It’s a great feeling when we finished up our writing part and we are just one step away to click the publish button. But after pressing the publish button, you really think that your job is done ?

Below I’m sharing top 11 things which should be always done after publishing any new blog posts. These things will not only be going to help you in improving your blog traffic but also helps you in increasing your blog followers.


But why don’t you get noticed ?

Even after creating epic blog posts, you only manage to get only a few likes, shares or email subscribers, why ?

I’ve seen many newbie bloggers who think that by just pressing the publish button their job is done. They think that they will immediately get a huge traffic after hitting the publish button. But, let me tell you that it’s not that easy at all.

This is how Content Marketing came into existence.

There’s no doubt that search engines will find your blog content and you will definitely be going to appear in a particular position on a search engine, fighting from other web pages on that same topic.

Now, You have 2 choices. Whether to wait for search engine bots to crawl and index your web page and wait for web traffic to come or you can start following the 11 things which I’ve listed down and get the instant traffic to your web page.

These top content marketing strategies or blog promotion techniques is working quite good for me and I hope, it will be going to work for you too. So, let’s begin.

1.Proofread Your Content

You should always proofread your content after publishing it. I know that you have checked all your writing format, grammatical errors, and other important stuff before publishing your blog post online. Then why it’s important to check your content once again ?

Let me explain you with the help of an example :-

Suppose, you have painted your room. You will definitely be going to give one final look to your room after completing the painting part, right ? Because of that final look, You came to know what things you could have done better and next time you will be doing it even better.

The same case is with your blog. After publishing and proofreading your blog post, you can come to know what thing you might have done even better.

After publishing it, If you enjoy reading your article, Then I’m sure that your readers will also be going to enjoy your blog post.

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2. Interlinking Blog Posts

Interlinking blog posts is one of the best content marketing strategies which should be followed correctly. I know that we usually interlink our old articles with those which we going to publish i.e, new articles. But you can also reverse this process.

If your old articles are getting more search engine traffic then you can interlink it with your new blog post. This technique not only helps you improving your SEO score but also helps you in diverting your blog traffic within your blog.

3. Schedule Blog Posts

Scheduling your blog posts instead of publishing has plenty of benefits. You can schedule your blog posts according to your targeted reader's geographical locations. So that you can get the most out of it.

Not only this but you can even get few social shares and likes before promoting it online.

4. Shortening Blog Posts URL

Shortening URL is a technique which can be extremely beneficial for sharing your blog posts on Twitter. Following are some of the main reasons for shortening a URL :-

a. By writing an attractive or catchy title, you can easily create a suspense among your followers.

b. As you all knows that Twitter has a word limit of only 140 characters. Therefore, by shortening your URLs you can add more things to your twitter tweet.

I personally use Google URL Shortener Tool which delivers me a quite good service.

5. Proper Promotion

I don’t think that there is a point to say that you should always promote your content to famous social media platforms and also on social bookmarking sites.

Though, there are lots of tool available which can automate your promotion. But I’ll advise you not to use such kind of online social media promotion tools.

Here’re some social media platforms which should be used wisely for content marketing.



I’ll advise you to firstly create your blog’s facebook page. In case you had already created one then you should always properly describe your post while promoting it.

Explaining blog content properly that how your post going to help your readers will help you in making some loyal readership.

Also, try to add some personal touch to your post. This will help you in making good relationship with your readers.


Here’s the key to effectively post on Twitter. Always attach a relevant image to your blog post on Twitter. Attaching an image to your Tweet will help you in making your tweet more interesting and appealing.

I’ll also advise you to shorten your blog post URL. This is how you manage to add more relevant information.


Google+ works extremely good for me in my blog promotion. By joining some relevant niche Google+ communities and sharing your blog posts, you can easily grow your blog network.


I’ll advise you to create some catchy and a bit professional headline when promoting your blog post on Linkedin. Always describe your post properly and let people know how your post can be beneficial for them.

You can also use Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit for your blog post promotion.

Make sure to properly add your blog link when sharing content on any social media platform.
6. Blog Post Pinging

There are plenty of websites which allows you to ping your latest blog posts after you hit the publish button.

By pinging your blog post to such websites you can gain more web popularity for your blog post.

7. Blog Commenting and Forums

Blog Commenting is one of the best ways to build backlinks as well as helps you in promoting your new blog content.

Participating in Forum discussion also helps you doing the same.
Both of these ways helps you in building good relations with other like-minded people.

8. Replying to Blog Comments

When your readers put their opinion or feedback in the comment section, it shows they really liked your content. Now it’s your responsibility to make a proper response to that comment.

Replying to comments helps you interacting with your readers and puts a positive impression on their mind.

9. Say Thanks !

It’s Good to Say Thanks, Whenever someone likes, comment or share your blog posts.

This thing plays a huge role in making your blog network and also interacting with your readers.

10. Sending Newsletter

Sending Newsletter to all those people who had subscribed to your blog updates will help you in increasing your readership.

11. Reviewing the Results

After publishing and promoting your blog content, It’s very essential to review your results. By checking the number of likes, shares and comments on your blog posts you can target your future blog audience.

So, These were the top 11 things which should be done after publishing a new blog post. These things will not only help you increasing your web traffic but also helps you in making good relationship with your blog readers.

Hope, you liked this article. If you have any doubt or want to give your feedback then kindly leave your comments in the comment section below. I’ll be responding to your blog comments soon as possible… :)