Well, If you want to create a blog and get started with your blogging career then there are actually hundreds of ways by which you can do so. If in case you don’t want to manage a blog personally then you can simply join a blogging company as their team member.

With the time, Blogging is getting famous and people are taking blogging as a new career option. I personally know many people who are making lots of money by their blog. They are continuing blogging as their full-time business.

Though, you have to firstly invest your lots of efforts and time before your blog starts paying you off. There will be a time when you have to perform really hard, you need to be dedicated and sometimes all these situations might frustrate you.

So, If you are planning to make blogging as a full-time profession then I’ll highly advise you to firstly make your blog successful, wait until you blog starts making a good amount monthly.

Before making blogging as your full-time job, collecting a backup money for at least 4-5 months is a good idea. I would not suggest you to quit your job right now and get over blogging completely. What I’m saying is, wait and continue blogging as your part time job and the day when your blog starts paying you well then get over it fully.

Today, In this article, I’ll be discussing some of the most common blogs advantages and disadvantages of choosing blogging as a full-time profession.

What are the Advantages of blogging ?

I’m blogging since 4 years and being a professional blogger, I know what types blog advantages and disadvantages do blogger gets from their blog.

Because of these advantages, even after a long time, I’m continuing blogging as my profession.

Below, I’m listing down some of the most common advantages of blog writing and why you should get started with your own blog right now. Almost all of the following points are in the context of a professional full-time blogger but you can even relate it to yourself if you are continuing as a part-time blogger.

1. You Will Be An Expert

If you will continue blogging for a long period then you will automatically become an expert in your niche. Always trying to search new topics and things related to your niche will help you in gaining more and more knowledge.

2. You Are Your Own Boss

Blogging is similar to any other job, but it does have some more advantages. Unlike your regular job, If you choose blogging as your profession then you don’t need to work every single day. You need not work for 9-5 continuously. You can work whenever you feel. It’s all about your choice and mood.

Blogging allows to being your own boss. You don’t have to follow anyone’s order, you can plan your work and work with your ease. There are no limitations.

3. No Qualifications Or Expert Required

For Blogging it’s not required you to be an expert. Even without much technical or coding knowledge, you can perform pretty well and create a blog easily. Until you have knowledge, copywriting skills and a hard working attitude then nothing can stop you to be a successful blogger.

4. More Energy & Time

Remember those days when you get back to your home after finishing your job. You want to write a blog post for your blog but you don’t have enough energy to do so.

Rather than working on your next blog post, you prefer taking some rest. Because of your regular job, you get’s fully exhausted and can't work with full concentration.

Working as a professional blogger not only allows you to be your own boss but it also helps you to pump your energy. You only have to focus on your blog and nothing else. This will help you to come up with new and creative blog post ideas. You can work on your blog with full energy.

5. Fully Focus To Your Blog

After choosing blogging as your full-time career option there will be no one who can give orders to you. You can work freely without any limitations. You can easily focus on your blog and create interesting blog content for your blog.

As you get fully focused on your blog, you can easily work in a more organized manner. You don’t have to worry about other things, which makes everything so simple.

6. Can Easily Grow Your Network

If you are offering services to people through your blog then you can be available all the time for your clients.

You can easily grow your blog network more and provide your service to more clients. You will now be having more time which you can invest working for your clients.

7. Improves Writing & Presentation Skills

If I have to explain blogging in few words then I will say that Blogging is all about researching, writing, updating and promoting. So, if you will continue blogging for long period then your writing skills will be improved for sure. Daily practice of writing blog posts helps you making a good copywriter.

Blogging not just only improved your writing skills but also helps you in presenting your work more properly. Being a blogger you have to write well search engine optimized i.e, SEO optimized blog post so that search engine bots can easily crawl and index your web pages quickly. This practice helps you in presenting your work in a more organized and disciplined manner.

8. Generate More Cash {$$$$}
All the above-mentioned points will lead you to generate more revenue through your blog. You can easily generate more cash if you are fully focused, have a large blog network and can invest more time and energy.

