Have you now build a site, What's next ? How to make your site popular among people i.e, getting more audience to your blog ? 

There’s a technique called as search engine optimization. This is a process for making your blogging site more friendly to search engines. With the help of this technique, you can easily improve your website ranking and increase your blog's readership. 

But How To Use SEO For A Website ?

In this article, I’ll be sharing top 10 most popular SEO checker tools which will be helping you out making your blog more search engine friendly. 


Let's get started with the list :- 

1. Google Webmaster Tools


On the first position, we have webmaster tools by Google. This is the most popular search engine optimization tool offered to bloggers and webmasters. If you want to drive more audience to your blog then this is a must have tool. Recently, I’ve written a post on how to use Google Webmaster Tool. There you can find how to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and let search engine bots crawl through your web pages. 
In all, A highly recommended tool for all bloggers and webmasters. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

2. WooRank 


Another high Rated tool for website search engine optimization. This tool allows you to analyze your blog data. You can easily review your keyword density, website descriptions, backlinks, loading speed, popularity, visitors and other data. 

By analyzing your website data you can easily create more content for your targeted audience. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

3. SEO Site Checkup 


SEO site checkup works same as WooRank. It also helps you analyzing your website data but in a different way. Instead of showing you website scores simply, it shows you data from the most important to less important. You can use this tool effectively to focus on those things which need to be improved. This will help you in gaining more search engine visibility for your website. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

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4. Site Report Card 


Site Report card also shows your website data. Not only that but it also provides you a list of similar websites i.e, competitor websites. This online SEO checker tool shows you your website ranking on search engines, which can be very beneficial for improving your website visibility. You can use this SEO tool for your website free of costs. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

5. Hubspot Marketing Grader


Next, in the list, we have Hubspot Marketing Grader. As you can figure out from its name, it focuses on your website marketing. You can analyze, “How good you are at marketing”. With the help you this tool you can analyze your mobile friendliness, social media popularity, SEO, Blogging and lead generation. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

6. Seoptimer


Seoptimer audits your website and shows you results that could be improved. You can use this tool free of costs. There’s an alternative for this amazing SEO checker tool, named Raven Tool’s Site Auditor. This tool shows your website data in depth but you have to pay few bucks for enjoying their services. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

7. Check My Links 


Another widely used SEO checker tool. This amazing online SEO tool checks for your site has broken links. Not only shows you broken links but also shows you all websites you have linked to. You can add this extension for Google Chrome which works quite smoothly. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

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8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider


Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a must-have tool when it comes checking site broken links. With the help of this tool, one can easily check up to 1,000 links. It’s a java based SEO checker tool which can easily save your lot’s of time checking links for error. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

9. Remove ‘Em 


You will like this tools in case you have ever spam-posted anything. You can see a list of every spam comment made using this tool. Remove’Em allows you to remove every spam post. This tool is perfect in case you have no time to remove your unwanted backlinks.

Click Here to visit this tool. 

10. Site Analyzer


Last but not the least, we have, Site Analyzer. You can use this free SEO checker to get your site report. You can check your website accessibility, multimedia, design, texts, and networking. With the help of this tool, you can make sure everything is working absolutely fine on your website. 

Click Here to visit this tool. 

That’s it with this list. Hope, you liked reading this article. If you have any questions after reading the above article then kindly let me know by leaving your comments below in the comment section… :)