One of the most important things behind a successful blog is its trusted flow. Building trust among your readers is the key to creating a successful blog. If you are not able to make your readers trust on your products then it will be a lot more difficult for you to sustain in blogging.

Many newbie bloggers think that they can easily generate high revenue from their blog even if they don’t get their AdSense approval. Let me tell you that, many of those bloggers can’t able to do so. Here’s the main reason - It becomes very difficult to generate huge revenue from their blog when a blogger is not paying enough attention to building trust among their blog audience.
One can never become successful blogger without focusing on personal branding.

Trust matters the most when it comes to blogging. Even in the real world, you don’t prefer buying things from strangers. You only make deals with those whom you trust. In all, a Business can’t be done properly without having trust.

The same thing applies to blogging.

Here’re few more points which will help you in getting why you need to build trust in blogging :-

a. For Growing your Blog Network.
b. To get Loyal Readers for your blog.
c. For Increasing your product sales.
d. To get More Social Shares and gaining popularity easily.

And the most important, It’s Good to build trust among your readers because “It Feels Good”.

10-15 years ago there was very little or no competition in blogging so making a brand popular was a child’s play. But today, Competition has way more increased and to become a good successful blogger or an online marketer, trust building is very necessary. To keep your online sales healthy, you need to maintain your blog trust flow among your readers.

But How ? Is there any trick to gain your audience’s trust ?

Yeah ! There are some simple and most effective tips which can lead you to create a trustworthy blog. Below I’m sharing some of the best tips, so follow them correctly.

Let’s Begin.

Tips For Creating A Trustworthy Blog

1. Create An Avatar


Before starting the reading part, most of the readers wants to know who’s behind the content i.e, about the author.

Readers just don’t blindly start reading the content. Even I look for the author, before start reading any online post. By knowing the author, one can figure out whether the written content is worth reading or not.

You should always have your photo on your blog, that’s how readers can easily relate to your blog whenever they will going to see your name or photo while looking for any query online.

Let me make this thing a little bit more clear to you.

You’ll always see that every popular business whether it is online or offline, it’ll have a popular personality attached to them. People can easily trust on a business if it is attached to any popular personality.

In the same way, there’s no successful blog which is without the author’s photo.

If in case you are not having your blog avatar, then no matters how good you are in creating quality content, It’ll be a lot more difficult to build trust among your blog readers. You are not making the most out of it, without having a proper avatar.

Note : Try to keep your photo simple with a nice smile on your face. This will help you to get directly connected to reader’s mind and will appear more trustworthy.

Showing your avatar on the sidebar, about us page, about us widgets and at the ending of your blog posts are some most common spots.   

2. Make Proper Respond To Blog Comments

A human being always cares for those who cares about them. Your readers will leave their comments in the comment section asking for a solution, appreciating your efforts or simply giving their feedback to your blog post.

Making proper reply to the reader’s comment will hardly take a minute. When that particular person going to notice that you have replied to their comments, they’ll start trusting you. Gradually, you’ll become one who cares about them.

3. Showing Testimonials

In case, you are selling any product like web templates, ebooks etc or offering any kind of online service to your readers like freelancing then it’s good to mention what your other clients say about your product or services which you are offering online.

This will help in generating more trust. It’ll go to act as a proof for your online sales.

4. Where You Are Featured In

This is a good technique for grabbing your reader’s attention and trust at the same time.

Creating an HTML widget on the sidebar and showing where you are featured in - such as interviews, guest posts, experts roundups etc helps you in building trust. Suppose, a reader comes to your blog which is a loyal reader of that particular blog where you was featured in, this will help you to generate an instant trust for your blog in the reader’s mind.

5. Make A Good About Us And Contact Us Page

This tip is a trust-booster for your blog. Always make a good contact us page which includes proper information, so that your readers can easily contact to you. Even, Google suggests you do so.

If readers can easily contact you then they will start believing your blog.

The Same thing is with your About us Page. About us, page must be easily reachable to your every reader.

6. Blog Design And layout

Keeping a Simple and a decent blog design helps you building trust among readers very easily.

Having a Good blog design not only helps your reader in easy navigation but also helps you showing your seriousness for a blog.

Also, you should have a good logo which reflects your blog niche and personality.  

Make sure your blog content is easily readable without any errors.

In case, you think that a particular widget is not working well then immediately replace it or remove it permanently.

7. Have A Targeted Blog Audience


Every successful blogger has one thing in common, they know where their audiences are struggling or facing problems.

By knowing the problems of your audience you can create more content which can solve their problem. If you’ll be able to help your readers by solving their problem then I guarantee you that your reader will start believing you.

Here are some tips for finding out problems of your targeted blog readers :-

a. Directly asking them to share the problems which they are facing.
b. Following niche based forums and searching for similar doubts and problems.
c. Joining niche based Social Media Communities or Discussion groups.
d. Analyze your blog post reports and then look for blog posts which are popular. This means that particular post is helping most of the people.

8. Be Consistent In Providing Content

If you are regular in updating your blog then your reader will actually know when to expect content from you. Updating your blog consistently works as an amazing trust factor.

But being consistent in your work is not enough, content quality also has a huge role. Even if you are updating your blog frequently but your content is not up to the mark then it won’t run for long.

Here are some main points to be kept in mind for creating a great content :-

a. For making your content more trustworthy always show proofs to your readers.
b. Using attractive and interesting images within your blog post.
c. Your feedback on that particular topic or product.
d. Always give a conclusion to your post.

9. Doing More Than Expected

There’s a great saying by Larry Page - “Always Deliver More Than Expected”.

Offering more than expected, helps you improving your brand loyalty.

By creating detailed high-quality content, providing proofs, including examples, personal feedbacks or even offering a freebie is a good choice for doing more than expected.

There are many successful blog owners who use to conduct time to time giveaways which help them increasing their blog’s trust flow and online authority.


That’s it for this article. So these were the few important things on which you need to pay proper attention so that you can easily increase your blog’s credibility and trust among your readers.

Hope, You liked today’s post. If yes, then kindly share it online and if in case, you have any related questions then please use the comment section below, I’ll surely be replying to your comments as soon as possible… :)