These days you might have seen that lots of people are simply wasting their valuable time on different social networking sites but on the other hand there are people too, who are making money online by blogging. 

Many bloggers are daily posting new contents on their website in order to become a successful blogger and also for generating online cash easily. 

If you are a blogger and looking for some easy ways for generating online money then keep reading this article. In this post, I’ll be reviewing one amazing online tool which can help you to get started with your blog earnings. is one the best online tool used as link shortener and pays quite good to their publishers. 

For making money via this online tool you need not to be any kind of SEO expert. You just need to have a good number of followers on your blogging site and also good website ranking.

If you are getting good amount of daily visitors on your blog then I’m sure that this online tool for link shortening will be working good for you. 

So, Let’s get started with this review. 

What is Tool ? is an online link shortner tool which helps it’s 500k+ users to make money online. This amazing online tool was developed by a crew based in Poland to help bloggers and webmasters generating online money in a simple and an effective way. Users can easily get started with their earning by simply shortening their links via this amazing tool. 

But, By only shortening a link it’s not possible to make money online. You have to share your link and whenever someone clicks on that link, you will be rewarded with fixed revenue points. In other words, is a link shortener tool which makes people visit your link through their site.  

If you want to make money online quickly then you should give a try to this online tool for blogger and webmasters.

Below, I’ve discussed some of the best features which are offered by I personally know many people who are making more than 100$ a day simply by shortening their links via this tool. Without putting much efforts these people are easily generating a good amount of money daily. Well, there are hundreds of online tool available for shortening URLs but I’ve to say that works far more better than all of those tools available for link shortening.

Now, let’s move forward and see some of the best features that are offered by this online tool. Best Online Tools Features

1. High Pay Rates

While I was analyzing data online, I’ve found that offers the best pay rates when compared to other such tools available online. With the help of this tool, you can easily make about $15 per 1000 views ( depending upon location ).

There are various methods through which you will get paid such as using your Paypal, Payoneer etc.

2. Good Customer Support also provides their users a great customer support. If you have any type of doubts about this tool then you can directly contact for customer support and get answers to all your relevant questions. 
Not only this but there are plenty of tutorials available which helps you in increasing your revenue.

Get Started with Right Now !

Start Following the below steps and get started with your earnings :-

1. Open Shorte.St and Click on the join button at the top right corner. 

2. Now fill your details in the fields and click register.

3. That’s all you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. 

Simply, open your mail id and open the confirmation link sent to your mail address. After opening the confirmation link you are all set to get started with your earnings. 

Start shortening your links and make money online by sharing those links. 


That’s it with this article. If you want to make money online by some simple and effective ways then no doubt this is one of those ways . Many people are making huge amount with this tool. So, when are you getting started with this tool ? 

Leave your comments below, if you have any doubts or want to give your feedback. I’ll be replying to your comments soon as possible… :)