Creating content is not just enough to get a constant blog traffic. You have to make sure to reach every possible networking platform where you can get more readers for your blog. Proper Content promotion strategies are very important for every successful blog.

But How to make proper promotion strategies for your blog ? Are you searching for ways to share your blog content ? What are the right places where you should promote your blog posts ?

I’ll be discussing all these questions in this article. Here I’ve discussed some of the best effective blog post promotion ways to get massive blog traffic.

So, Let’s begin.

1. Social Networking Platforms

A. Facebook

There’s no doubt that Facebook has become one of the top spots for online promotion. Many big brands have started using Facebook Ads for their product promotion. I personally know many bloggers who get their most of the blog traffic from facebook.

But on the other hand, Most bloggers assume that their job is done after promoting their content on Facebook. But let me tell you some strategies which will help you boosting your Facebook traffic to 2x or even 4x.

1. Facebook Groups and Communities

I will suggest you create an individual Facebook group or community for your blog audience. You should use your blog’s Facebook Group or Facebook Community to interact with your blog readers.

Offering free help and tips to your blog readers are some ways which can help you getting your audience trust. Therefore, Whenever you will be sharing your next blog update in your group, you will actually see massive traffic flow to your blog.

You can also join your blog niche communities and group for your blog post promotion. Simply you have to search for “Niche + Group” on Facebook and all you will get all related results.

The thing which matters the most is getting your readers trust. If you are able to make your readers trust on your blog then automatically they will convert into your blog’s loyal readers and then into your customers.

2. Start Posting Interesting Status Updates

You can start posting interesting status updates on your profile. Informing your audience about your next blog update, Free Tips, Tricks, Strategies and even memes are some examples.

For getting more audience you can ask your readers to be tagged after making that particular post online.

This is the most effective blog promotion and marketing strategy which is followed by many successful bloggers to drive massive blog traffic.

This will be going to surely boost your blog traffic rate.

B. Twitter

Another great social networking platform which is growing rapidly. You can use this great social media platform to get traffic for your blog. Following are some useful tips which you should keep in mind while promoting your content on twitter :-
  • Always use hashtags related to your blog post topic. 
  • Using link shortener for shortening your blog post-URL. 
  • Get Connected to Top Influencers in your niche.
  • Try to Add images while promoting your blog post on twitter. 

C. Pinterest

If in case you have a photography blog or any graphics related blog then Pinterest can be very useful. Basically, It is a visual social bookmarking site where you can create boards and pins with related hashtags.

Undoubtedly, Pinterest boards are one of the best and most trusted way to drive referral traffic to your blog.

D. Linkedin

Linkedin is an another fast-growing social networking platform for official work purpose. Linkedin users are generally business professionals who actually know what they want to read. Sharing your blog updates on LinkedIn can help you driving some real traffic on your blog. You can even join your blog niche groups for driving more targeted readers to your blog.

E. Google Plus

I have to mention that Google Plus is a Gold Mine For Bloggers and other internet marketers. More than 50% of Google Plus Users are generally bloggers and other online marketers which are there to share their website updates online.

Google Plus is an underrated social networking platform which is the second largest social networking site after Facebook.

You can even create Google Plus Groups, Communities and Even Collections where you can post your blog updates.

2. Email Newsletter Updates

Sending your Blog Updates to your blog readers directly in their inbox is an effective way to increase your blog traffic instantly. If any visitor has subscribed to your blog then it means that a particular person is interested getting your blog updates.

By directly sending your blog updates to your reader's inbox, Chances of your blog post shares increases.

There are many Auto-responders available online which can be used for such purpose. MailChimp and GetResponser are some most popular autoresponders which are widely used.

3. Quora

Basically, It’s an online forum. People interact with each other ask their questions and get answers. There’s no doubt that Quora is an amazing online tool which helps you getting more readers for your brand. You can easily promote your blog post and build more blog authority.

You will be surprised after knowing that it has nearly 2 million active users per month.

By answering questions and giving them relevant blog post links can help you in getting some loyal readers for your blog.

Quora is not only important for increasing blog’s readership but it also helps you getting some high-quality backlinks for your blog post.

4. Linkedin Promotion

Let me make it clear to you that Linkedin is not an online social media promotion platform but it’s very much similar to blogging.

You can create a blog post on LinkedIn and then link it with your blog posts relevant links.
You can even publish your blog post by modifying and making some changes on LinkedIn.

5. Social BookMarking Sites

Last but not the least, we have social bookmarking sites. This is actually a great source for driving web traffic to your blog. Following are some of the most popular and widely used social bookmarking sites :-
  • DoSplash
  • Inbound 
  • Digg
  • Kingged
  • BlogEngage
  • Bizsugar 

Final Words

These were some of the best platforms which you should use for promoting your content after updating your blog. I will highly recommend you to share your blog post on these social networking platforms and I guarantee you that you will see a growth in your daily blog traffic.

Hope, You liked reading this article. If yes then kindly share it with your friends. In case you have any type of doubts after carefully reading the above post then please do leave your valuable comments below in the comment section. I’ll always be there to help you out… :)

Till then Stay Connected and Keep Blogging.