From past few weeks, I’m focusing on learning new marketing strategies and blogging techniques. I have analyzed my blog reports and noticed that I’m investing more time in creating content instead of focusing on its proper promotion.

That’s the topic for today’s post. In this ultimate blogging guide, I’ll be telling you one such blogging strategy which can help you getting more loyal readers to your blog.

If you will see any of the successful blogger or online marketer, you’ll notice one common thing in all of them. They’re all experts in copywriting. These people actually know how to add correct keywords in a post which will easily turn their readers into their loyal customers. They create their content so strategically that their readers start believing them blindly.

Let me make this thing bit more clear to you with the help of an example :-

Once, there was a blind beggar, begging on the roadside with a sign board in his hand. The sign board has a message - “Please ! Help me, I’m Blind”. Give me some money.

But, the beggar hardly manages to get only $5 a day. Now he starts thinking on how to earn his living.
He got an idea ! He rewrote the sign board that - “Today is a pleasant day, unfortunately, I can’t see it”. After writing the sign board again, the beggar manages to get about $15-$20 a day.

Did you get, How he has done so ?

Instead of simply using sign board that “Please ! Help me, I’m Blind”, Beggar added some more letters to it, which played with people’s thinking. After the beggar rewrote his sign board, it was producing more sympathy in people for him. Because of that particular sign board, people can now understand his situation more easily.

I hope, you are now clear with the importance of words.

Now, getting back to our main topic. Below are some tips which will be helping you in creating your content more effectively. Let’s get started.

1. Knowing Your Audience


You should always be clear to whom you are writing ? Always have a targeted audience for your content.

Knowing your audience on the basis of their age, gender, interest, location etc. can help you in targeting your audience more accurately.

Here’s an example, showing you how I target my blog readers.

“I have mostly male blog readers and who are aged between 18-30 years. Probably, all are having their own blog or planning to get started with their own blog soon. Except blogging, My readers love to read brief guides on Online Money Making and Product Reviews”.

Now, you might be thinking that how to track your blog audience.

There are some online tools available for analyzing your blog audience. Google Analytics is one such tool which helps you providing your blog audience report. You just need to connect your Google Analytics account with your Blog and go to Audience > Demographics and you’ll be shown to your blog report.

After knowing your audience, you can easily create more amazing content targeting your blog readers.

But in case, You’ve got no idea about your blog audience then it will a lot more difficult for you to create content according to your reader's interest.

Not knowing your blog audience properly can affect your blog very badly.

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2. Create Catchy Title For Your Content

You all should know the importance of creating catchy i.e, attractive titles for your content.

If people will find your post title attractive and interesting then for sure they’ll be clicking on it to know more about that particular thing.

Here're some useful tips which will help you creating more catchy titles for your blog posts.

Whenever readers read your post title, they look for their benefit that how it will go to be beneficial for them ? Therefore, by telling them, how your post can be beneficial, you can attract more readers to your blog post.

For creating good, Unique and Interesting titles for your blog posts you should always follow these following 4 U’s.


a. Useful

As I’ve already mentioned it above that people look for their benefits. If they’ll see your headline interesting and find it beneficial for them then for sure they’ll be clicking on it.

Giving your post a meaningful headline by telling it's benefits to people, can actually help you driving some quality readers to your blog.

Always make your readers feel that your content is worth reading.

b. Unique

You should always give a unique title for your blog posts. Offer things to people which they will not be going to find anywhere else.

This Marketing technique is commonly known as the Unique selling proposition. By showing your product uniqueness and how your product stands outs from other products in the market, helps in grabbing reader’s attention.

Here’s an example.

Rather than writing “Top tips to create good blog posts” you can add some more effective words and make your title look more attractive like “Great tips to create valuable blog posts”.

c. Urgent

By showing a sense of urgency in your title, you get a lot of help in grabbing reading attention.

Here’s an example showing you how it’s done.

“Get to Know the Actual Importance of Search Engine Optimization, Now”

Here, Because of “Now”, a reader will experience a little bit of emergency and will try to know more on that particular topic. Gradually, it increases your blog readership.

d. Ultra-Specific

Like I’ve already mentioned it above that you should always have a targeted audience for your blog content.

By being more specific to a particular niche you can let your readers know that what type of content they’ll be getting on your blog.

So, before creating any good headline i.e, blog post title always recall these 4 U’s.

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Now, the next question comes - Is this all you need to become a good copywriter ?

Many copywriters and successful online marketers follow a golden rule for their content marketing, named as AIDA.

AIDA means, your content should grab readers :-


1. Attention.
2. Interest.
3. Desire.
4. Action.

To grab reader’s Attention, you should always create good blog post title. By following the above discussed 4 U’s you can easily create a catchy headline for your post.

For developing the interest among your readers through story-telling is one the best ways. You have surely noticed that you remember stories of movies and novels very easily compared to other information and facts.

Our brains are quite wired, it understands things through stories very quickly.

You can tell your personal experience, event, incident or even put an imagination story in front of your readers. All you need is to grab your reader’s interest to your blog post.

Next, it comes to Desire. It is something which you want to put in reader’s mind. It can be about your product or your newsletter. This point needs your lots of efforts. You can’t simply gain anyone’s trust.
By writing a high-quality and detailed article, you can easily increase your blog authority i.e, trust flow.

At last, It comes to “Action”. By creating high-quality content with all necessary information, readers can start trusting you. After you have your reader’s trust, you can ask them for buying your product or simply subscribing to your newsletter.

At the ending of your blog post you need to guide your readers “What’s next ?”.  Asking your reader to take the next step is always been a beneficial step for an effective blog post.

3. Always Be Short And Simple

You should always try to be short and simple for your blog audience.

Make sure to read your article after finishing the writing part. While reading if you find any long statement which can be replaced by shorter statement then just do it. Try to remove unwanted stuff from your content.

By writing a short and simple sentence you can easily convey your messages to your readers.

4. Proofreading

After finishing up with the writing part, it’s very essential to go through your written content once again.

You should read you content at least 2-3 times for ensuring that there is not any kind of error or mistakes left in your content.

While proofreading, if you feel you haven’t explained a point properly then rewrite it and try to explain it more easily.
Also, It’s very important to shorten your paragraphs into more meaningful content.

Making your content error free and more understandable, that’s what the main purpose of a proper proofreading.


You need to ask yourself, what are the questions your readers can face while reading your blog post. Try to answer all of those questions properly. Answering all type of questions not only helps in getting the reader’s trust but also increase your blog’s readership.

While proofreading, Make sure that there’s no error or question left in your content. If reader points out any kind of error in your content then it will surely be putting a bad impression. By covering all important questions in your content, you can prevent your readers going back and searching for the same query on Google again and again. Gradually, you’ll see a decrease in your blog’s bounce rate.

That’s it with this brief guide. Hope, you enjoyed it reading. In case, you have any relevant questions then feel free to leave your comments below in the comment section.