Its 100% true that blogging allows you to be your own boss. There are many successful peoples who have now become great bloggers and are earnings more than 10 times of their regular job. Though there are many advantages of starting a blog but there’s a dark side of blogging too. There are several disadvantages or I should say negatives of starting a blog. These negatives are seen in many bloggers, especially in those who are continuing blogging since a long time as a full-time profession. Today, In this article I’ll be talking about the dark side of blogging which affects the blogger’s life.

There’s no doubt that blogging is a great profession where you can easily make money just by updating your blog frequently. Then what’s the problem ?

Note - Blogging is not that much easy as it seems to be ! No matter whether you are blogging just for your passion or working as a professional you will be going to face the following negatives of blogging which I have discussed briefly.

1. Requires Frequent Updates

If you are blogging since past few months then you better know that creating a blog post is not an easy task. It takes a lot more time than people think. Author has to collect sufficient information and have to do a lot of research work before he gets to the writing part. He also has to make sure that the information or the data which he has collected is accurate. You cannot simply copy down the content written by others. Thinking about a blog post is a different thing and converting your thoughts into a blog post is a completely different thing. You have to make sure that the content which you have written can be easily understood by everyone. Your content should not be too complicated to understand otherwise readers will skip your post and move on to another link.

Creating a blog post is a quite challenging task. If you want to create a successful blog and maintain a decent blog traffic flow then you must have to keep on updating your blog frequently. You have to make a proper regular working schedule. You cannot leave your blog for weeks without any updates. This will not only be going to affect your blog traffic badly but you can even lose some of your quality readers which Love to read your blog.

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you have to make sure that your blog is updated frequently.

Tip - In case you are not well ( suffering from a disease ) then till the time you gets fine, your blog will be dead. In such case, you can hire a content writer or can simply request your friend to update your blog.

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2. Finding Next Blog Post Headline

One of the most common problems which are faced by both newbie as well as professional bloggers. Finding headlines i.e, blog post topic is a very challenging task. If you are taking blogging seriously then you have to keep on finding new, interesting and unique headlines for your blog post.

Answer me a question - Why would anyone like to read the same topic again and again ?

No, right ! No one likes to read the same information again and again. Therefore, you have to keep on coming up with new unique ideas which compel readers to read your blog post.

Sometimes, a Blogger can’t think ideas for next blog post and therefore can’t manage to update the blog frequently.

Tip - I will suggest you stick with a particular blogging niche. Take SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Wordpress, Insurance, Windows Errors or any other niche and concentrate on that topic only. While selecting your blog niche you should also make it sure that you can write enough content for a long period easily. Try not to take a narrow blog topic. You will soon get out of your blog post ideas if you haven’t selected your niche carefully.

3. What if No Readers ?

Many newbie bloggers usually face this problem. You have to grow your blog network more and more so that people can start recognizing your blog. For making your blog popular you have to write more search engine optimized blog posts so that you can get well ranked over search engine results.

In most cases, it has been seen that bloggers don’t pay enough attention to their blog’s SEO and because of that they fail to get readers for their blog. If a blogger is not getting readers for blog posts then it is possible soon he will get demotivated.

Tip - Every blogger has to learn some basic SEO for their blog post so that they can easily let google search engine crawler bots to crawl over their blog posts and index them quickly.

For Getting more readers and increasing blog network you can promote your blog posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

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4. Creates Misunderstanding

It can also happen that people might misunderstand your blog posts.

A blogger has to properly explain all the things which needed to be explained properly under that particular topic.

By covering all the aspects, you can easily reduce the possibilities of misunderstandings.

Tip - Before directly getting over the writing part, firstly create a draft. Make points which you have to cover under that particular post headline. Then move to the final writing part. At last, make sure to proofread your blog post. If in case you feel that a statement or paragraph can create misunderstanding then modify it and explain it again.

5. Spam Comments

Blogger should be prepared for getting spam comments on their blog posts. There are many people who use various software and online tools for generating comments so that they can generate backlinks to their blog/websites.

Tip - To prevent your blog from getting spam comments you can use comment moderation feature. Basically, comment moderation is a feature which prevents comments from being published directly without owner permission. With the help of this feature you can manually select which of your blog posts comments is to be published and which don’t.   

6. What if People Don’t Agree ?

It can also happen that people don’t agree with your blog post. They might feel it offensive. In such cases, people start giving their negative feedbacks which demotivate the author. To prevent such type of condition it is must that one should properly explain all the things under that headline. You have to make sure that there is no statement which can be offensive to your readers.

Tip - Proofreading is the best way by which you can avoid such conditions. There are many online tools available which can help you to proofread your blog posts.

7. Blog Trolls

There can be peoples who might not like your blog and start trolling about it.

One should be prepared for such type of conditions. Instead of getting disappointed or demotivated, you should try to understand why people are making fun of your blog. Getting their feedback is the best way to figure it out.

Tip - By creating a contact page or adding a contact form you can avoid this type of situations. You can say your readers to give their feedback using the comment section or via your contact form.  

If in case everything is absolutely fine then also you are getting negative feedbacks then avoid them. Don’t get demotivated or disappointed, Remember the reason why you have started your blog.

8. No Fixed Income

Blogging is like any other business. It takes time to get settled. In starting, you should not expect any kind of income through your blog. You have to keep patience and work hard on your blog regularly.

I will advise you not to focus on money, but rather than that focus on building your blog network. You should focus on improving your writing skills, blog reach ( blog network ), blog authority, backlinks and search engine optimization. If you will focus on these things properly then I guarantee you that within next 2-3 months you will convert your blog into a money making machine.

Tip - In beginning you have to work hard on your blog, You have to invest your lots of efforts and time to make your blog popular so that you can start getting money out of your blog. Do remember “Content is the King and Patience is the Key”.

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9. You Will Be Alone

For making your blog successful you have to work hard enough on your blog. You have to keep on updating your blog with quality content regularly. And for updating your blog regularly you have to keep on working for hours on your blog posts.

As you will be working most of the time on your blog, you will be all alone. This is the dark side of blogging that it makes you feel lonely.

Tip - Yes ! updating your blog regularly is a must thing for beginners. But you should make a proper working schedule for your blog. You should also keep on interacting with your friends. I’m not saying to talk with your friends online, that doesn’t count to socialize. Go out, meet your friends and enjoy moments of life. This is how you can prevent yourself from being alone.  

10. Creates Frustration

Because of all the above points, you might get frustrated sometimes. All the above-listed reasons demotivate you but it’s all up to you that how you deal with them.

Tip - Never get frustrated or disappointed. Remember the reason why you have started your blog. If you are tired working for hours then go out meet your friends, take some rest and get back to work again. Remember blogging needs your time, the more time you will give to your blog the more successful it will become.

Final Words

So, these were some of the negatives of blogging. If you have to be a successful blogger then no matter what comes, you have to keep on working hard enough. I know that there will be ups and downs but it's all up to you that how you deal with those problems.

Hope, you liked this article. If you have any type of questions or want to give your feedback then use the comment section down. At last, kindly share this article with your online network and aware them about the dark side of blogging… :-)