Are you a beginner and want to get started with your own business blog ?

Then, Let me tell you that you are not the only one who think so. According to the recent study by GuideWireGroup, it has been found that about 89 % of Business owners are using blogging as a communication platform with their clients. Not only this but it has been also found that around 15% of 500 companies are having a blog as a communication media for leveraging their online sales.

So, It clearly seems that blogging is becoming a marketing tool these days. But having a blog is a different thing and having a successful blog is totally a different thing. You should know that a successful blog can easily make a huge money each year. But, making a blog successful is that not easy. One should have proper knowledge on How to create valuable content that offers value to their readers. One should always try to provide unique, interesting and meaningful content more frequently on a blog.

In case you are a beginner, then there’s no need to be scared. With the help of proper planning and correct advice, you can easily create a successful blog for your business. Below, I’m sharing top 10 Rules which will help you making your business blog successful.


So, Let’s get started.

1. Target Your Readers

Before getting started with your blog, make sure you have a targeted readers. This means you have to start creating blog content keeping your readers in mind. You should be very clear with your blog audience, whom you are targeting for your marketing.

In case you avoid this point and directly get started with the writing part then you can lose the most out of it. Gradually, it will affect very badly on your sales and marketing.

So, is there any way which will be going to help you in identifying the blog readers ?

Yeah ! You just need to ask the following questions from yourself :-

a. From where do you get most of your website traffic ?
b. What type of content is liked by your readers ?
c. When your blog audiences are online ?

Simply, collect all these data and start creating your blog content according to your targeted blog audience.

2. Social Media Platforms

I don’t think there’s a need to explain this point. As all of us knows that how these days social media platforms are playing a vital role in making a brand successful. Many online companies have become successful with the help of correct social media promotion.

If you haven’t registered an account for your business blog then do it right now !

Creating a Facebook Page, Twitter account, Linkedin profile or a Youtube Channel can be very beneficial for your business blog’s success. If you are having a large social media network then you can easily make your content popular among people in short period of time. Your fans, followers or subscribers will get instant updates about your latest blog posts.

Posting blog posts links on various social media platforms not only helps you making your brand name but also helps you increasing your blog’s readership.

3. Make Good Relations With Like-Minded People

Making good relations with like-minded people will help you in targeting your blog audience. Here, social media platforms play a huge role. Social Media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. help you establishing relations with other people.

Except for these platforms, you can also join various online forums and communities where people can openly discuss their problems and their solutions.

By making good relations with other people, you can let your online network grow more and more which will be very helpful for your business blog.

4. Choose Where To Blog ?

This is the most important thing which you have to decide. You have to choose where you will be posting your blog. Whether it will be a separate page or a part of your website.

Be clear with your purpose of starting a business blog like you want to earn revenue through your blog content, want to promote your product online or simply want to increase your online sales.

So, think twice before selecting any platform for posting your blogs online.

5. Using Proper Keywords

By using the proper keyword you’ll not only help your business blog becoming more search engine
friendly but also make easy understanding for your clients.

Your keywords must reflect your business. Whenever people will search for relevant terms your blog will appear on searches.

Keyword optimization i.e, using proper keywords within your blog posts is one of the essential things which should be kept in mind while writing blogs.

6. Select A Blogging Platform

Well, There are plenty of blogging platforms which works quite amazingly for users. Wordpress and Google Blogger are the most popular and widely used blogging platforms for creating blogs.

I’ll recommend you to choose WordPress if you can invest few bucks in setting up your business blog but in case you don’t want to invest any money in starting then Google Blogger will be a great choice.

Except for these platforms, you can also use Joomla and TypePad.

7. Make Proper Planning

You should plan your blog post in advance. One of the best ways to plan your blog is to select a main topic and prepare some post in advance. In this way, you can stay on track and can update your blog more frequently.

Updating your blog more frequently not only helps you improving your blog ranking but also increases your sales and readership.

8. Blog Promotion

Blog promotion is undoubtedly an effective method to increase your sales online. Sharing your blog link to online communities, pages or submitting links to top directories in your niche are some of the best platforms for sharing your link online.

You can also use StumbleUpon and Digg for blog promotion.

9. Build Network With Influencers

After getting started with a business blog, it now turns to establish a network with influencers in your niche. You can track their progress, watch their future plans for their business blog.
By building a good relationship with influencers in your business niche you can also take their advice for your business.

10. Analyze Your Results

One of the most important processes which should be done after setting your business blog.

By analyzing your blog results you can target your blog audience. You can easily create content which is beneficial for your blog.

Google Analytics is one such tool which can help you in getting your daily site reports for free.


Getting started with a business blog is a quite challenging task and you should have proper planning for that. If you will have all things planned then it will be a lot easier for you to make your blog successful.

All the above tips should always be kept in mind before getting started with your own business blog. If you will follow all the above-mentioned tips carefully then you can easily let your business grow online !

Hope, you liked this article. If you have any other questions then feel free to leave your comments below in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article… :)