Investing more time on your blog not only helps you to grow your blog network or increase your blog revenue but it also helps you to get more work opportunities. You can easily make 2x or even 3x times money more than your regular job salary.

Many famous bloggers are making even 10x money than their regular jobs. And you can make it too, but you have to decide can you work for 16 hours a day working on your blog ?

Remember, The more effort and time you will invest on your blog, The more successful your blog will become.

“ Successful Blog = More Money ”

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9. Helps You To Be A Good Researcher

When you have to create a new blog post, you must have sufficient information about your next blog post headline. In case you don't have sufficient information then you to search for various online resources where you can collect relevant information.

Looking up for various online resources in order to collect related information helps you to be a Good Researcher.

10. Turn You Into A Celebrity

If you are a full-time blogger and have a huge blog network globally then you will surely be going to have a good fan following too. People who are your loyal readers loves you to read your blog post and this makes you a celebrity in their eyes.

Disadvantages of Blogging as a full-time profession

Well, there are few disadvantages of using blogs that a blogger can face if he chooses to be a full-time blogger. Following are some common disadvantages of blogging as a full-time profession :-

1. You Will Start Feeling Lonely

One of the most common problems seen in full-time bloggers is they start feeling alone after a certain time. Full-time bloggers start missing their friends, colleagues and sometimes even family. Well, It’s a very bitter truth of blogging that it makes you feel lonely.

You need to work very hard, invest all your time and efforts in making your blog successful. You have to build a large blog network and find new work opportunities for your blog. You have to work hard and grow your network so that you can hire someone to manage your blog. Sometimes this can also lead to frustration.

Therefore, In case you are not able to manage your blog all alone then get a partner. Choose your blog partner wisely. I’ll advise you to get a room or a small office where you can work together on your blog.

You have to make sure that there is a perfect balance maintained between your real and online life. Simply talking to your Facebook friends is not considered to be socialized. Sometimes, Even I can’t manage to create a proper balance between my social and online life.

You should go out, meet your friends, spend time with them and give time to your family. Making a proper balance between your social and internet life will always help you to move ahead and achieve all your desired goals in your life.

2. Economic Condition

Well, There are bloggers too who struggle a lot with their economic condition. Choosing blogging as a full-time professional won’t work well in starting days.
Many bloggers out there don’t have a fixed source of income. They either start freelancing as a content writer or depend upon their partners for the need of money.

3. No Work While You Are not well

Getting ill is really a tough time for a blogger. A Blogger can’t work properly while he’s not doing well.

If you are not working with a blog partner then till the time you are ill, your blog will be dead. There will be no one to update your blog. Gradually, you will start loosing your blog traffic which will affect badly your blog earnings too.

Well, there’s no solution for such problems. In such conditions, you can either hire a content writer for updating your blog or can simply request your friend to do so.

“ The time you gets ill, Your blog gets dead. ”
4. Proper Schedule

Many bloggers don’t have a proper schedule for working on their blog. Sometimes they prefer working in the day time and sometimes during the night.

You should decide a proper working schedule for your work. The reason why I’m saying this is because it will be going to help you creating a balance between your real and social life.

By working anytime without any schedule, you sometimes miss the most important moments of your life which can also lead you to become antisocial.

5. Keep Learning

Blogging is all about being connected online. You should clear the doubts and answer the questions asked by other peoples. For this, you have to keep on reading new things daily. Reading must be a daily habit for a full-time blogger.
You should also keep learning new things for making your blog successful like learning SEO techniques, Copywriting, Internet Marketing etc.

Final Words

These were some of the most common advantages and disadvantages of blogs which a blogger has to face as a full-time profession.

Hope, you liked reading this article. If you enjoyed while reading it then please do share this article. If in case you are facing any of the above-listed problems or any other problems because of blogging then do leave your comments below in the comment section and share your problems with us. You can also use the comment section for giving your valuable feedback to this blog post… :)