overused English words which should be avoided to make writing more effective.

The Thesaurus also have their mobile application tool which allows you to edit your text documents from anywhere anytime.

The Hemingway App is a great desktop software and a web-based tool for editing your written text. All types of nuances like complex sentences, overuse of adverbs, use of passive voice can be easily corrected with the help of this amazing tool. It’s desktop software for both Mac and Windows users costs around  $10.

They also analyze your document and provides a readability score. This feature works great for checking the structure of your written content. Hemingway App uses various types of color shades for pointing out your grammatical errors.

Writers Digest University is a professional online platform which works on your English writing skills improvement. The user will be taught by professionals and published authors. They have various workshops for improving your fictional, non-fictional, essay, stories and any other type of writing works. The user will be offered with 76 different online workshops covering a huge range of topics. You can select your courses starting from $139 to $700, which will surely help you to achieve your levels of a skilled writer.

You can also check out their blog in order to receive the latest updates, tips, and suggestions on improving English writing for free of costs.

Next, in the list, we have Grammar Book. It is one of the best online resources which actually works on you to improve your writing skills. They work from the very basics and then take you to the advanced lessons.

You’ll get their blog updates every Tuesday with new tips and suggestions. They also have various grammar quizzes which will help you to improve your English writing skills.

If you are not able to get connected with your readers through your writing skills then sorry to say but you are not a good writer at all. Take your favorite novel, the writer has written it so amazingly that it make you read more and more. This online resource works on a writing aspect which other online resources fails to do so.

This online website takes the most important writing factor into consideration i.e, the readability score. Your writing will be judged on the scale of 0 to 100, the higher your score, the better you content will be.

Grammar Monster has huge collections of various, articles, tips and tools to help you in improving your writing skills. Whatever you are looking for regarding improving your English writing skills, Grammar Monster has them all.

The most amazing thing about this online resource is you can learn anything here for free. From the very basic level to the advanced level, Grammar Monster helps you becoming a good English writer.

Lastly, we have another good online resource named as Pro Writing Aid. This is one of the most famous and widely used tools by professionals and published authors. Basically, it is an online text editing software which is available for free for web interfaces. You can easily edit your text documents up to 3000 words limit. This online resource has some powerful text editing tools for improving your writing skills. Tools such as plagiarism checker, Overuse of abstract words checker, Spelling checker and other tools for analyzing your text.


That’s all with this list. All the above-listed tools work great when it comes to improving written text. All types of grammatical mistakes and sentences can be easily solved by any of the above tools, as all of them delivers great performance.

Hope, you liked this post. If you are using any other online resource or software for improving your written text then please share it in the comment section below. At last, Please share this posts with your social networks… :)