These days online streaming sites are becoming very popular among people. Whether people have to enjoy movies, music, videos or any kind of sports, most of them prefer watching it online.

According to a recent survey, it has been found that nowadays more than 50% of people are prefer watching live stream sites rather than downloading data on their devices.

Almost everyone is busy these days and hardly get any time to watch live sports on their television sets. Do you know the sport streaming sites are now trending so much that people are enjoying it anywhere they want, instead of sitting in front of their t.v. sets to watch live sports.

People has found many flexible ways to watch live stream sports free such as live sports streaming apps and live sports streaming sites. I personally like watching sports online on free online streaming sports websites instead of using any third party application which connects me to these live sports streaming sites.

But there’s one problem. Finding a good sports streaming site is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to search online for a good, safe, well performing and free sports live streaming site which can work without any issues. I have personally visited many sites which ask for credit card details, completing surveys, installing applications and sometimes they silently install some applications on your devices which can easily access your personal files without your knowledge.

So, What’s the solution ?

Today, In this article I’ve listed down some of my best free sports streaming sites to enjoy live online sports. All the sites which are listed down offers free service and most importantly, they are safe. With the help of any of the below-mentioned sites, you can easily enjoy HD sports streaming no matter where you are.

Top 10 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites 2016

If you are looking for some good online sports streaming sites to watch live sports for free then you have landed on the right page.

Below, I’ve shared the best 10 free sports streaming websites. All the online sports streaming sites are absolutely free, user-friendly and totally safe. Just open any of the below-listed sites, select sports, categories and enjoy free online sports directly.

So, Let’s get started :-



WhatSportsOnline is a new live online sports streaming website which works extremely good. You can comfortably watch live sports on your smartphone devices without any type of issues.

The layout and design of this site are very interesting and clean. The interesting thing about this live sports streaming site is it displays all ongoing sports matches on the homepage.

If you a cricket fan and want to enjoy live cricket on a smartphone without any type of issues then this is a good choice for you. You can also stream other sports like Football, Handball, Basketball, Rugby, NFL etc.

You don’t need to create an account to watch live sports which is a plus point for this online sports streaming website.

Overall, a good sports websites to watch live sports for free. Though It is a newly launched website but believes me, it works absolutely fine.


Want to watch live Football, Cricket, Tennis or any other sports for Free ? So, here comes It is one of the best sports streaming sites 2016 which allows you to watch your favorite sports online for free.

Whether you are working on your Pc, Laptop or on Smartphone, just open this site and enjoy live free online sports.


This website looks great both look and layout wise. Because of it’s clean, simple and easy user interface you’ll not going to face any type of problem while watching your live streaming sports free online. Similar to the above website, it also shows you ongoing matches on its homepage.

The thing which makes this site different from other live sports streaming sites is it’s live chat feature. Its Live Chat Feature allows you to interact with people who are watching the same match.



You might know that ESPN is the largest sports broadcasting network globally. WatchESPN is an online service by ESPN. This website is now counted among top live sports streaming sites 2016.

It has a simple and easy to use user interface with all necessary details on the homepage.

Basically, this site has 3 tabs, Live, Upcoming, and Replay.

The live tab shows you all live events with free streaming sports links. You will get to know details about upcoming matches and replay tab shows you previous matches or their highlights.

If love to watch USA games then you will be going to love this site as it mostly streams USA games. Apart from this, you can also enjoy Cricket, mainly popular in India, England, and Australia.

To watch your favorite live sports you just need to filter sports by selecting categories, Isn’t simple ?



Another free sports streaming site where you can watch live sports without facing any type of issues.

You can enjoy some of the most popular sports like Football, Baseball, Basketball, MotoGP, Tennis, Rugby, Boxing, Hockey and much more.

Similar to all above websites, it has a decent layout which displays all ongoing matches on its homepage.

The best thing which I love about this site is it allows you to watch free live sports without showing any kind of annoying ads.


One of the most popular online sports streaming websites which offer you free service. This site features multiple international live tv streaming sports.

A Good user interface which shows all live sports matches on the homepage.

Stream2Watch is one of the best free sports streaming websites which offers you multiple streaming links for a single match. If one link is not working properly then you can switch to another free streaming link to watch live sports online.

Not just only sports but this free online live streaming site features some live t.v. stations to watch online live t.v.


Next, in the list, we have VIP League. The best tv sport streaming online website which allows you to watch sports channel live streaming. It supports all popular sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Football, Golf, Cricket, Snooker and much more.

This amazing website is available in 7 different languages which are English, Italian, Dutch, Francis, Española, Japanese, and Deutsch.

You just need to select your favorite live sports from their homepage to enjoy you free live sports online.

Apart from these features this site also allows you to change the theme, Live chat and change the time zone.


This site is a new live streaming website which works quite smoothly. It features many great features to watch online live sports for free .

You can enjoy live sports like Soccer, tennis, Golf, Baseball, NFL, Cricket etc.

Though it is not one of the best tv live streaming sport website but it works perfectly fine.

This site provides you with multiple links for a single match which ensures that if one link is down or busy then you can switch to another free live streaming link.

Overall, a really good site to watch all types of popular sports online streaming for free.

8. is a good sports streaming website which allows you to watch some non-popular games like ice hockey,table tennis, volleyball etc.

If you want to watch some nonpopular games instead of watching some major games like Football, Baseball, Hockey etc then you will be going to like this site for sure.

This site works perfectly fine and allows you to watch your favorite sports for free.


Next, in the list, we have another one of the best top sports streaming sites to watch live sports streaming online free and named as, Bosscast.

Bosscast supports many networks like ESPN, Sky Sports News, SPN 2 and much more. Because it supports so many networks, therefore you can expect to watch sports online free streaming without any kind of issues.

You will get all types of ongoing matches information on their homepage of some popular games like Golf, Soccer, Rugby, Cycling, Basketball etc.


Lastly, we have FootyFire, an amazing live sports streaming website which offers a wide range of live sports.

The design, interface, and layout all are decent and user-friendly. You can easily enjoy your favorite sports like Football, Boxing, Baseball etc.

Final Words

So, These were the top 10 best live sports streaming websites which easily allows you to watch live sports online for free on your devices like Pc, Laptops or even on Smartphones.

Hope, you enjoyed going through the above list. If you liked reading this then kindly share it with your friends… :)