After you have successfully setup your blog and start getting a decent daily blog traffic, you got many options to turn your blog into a money machine. One of the easiest and widely used money making method is through PPC (pay per click) advertisements. Earning through PPC advertisements depends on your blog niche, number of visitors and clicks made on ad units.

Although, Google Adsense is one of the most widely used ad network chosen by many publishers and advertisers but at the same time it’s not at all easy to get your application approved by Google Adsense. Because of their strict rules and policies, it is also one of the most highly criticized ad networks.

I’ve personally seen many bloggers losing their inspiration and hope because of their Google Adsense application rejection. Some of them even quit to blogging because of not getting Adsense Application Approval or Suspension of their Google Adsense account.

I have already covered some of the best Google Adsense alternatives which you can choose if your Adsense application is not getting accepted. Therefore, today I’m reviewing one of the top Google Adsense alternatives named as is a contextual advertising network by Yahoo ! and Bing. The term contextual advertisement means advertisements related to your blog content i.e, text available on your website/blog. is a good rated popular ad network. Currently, it is an invitation based ad network which means anyone can request an invite. This ad network has some of the most amazing features which can help you to get started with your blog earnings really quickly.

I’ll be featuring all those great features further in this article, but firstly let’s talk about what actually Is ?

What is Media.Net ?
Features and Programs

I have already told you above that Media.Net is a contextual advertisement network.

Let’s take an example :-

Suppose you are running a blog and post blog post related to car insurance, In that case, your blog readers will be seeing advertisements relevant to car insurance, cars, and similar products.

Contextual Advertisements helps you to make huge money out of your blog compared to any other advertisement network or direct ads. That’s the reason why Google Adsense is so much popular among bloggers and webmasters.

I want to further mention that as is powered by both Yahoo ! as well as Bing, therefore you will only be seeing high-quality ads.

Media.Net is for all those who can produce quality content. That means no matter if you are running a small blog as an individual or working as a team, as long as you are creating high-quality blog content you’ll surely be making good out of this ad network.


Following are some of the best features of :-

1. High Revenue

As I have told you that this ad network is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, therefore you will be only seeing high-quality ads on your blog. Because of high-quality advertisements and different optimization techniques you can easily make a decent amount of your blog.

2. Contextual Advertisements

Similar to Google Adsense, also shows content relevant ads on your blog.

3. Mobile Advertisements

With the rapid increase of smartphone users, mobile ads seems to be the future of advertisements. detects mobile users and serves them mobile ads. This is how it helps their publishers to make more blog earnings. Currently, this feature is in beta version.

4. Great Customer Support

This feature is offered by very few ad networks. After getting your application fully approved by, you’ll be assigned to an account manager who will be helping you to optimize your advertisements and will also tell you some great tips by which you can easily increase your blog earnings.

5. Good User Interface

User interface of this popular advertisements network is very neat and clean. I don’t think that anyone will be going to face any problem while using their user dashboard.

6. One Account For All

After getting your application approved by you can use that particular account for multiple websites as long as they follow their terms and conditions.

How To Get Started With Your Earnings ?


As I have mentioned it above that this ad network is an invitation based ad network. For applying you simply need to add required detailed about you and your blog and get the invitation code. In case you have more than one blog then you can apply for all at the same time.

Next, one of their representatives will be analyzing your blog and if all things go right your application will be approved successfully. Further, you’ll be assigned to an account manager who will be helping you in getting all things started.

Once your account is successfully approved, Simply log in to your dashboard and start creating your ads units for your blog. The ads units shown by this ad network is very much similar to Google Adsense program.

The Minimum payout is $100 which can be withdrawal via your PayPal account or by wire transfer.

Final Words - Conclusion

In all, is a good alternative for Google AdSense. In case your application is not getting approved by Google Adsense even after so many tries you can go with this ad network. has evolved in recent years and works extremely good for publishers.

That’s all with this review. Hope you liked reading this review. In case you are already using Media.Net then I would be glad to hear your feedback. At last, I just want to say that if you find this article interesting then kindly share it with your social networks… :)