Best WordPress Hosting Provider Guide

Web hosting plays a vital role behind a successful blog. A good hosting service for your blog not online helps you improving your website search engine optimization but also increase your overall website sales. If you will look online then you will be going to find various types of WordPress hosting options such as Free, shared, Dedicated, VPS, and Managed. In this brief WordPress hosting guide, I will be discussing some of the most important checkpoints which you must check before selecting any hosting service for your WordPress blog. Not just only tips but I’ll be also telling you some of the top WordPress hosting providers which can be fully trusted.

So, What are the Requirements ?

How To Get The Best Hosting For
Your WordPress Blog ?

As you all knows that WordPress is one of the most popular websites building platforms available online and with the increase in its popularity many big hosting companies are offering simple 1-click installation. All the companies which I have listed down in this guide offer a good customer support for hosting your WordPress site easily.

Do you know that WordPress has a very light-weighted script and this is the reason why it is compatible with almost all good hosting providers? Though there are some simple requirements that one should take care of :-

1. PHP version 5.7 or Higher.
2. MySQL version 5.6 or Higher.

Now, moving on to the next point.

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What Are The Things Which Should Be Considered Before Buying Hosting ?

Before you buy any hosting plans from your WordPress hosting provider you should check some factors very carefully. Factors like Speed, Reliability and Security are some important factors that you must check before buying any hosting plans. Expect all these factors, you should also consider “Your Needs” as the most important factor of all. Thinking about your needs before purchasing any hosting plans can save your lots of money.

How To Evaluate The Needs ?

As I have already told you that there are various types of hosting options available for your WordPress blog like Free, Dedicated, VPS, Managed, and Shared. Let’s talk about each of them and Get to know which one will be the best solution fit for your WordPress blog.

1. Free WordPress Hosting

There are many hosting providers who offer such services. You will find such hosting providers in small online communities or online forums. In most of the cases, these hosting plans are provided by small companies or individuals who are giving their small part of their server to get some extra revenue.

Such hosting providers have their terms and conditions. They will often ask you to put their site banner on your site and some may also ask you for a backlink. However, you don’t have to spend a single rupee on such hosting plans but there’s a problem. Such type of hosting providers and not reliable at all. You will never know when the provider will leave you in the middle. If you want to start with some serious work then I will highly recommend you to avoid such free service providers.

2. Shared WordPress Hosting

These type of hosting are mostly used by newbie bloggers. As shared hosting are much affordable than any other plans, one can easily start with his/her blog. This hosting type can be a good start for all new users.

Basically, Shared Hosting Type is where you share a server will lots of websites. As there are many websites, you can easily get your website hosting at really affordable rate.

But this hosting type also has a problem. In this hosting type, there’s nothing like unlimited usage. If your WordPress blog starts putting much load on the server, they will ask you to upgrade your account. If in case they don’t ask you to do so, then it will put a negative effect on your site performance. Your site loading time will be increased which will affect your website traffic + sales. Therefore, if you are having a large website then such type of hosting should be avoided.

Note - If you are a beginner or having a small blog then shared WordPress hosting type is the best solution you have got for starting with your online business.

3. VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) are mostly used by medium-sized bloggers who have high traffic blogs. Basically, this is a hosting type where you create a partition on a physical server computer into multiple servers. According to the need of the customer, they create server partition. This hosting type works very much similar like a dedicated server.

In case you don’t have much technical knowledge then I will suggest you go for managed VPS hosting. In such plans, all your system upgrades will be managed by your WordPress hosting provider. Not that much but they will also guide you whenever needed.

4. Dedicated WordPress Hosting

This type of hosting provider offers you to have a full control on the server including the hardware, Operating system etc. In case you are a beginner then this type of hosting plan is not for you. Once your site starts getting huge traffic then you can upgrade your account type to this hosting type.

If you don’t have any experience with such servers then I will recommend you to purchase a managed dedicated server where all your upgrades will be managed by hosting providers. You will also get some additional features like phone support, server monitoring, software updates etc.

If you are planning to start a big e-commerce site or having a blog with huge daily traffic then this hosting type will be a good choice.

5. Managed WordPress Hosting

In this hosting type, you don’t have to worry about anything. The hosting provider will optimize your site performance, security, and keep regular backups. Not that much but they will also advise you which of your WordPress plugin is affecting your website SEO or putting any other kind of negative effects.

Managed WordPress Hosting will provide you hassle free fast hosting with great quality support. Usually, plans for such hosting types are quite high. For Example - A personally managed WordPress hosting provider charges around $29/month where you can host 1 website which will get 25,000 visitors a month. If you are getting more than 25K month visitors then you can go for other plans. If you had recently started with your site then I will not advise you to get such a hosting type as they are not affordable.

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Best Hosting Providers For Your
WordPress Blog

1. BlueHost

BlueHost Wordpress Hosting Provider

Bluehost is one of the widely used and most reliable hosting providers came into existence since 1996. Many successful WordPress blogs are using Bluehost for hosting their blogs. Even if you are getting huge traffic on your blog, then also you have not to worry about your website loading speed. You will also get their 24*7 customer support by email, live chat or by phone.

2. HostGator

HostGator Wordpress Hosting Provider

HostGator Hosts over 8 million domains. HostGator is a popular market giant in the web host industry. They offer really good customer support with 99.99% guarantee. Undoubtedly, it is a good choice for your business websites.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround Wordpress Hosting Provider

Another highly rated and fully secured hosting provider for your WordPress sites. They offer really good support and make sure that your site is fully secured and working absolutely fine.

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting Wordpress Hosting Provider

InMotion Hosting will be a good choice for all business websites. They are one of the most famous hosting providers because of their reliable performance and security services. Overall, a Good hosting provider for all bloggers who are having a blog with decent traffic.

5. DreamHost

DreamHost Wordpress Hosting Provider

DreamHost Hosts over 6,00,000 websites and blogs. This hosting provider is working since 18 years and known for it’s reliable and great performance. They do not charge any setup fees + get you a free domain for your website.

Conclusion - Final Words

Website Hosting is one of the most important factors which must be chosen very carefully. A good hosting not only helps you improving your website search engine optimization but also increase your website sales. All the hosting providers which I have listed above are fully trusted and have great hosting plans.

That’s all with this article. Hope, you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any type of questions or want to give your valuable feedback then feel free to use the comment section below. Lastly, I request you to kindly share this post with your online networks… :)