I have already written many articles on monetizing blog content without investing a dollar. I will suggest you go through those articles if you haven’t read them till now.

I have already mentioned it in my previous posts that Google Adsense is the best way for monetizing blog content.

But, a few days ago, I’ve got one message from one of my readers who got rejected by Google Adsense. That reader had recently started his blogging career and not able get the Adsense Approval even after the second attempt. Therefore, He’s kind of losing hope !

But let me tell you that Adsense is not the only option you have got for monetizing your blog’s content. There are many different Google Adsense Alternatives which works pretty well.

Infolinks is one of those best Google Adsense Alternatives which can help you monetizing your blog content very easily.

I’ll suggest you go with Infolinks, In case your application has not got approved by Adsense program. Infolinks doesn’t have strict policies and rules and allows you to make some extra earnings monetizing content. I’m highly recommending you this ad network in case your Adsense is banned or got rejected.

But, Before getting started with this detailed review, let’ me ask you a simple question :-

Why Infolinks ?

The answer is quite simple and clear, Infolinks doesn’t have that much strict rules and policies compared to Google Adsense Ad network. Even the Infolinks application approval process is quite simple and fast, plus it also offers you some killer ideas and tricks by which a publisher can effectively increase its blog revenue.


Not Let’s get started with the Reviewing part.

What’s Infolinks ?

Basically, Infolinks is an ad network which helps you monetizing your blog content by converting some keywords in your blog post into links. Whenever a visitor clicks those links out, you generate revenue, Simple as that !

One of the best thing which I’d liked about Infolinks is, Unlike Google Adsense, It doesn’t require ads spaces in your blog’s layout.

Though Infolinks offers you various ads types such as in-text, in-frame, infold and in-tag for generating revenue. Similar to Google Adsense, Infolinks also allows you to choose which type of ads you want to display on your website.

How To Get Started With Infolinks ?

Well, It’s quite easy to get started with Infolinks on your website. You just need to Open and click “SIGN UP FREE” button. Then enter the required detailed and simply verify your site. Within 72 hours you will get an email about approval or rejection. Once you got your infolinks approval, you can use their amazingly designed publisher’s dashboard.


After login to your Publisher Dashboard, Click “Integrate” tab and get the JavaScript code. Copy that particular code and add into your website template. Infolinks have properly explained, “How to add code into your website template” on their website.

Next, you just need to go to the customize tab and select the ads types which you want to display on your website.

Infolinks Advantages

Below, I’ve mentioned some of the best Infolinks Advantages for your website :-

1. Easy Approval And Integration

Unlike Google Adsense, Infolinks only takes 72 hours to review your application, whereas in the case of Google Adsense you have to wait for a week to get your approval/rejection. Even the publisher dashboard is much more simple which allows you easy integration.

2. Doesn’t Need Ads Spaces

Infolinks allows you to add links to your post keywords i.e, in-text ads which mean you need not worry about ads spaces on your website.

3. Doesn’t Affect Website Loading Speed

The ad code generated by Infolinks doesn’t affect your website loading speed at all. Infolinks elements will be loaded after your website elements successfully load.

4. Payment Proof

Infolinks have a Minimum payout of $50. Payment can be made via PayPal, Payoneer or Net Banking.

Infolinks is known as one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives in the Market and has also gained trust among its publishers. They always manage to pay on time. Here’s the payment proof :-



Well, honestly telling you that there are lots of Google Adsense alternatives available online but Infolinks performs best among all of those ad networks. I’ve personally loved their easy interface and quick response time.

That’s it with this detailed review on Infolinks. If you have any questions, suggestions or want to share some other advertising networks which can compete with Infolinks then do leave your valuable comments in the comment section. I’ll surely be responding to your comments as soon as I get it… :)