Most of the bloggers face many problems while writing the introduction part of their blog post. Many of them even don’t know or cannot able to create catchy blog intro which affects their blog’s readership. In case, you also belong to the same category then this blog post will surely going to help you in creating really interesting and catchy blog post intro.

I’ve noticed many bloggers who get stuck while writing their blog post’s introduction part. But
I guarantee you that after reading this blog post you will be able to write an interesting and attractive intro every time, which will be going to increase your blog network as well. Not only this but after going through this post carefully you’ll be able to generate more interesting blog post ideas for your blog.

A blog post without an introduction part is like attention a marriage party of someone whom you are not close to. Now think of a party where you are introduced to others, How’ll you be going to feel now ? Better ?

Absolutely, Same with your blog. You invite your readers to your blog and introduce them to your blog’s topic. This practice will make your readers more friendly to your blog.

Hope, you now got the importance of blog post intro. Therefore, if your blog post intro will be attractive then your readers will feel it more personal which help you in grabbing their attention and gaining their trust very easily.

Importance Of Blog Posts Intro


In case you get failed to create a catchy blog post intro then no one will bother to read it till the last. Catchy Intro is one of the most important things which will help you converting your blog visitors into your loyal readers.

Most of the search engine considers your blog post introduction part as a meta description when you haven’t specified the description for that particular blog post. Therefore, in this case, Readers will be reading your blog post introduction paragraph as your post description in SERPs.

You’ll surely be putting a good impression on your reader’s mind if your blog post has a catchy and interesting intro part.
Tips For Creating Effective Post Intro

Below, I’m sharing few great tips which will help you in writing an effective blog post intro. Let’s get started :-

1. Add An Attractive Image

You all have experienced that images speak a lot more than words. Therefore, adding an image in starting which covers your entire blog post topic is a good practice.

Tip : Using an image which indirectly conveys your blog post topic will make your readers more curious and blog post more interesting.

2. Always Be Clear & To The Point

I’ll advise you to view your blog post from reader’s perspective. People who will be opening your blog wants to have a quick and easy solution for their problems. Therefore, you should make it clear that what’s this blog post is all about or what topics you will be covering in that particular post.

You might have noticed that every time I write a blog post, I write an effective introduction part and make it clear to my readers that what’s today’s post is all about.

3. Share Common Views

By targeting your audience, you easily get to know about their opinions, expectations, views, and problems.

By discussing common views in the introduction part of your blog post, you can easily create a good bond between you and your blog audience.

If a reader will find that the author has the same mentality then I’m very sure that the reader will be reading your post till the end.

4. Keep It Like A Casual Conversation

Writing an intro like a casual conversation plays a lot with your reader’s mind. They don’t feel it strange and it gives them a personal feel.

Readers get completely involved in your blog post if you will create a casual conversation between your readers and you.

I’ll prefer you to start your blog post with some interesting facts and figures.

Let me tell you a secret - People really love facts and figures rather than simple tellings.

5. Starting With A Quote

Adding a good quote in your blog post intro is surely a great idea.

Quotes convey messages easily and effectively to readers in a single line.

Adding a quote in blog post intro put a good impression in your reader’s mind. This practice will make your blog readers interact more with your blog.


A great blog post intro helps you creating a bond between you and your blog readers. Not only in building a bond but readers get to know what’s the post is all about just by reading the intro part.

Therefore, Writing a good, effective and catchy blog post intro will surely going to increase your blog’s readership.

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