One of the most common questions asked by many newbie bloggers is “what type of niche they should select for their new blog ?” Creating a blog and writing few blog posts might be easy but sticking to your blog niche is not a child’s play. I have personally seen many bloggers who end up writing few blog posts and then jump over to next blogging niche.

Suppose, you have a blog in which you have written an article on “Top 10 Gadgets of 2016” and next day you start writing about “Relationship Goals”, and later jump to “Health Niche” and so on. Well, I want to tell you that random niche blog has their own difficulties and it becomes very difficult to target your readers.

If you take “Blogging” Niche then we will cover all the relevant topics such as Blogging problems, Tips, Search engine optimization, Internet marketing, WordPress, Blogging Guides etc.

For Example - BloggingBro is a Blogging Niche Blog which mainly targets Bloggers and Online Marketers.

Here, I mainly cover niche like Blogging, Wordpress, Internet Marketing, SEO, Reviews and so on. I know that these sounds a lots of topics but if you look them carefully then you’ll find out that all the topics are inter-linked.

Therefore, Before getting started with any blog you must be clear with your blog niche. In this article, I’ll be talking about how you can select a niche for your new blog.

So, Let’s get started.

Tips For Selecting Blog Niche
For A New Blog

Well, There are several niches like “Free Wallpapers Download”, “Best Whatsapp Tips”, “Free Online Movies Streamings” etc. where you get lots of visitors but you will get no money. The main reason behind this is ranking on such keywords is not at all an easy task. Competition on such niches is very high.

Another reason is you should not select a niche on which you cannot create quality content.

Then How to Get a Perfect Niche for Blog ?

A perfect Niche for your blog is related to what you are passionate about or what your interest is ? You must also analyze that your chosen niche should have enough web traffic and can make a decent money. And the most important thing is that your chosen blog niche should have it’s future i.e, you can create enough content for a long run.

You should also think for future, What I’m saying is that why would you like to create a blog on iPhone 7 when you are knowing that iPhone 8 will be there next year. So, Always keep a future vision while selecting a blog niche.

Following are some key points which you should always keep in mind before selecting a blog niche :-

1. What are you passionate about ? - Your interest niche.
2. Money Value i.e, Cost per Click
3. Monthly Searches on your niche
4. Future of your Niche

Except for all the above points, you should also make it sure that your selected niche should not be too old fashioned.

Moving forward I have listed few more tips which will surely help you selecting your blog niche more properly.

Note - If you have already started with your blog and not sure that you can continue with it or not then you can anytime change your blog’s niche. Always remember, select a blog niche on which you can easily work for long.

1. Research - Look Around For Ideas

You should start searching for your interests. Search for your interests, Is it cricket ? Cars ? Gadgets ? Technology ? Insurance ? Education ?

I will suggest you make a list of topics of your interest. Note down all those topics in which you are interested and can easily work for long time.

2. Blogging For Profit or Passion ?

I got to hear this question a lot of times that “Should I start a blog on trending topics ?”

Yes, you can ! If you will search for top Indian Blogs then you will find that more than 70% of them are tech niche blogs.

But what if you are not interested or don’t have any kind of expertise in technology niche and you still want to create a tech niche blog ?

Well, you can start a tech blog but if you want to make money out of it then you have to work a lot harder. You’ve to keep on collecting data for hours and put your efforts in create quality content for your readers. You should also keep in mind that making money out of blog can’t be done overnight. Achieving Success in Blogging takes a long time and hard work.

You have to keep on motivating yourself for blogging. Recently I had wrote an article on Blogging Motivation which will surely help you if in case you are planning to shut down your blog.

Remember, Always select a niche on which you can create quality content and can update your blog frequently without any fail for a long time.

3. Interest Topics

Now you are having a list of all your interested niche topics for creating a blog. Suppose you have Technology on the top of your list. You are very passionate about gadgets and other tech related stuff.

So, Should you simply go ahead and create a tech niche blog ? Well, Let me tell you that there’s a little problem with that.

Maybe you can face a bit of competition from other high rated tech blogs and websites.

Okay, Now you have understood the competition in tech niche and choose to go with another topic. Let’s take, “How to make proper diet plan for your goldfish”

You have done a quite good research on this topic and found that there is almost zero competition. So, Is it a good niche to get started ?

Think twice, There’s is almost no competition for this topic ? Can you get enough web traffic monthly for this niche ?

Yeah ! now you got it.

You have to select such a topic which have proper balance among your interest and trends + competition.

But that’s not all, there are few more things which you should keep in your mind before getting things started.

4. Does Your Niche Have Long Time Potential ?

Now you have got your niche but the next question comes is does your interest niche have future ?

Let’s take an example :-

You have interest in politics and created a blog on it. You have registered a domain “www.uselections2016.com”. Undoubtedly, this topic is one of the most trending topics of all the time and can easily grab your readers attending but will it work for long ?

I will simply suggest you go with evergreen blog topics. Select a blog niche on which you can easily create quality content for long period and which can grab readers attention easily.

5.  Unique + Interesting Niche

Now you have shortened your list, after reading the above points. Now you have to select a niche which is unique and interesting at the same time.

In my case, I have started many blogs before BloggingBro.com but non of them worked as expected. I keep on working hard and learning new things which can help me in making my blog successful.

Now I have started with this blog for helping newbie bloggers who face similar problems by providing them blogging tips, guides, reviews and tricks which can help them in achieving blogging success.

I want that my readers should not make all those mistakes which I had made in my starting days. Therefore, you can easily create a successful blog without facing many failures.

Conclusion - Final Words

I just want to say that whenever you choose your blog niche for a new blog, you must keep all the above-listed points in your mind before getting things started. Selecting a random topic and simply start writing about it is for no use. You have to make proper planning before starting a blog. You have to make sure that you can create enough content for long-time without losing your interest.

Blogging is much more than knowledge sharing, It’s about educating and helping other peoples in your niche.

Hope, You liked this article. If yes, then please share it with your social networks. At last, if you have any questions after reading the above article then feel free to ask me in the comment section… :)