I have seen many people who are struggling daily with their blogs. The time comes when one is completely out with blog post ideas. If you are facing such problem then hiring a content writer for your blog can be a good decision.

But it’s not that easy to find a content writer for a blog. You need to put all your efforts looking for a good content writer who can actually provide you with good contents.

So, how to find a good content writer who can help you in growing your blog ?


Keep reading this article, I promise you that after going through this article properly, you’ll be having a couple of ways which can help you looking for a good content writer.

I’m familiar with that feel when we work continuously for days on our blog but because of some other activities we get stuck at some stage. Results, we don’t get enough time to create new blog content which affects our blog badly.

I’ve seen many bloggers shutting their blogs down because of not getting sufficient time to work on their blog.

You’ve seen that I manage to write an article a day. Publishing a post daily on blog is one of the biggest challenging task for me.

But, there are bloggers who fails to manage this task. Therefore, hiring a content  writer in such cases is surely a good idea.

In this brief guide, I’ll be showing you some basic steps which must be considered before hiring any content writer for your blog. Not only this, but I’ll be also showing you that how can you easily find a good content writer and also how to handle them to work properly on your blog.

So, Let’s begin.

Here’re few reasons which will get you to know the importance of hiring a content writer for your blog.


Benefits of Hiring a Content Writer

1. You can automate your blogging.
2. For minimizing your efforts.
3. You can use your time in other important stuffs.
4. Helps in updating blog more frequently.
5. Building blog popularity.
6. Generating more money with a blog.

So, these were the few reasons but if you look properly to every aspect then you will find that there are hundreds of reason for hiring a content writer for a blog.

How to Find a Good Content Writer

1. Checking Niche Based Forums

You might be knowing that forums are the best platforms for growing your online blog network. Looking niche based forums searching for a content writer can help you a lot.

But how to find your blog niche based forums ?

Simply type “Blog Niche + Forum” on Google.

Here’s an example :-


Let’s take “SEO + Forum” and search for this term on Google.

With the help of this trick, you can get many niche based forums where you can search for your content writer.

Checking writer’s profile and contacting them personally can help you doing this task smoothly.

2. Checking Facebook Groups

Maybe, one of the easiest method for finding a content writer which can work with you. I’m saying so because we probably spend our lots of time on facebook.

Here’s a template which you can use to post in facebook groups

I’m searching for a good content writer who can provide my content related to (your blog niche).

I want (number of articles) articles weekly/monthly.

Each article must have (words limit) number of words.

I can pay ( $ your price $) per article.

Payment will be done by ( payment mode ) transfer.

Kindly contact me if you are okay with this offer.

3. Checking Google Plus Communities

Google Plus is the most largest network where you can find a lot of niche based communities.

Simply search for your niche keyword and you will have hundreds of popular communities.

Here’s an example :-


Joining such communities and finding active members there. You can either contact those members personally putting your offers or can simply post your requirements on such communities.

4. Checking Freelancing Websites

There are many Freelancing websites which can actually help you providing with a good content writer for your blog.

Upwork and Hire Writers are personally my favorite sites which can help you too searching for a good content writer.

Let’s take Upwork.

Upwork has some great features which can help you looking for a content writer related to your blog niche. You can even filter the content writers list based on your requirements.

Simply search for a writer and by selecting appropriate category can help you in getting a perfect writer which matches all your requirements.

5. Simply Asking Your Friends

Asking your friends is also one of the easiest method for finding content writers. Asking your friends if they are interested doing your content writer job or suggesting someone who can do such jobs for you.

In such cases, Either your friend will be giving their own writer to you or will accept your offer.

Top Tips While Hiring A Content Writer

1. Make sure to provide all related information to your writer.
2. Tell them to write articles which cross your word limit.
3. You must have proper payment mode.
4. Check their work regularly.
5. Tell them to use Free images Instead of using copyrighted materials.
6. Always be friendly with your content writer.
7. Tell them to come up with unique and interesting blog post ideas.

Now it comes to the managing part, after you have found your content writer for your blog

How To Handle A Content Writer ?

If you are hiring a content writer then you can easily manage their work but what if you are hiring more than one content writer for your blog ?

Then Handling their work becomes a quite challenging task, right ?

In this case, I’ve a good technique which can help you in maintaining all your content writers properly.

Using Google Docs for managing your data sheets is a good idea. You can have a complete access to Google Docs, both online as well as offline. You can access your datasheets anytime, anywhere.

Here’s an example of what datasheet looks like :-


By using this datasheet template you can easily track all your writer’s activities which will help you managing their work properly.


This guide will surely help you looking for content writers if you are a blogger, website owner or even a company owner.

I’ve personally tried all the above-listed methods and they all worked amazingly for me. You can smoothly handle all your writer’s work with the help of the above method.

If you have any type of questions after reading the above article carefully then please feel free to leave your valuable comments below the comment section. If you liked this brief guide then kindly share it online… :)