Being a Blogger, Online Marketer or an Entrepreneur you have to face many failures through your success journey. There’s no shortcut for Success. You have to keep on working hard and put all your time and effort to make it large.

In my previous blog post, I have discussed the black side of blogging. The reasons or the negatives which I have discussed leads to demotivation and depression to every blogger at some stage.

No Matter how you are, It is must that you keep it on with your work. There will be ups and downs in your journey but you have to keep on working hard enough to make it all right.

One of the most effective ways which can help you in fighting from your demotivation is movies.

Movies play an important role in our life. Watching Motivational and Inspirational movies helps you to get back on your track again. There are many advantages of watching movies ( Sensible Movies ).

If you are a part time blogger or a professional blogger and feeling tired then I’ll highly recommend you to watch an inspirational movie. I assure you that it’ll be beneficial for you and your work.

Below I have listed down some of the best motivational and inspirational stories that you must watch being an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Online Marketer, Student etc. I guarantee you that if you are feeling down and don’t want to get back to your work again, the following list will surely inspire you and make you think twice again on your decision.

1. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


The Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favorite motivational movies which is all about the never giving up attitude in life. This movie is a story of a father and son, which will surely be going to motivate you. This movie will surely make you cry, will make you smile and motivate you a lot with its amazing story. In this movie, Will smith’s portrayed Chris Gardner. Will smith’s portrayal of Chris Gardner is so effective and powerful that it can make anyone emotional. This movie is based on a real life story which is written by Chris himself. The book was best-selling and so was the movie. This movie shows that whatever the situation is you must keep on going in life.
One of the major lessons of this movie is that people will tell you that something is wrong with your dreams but it’s you who need to believe in your dreams and must keep going.

2. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)


Pirates of Silicon Valley is another great movie which is basically covering Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Success. This is basically a documentary based movie about Microsoft and Apple. This movie is a take on very early days rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, about their competition and shows how they faced each other with their constant hard work. Undoubtedly, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were the best pirates of silicon valley and this movie shows the same.

Noah Wyle portrayal of young Steve Jobs did a great job.
3. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)


Another well-crafted movie which shows you the importance of keeping hope and perseverance in life. This movie shows a character of Andy Dufresne who doesn’t lose his hope and carry on with the hard work towards his gradual escape from the prison. Perseverance and persistence are two keys to success in every Entrepreneur’s life. In this movie, Andy faced many hurdles in his journey to freedom but he never left his hope. There will always be hurdles on your road to success, how high you can jump, that’s what defines success. It is one of the best motivational movies I’ve ever watched !

4. Moneyball (2012)

Do you want to know How to beat your competition without having any money in your pockets ? Watch this movie and learn. In this movie, Mr. Billy Beane portrayed by Brad Pitt did an excellent job. Brad Pitt did a really good job and the entire story is pretty interesting. There’s a common saying that when life throws lemons at you, get some vodka ! Same story goes with the film. This movie is all about a manager who wants to reinvent his team and for that he uses an innovative algorithm to calculate strengths of his team members by investing a minuscule amount in their training. After watching this movie, you’ll surely get inspired and will know how to turn your weakness into your strength.

5. Boiler Room (2000)


In the movie, there are few tips for a salesman in you. After watching this movie, Inspire the salesman in you and guide your business to more profits. This movie featuring Seth Davis, a Queen’s college dropout who joins real estate business to make his name. This is a must watch movie which will let you know how to actually business smart.


So, These were the top motivational and inspirational movies which you must watch being a Blogger or an Entrepreneur. Hope, you liked this article. If you want to share more movies which had inspired you to continue your business then you can use the comment section down.
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