As all of you knows the importance of having a cool blog design. Blog design plays a significant role in its success. If you are having high-quality blog posts but have poor blog template then you will be affected, for sure. The user will not able to focus on reading your blog posts because of your poor blog template or layout.

Therefore, it’s very important, after getting started with your blog and publishing few high-quality blog posts, the first thing which you should do is getting a cool blog template.

Though I’m using a free template for my blog but soon I’ll be opting one of these amazing blog themes as all of these delivers excellent performance. These Genesis Framework and Themes offers both great looks and performance to their users.

If you want to be a successful blogger then you have to invest few bucks on your blog and the very first investment which you should make is on designing your blog.

Below I’m listing down some of the best premium Genesis Child Themes which will surely help you improving your blog’s readership.


But Before getting started, you might be thinking that there are lots of blogging templates available online then why I’m suggesting you to buy these premium blog templates ?

Here’s the answer :-

Why Select Genesis Child Theme ?

Below are few advantages of getting genesis child theme for your blog :-

1. Genesis Child Theme works on latest HTML5 which is good for your blog performance.
2. All these templates well search engine optimized i.e, SEO friendly.
3. Totally Responsive.
4. High-Security.
5. Deliver Time to Time Updates.
6. Easily Customizable.

Leaving all these features, you get full customer support which helps you customizing your site and prevents you from any kind of breakdown. Not only these but there are much more amazing features which you will be getting with these Genesis Child Themes, making it one of the best WordPress themes providers online.

So, Let’s begin with our countdown.

Top 10 Premium Genesis Child Themes

Note : Before Installing any of these premium genesis themes you have to install genesis framework on your blog.

1. Centric Pro

Centric Pro is a great blog template for getting readers attention.

This template works extremely smooth and actually have decent looks. This Genesis child theme is so well designed that it will surely decrease your blog’s bounce rate to at least 30%.

Overall, a decent, good looking, eye catching, responsive and SEO friendly web template for your WordPress blog.

2. Digital Pro


Digital Pro is a perfect choice for online e-commerce websites which deals with tech goods.

This genesis child theme is designed in a way that it easily makes readers trust on your blog. Therefore, Results in increasing your overall blog sales.

In all, a great looking, SEO-friendly and a responsive blog design.

3. Attitude Pro


Attitude Pro also helps you in offering your readers a good user-experience.

Template layout is really clean and well optimized which allows your readers to focus on your blog posts.

Following are the best features which you will be getting with this genesis child theme :-

1. Different Color Schemes.
2. Custom Header & Background.
3. Supports the latest HTML5.
4. Totally Responsive Design.
5. Sidebar Layout Options.
6. Landing Page.
7. Fully customizable and much more.

4. Eleven40 Pro


Eleven40 is the most popular blog template of all the time.

Like all other blog templates, Eleven40 Pro also offers you a best responsive design, Supports Latest HTML5 with many other cool customizing features. The Thing which makes this genesis child theme so special is it’s blog post presentation. It is so professional and attractive that it can easily get anyone’s attention.

Undoubtedly, If you choose to go with this blog templates then your blog’s readership will be increased by at least 40% - 50%.

5. Wintersong Pro


In case you haven’t like any of the above blog templates yet then this is one for you. I’m quite sure you will be going to love this cool WordPress blog theme.

Wintersong Pro is well designed and completely ensures that your readers don’t get any type of distraction while going through your blog post.

Similar to above templates it’s a highly customizable, fully SEO optimized, professional looks, great performance, and a cool responsive blog template.

6. Parallax Pro


If you are having a personal blog then you will surely be loving this template. This template is the best fit if you are working on a story-telling blog. Parallax pro is amazingly designed keep readers in mind.

Except all these features, blog posts and pages are designed very simply and are having a clean layout which lets your reader focus completely on your blog post.

I’m sure that your readers will be having a great user-experience.

Parallax Pro also having a completely responsive design like all other genesis child themes.

7. Foodie Pro


If you are having a food related blog then this is all that you need. This is a famous blog template which is specially designed for food related blogs.

Foodie Pro offers full customization to their users.

Though Foodie Pro is specially designed to food niche blogs but you can also install it to other blogs too. You will also be getting various color options with this blog templates which makes your blog look even better.

8. Magazine Pro


If you are searching for a magazine styled blog template which you can install on your WordPress blog then here you go.

With great design and performance, this template allows you to showcase all your blog posts nicely.

I personally love this template because of one reason, It allows you to create post grids for different blog post categories on your blog.

A complete value for money blog template.

9. News Pro


I have to admit that this amazing genesis child theme has a great look and helps your content looks good too.

If you usually keep on updating your blog frequently and wants to show more content without consuming more space then this is it.

News Pro easily helps you highlighting the top trending blog posts on your blog.

In all, a Great responsive blog theme with some really cool features.

10. Focus Pro


Like its name, Focus Pro allows your readers to fully focus on your blog posts.

Because of its great design and smooth performance your readers cannot be easily distracted.

By default, you’ll be getting a green color but there are 3 more color schemes available in this blog template.

Bonus Template

11. Generate Pro


If you read some of my recent blog posts then you’ll find how email marketing is important for any online business.

Therefore, I’m listing down this cool blog template in my countdown. Generate Pro is focused on improving your email marketing.

For a Great Online business and for increasing your blog sales you need to convert your visitors into your readers and your readers into your customers and that what this amazing genesis child template do.

I’ll highly recommend you to install this cool WordPress blog theme is you want to improve your online blog sales.



So, These are the best premium genesis child themes which help you increasing your blog sales, readership or getting more blog audience.

If you have any other cool blog template which you want to share then kindly use the comment section down. You can also give your feedback by leaving your comments.

Hope, You liked this best WordPress templates list. If yes then please share this blog post with your friends and help them in creating a good looking blog… :)