Finding blog post ideas is always been a challenging task for all blog owners. The time comes when bloggers get totally out with their blogging post ideas. Though there are many methods available online which helps you in searching for your blog post ideas but do they really works ?

Yeah ! Some of those links actually help you in getting ideas for the blog post but most of the times you had to experience failure.

You have heard that content is the king of your blog. Absolutely, I completely agree with this line. Content is the most important factor which defines a blog popularity and responsible for blog’s authority.

But creating content is all enough ? Maybe yes,  But in case you want to see a quick blog growth then you have to start building backlinks for your blog content. You might notice that many professional bloggers and webmasters focus on building a good number of backlinks for their content. The reason is quite simple, Backlinks have the potential to improve your daily website visitors as well as increases the trust flow of your blog. Here the term trust flow means, Blog authority among your readers.


Today, In this article I’ll be telling you some of the best methods which will help you in producing ideas that can increase your daily website visits and backlinks for your blogging site. Here’s how :-

1. Online Communities & Forums

If in case you are not able to produce more ideas for your blog then online communities and forums are the best way which can get you some serious help. These forums and communities not only helps you to increase daily website visits or getting you backlinks but also helps you in building a good relationship with other bloggers and webmasters in your industry.

Here’s how to use online communities for searching blog post ideas. Carefully follow the below-mentioned steps :-

There are many online blogger communities which can help you in searching ideas. Below I’ll be talking about one such community named, Inbound.

1. Firstly, Open Indiblogger
2. Create your free account and search for your keyword in the search bar.


In the above screenshot, you can clearly see that I’d entered “Content Marketing” keyword in the search section and you can see that I have a good number of post with quite high ratings for this particular keyword.

Always remember, You should pick up those blog post ideas which have a good number of user ratings. This means that it’s a common topic and that post contains a high value for readers. Therefore, this kind of posts are very beneficial for your blog and it’s popularity.

Not only this but if you managed to create high-quality content on that popular topic and ranked well in google then you’ll be surely gaining a decent number of backlinks for that specific blog post.

Tip : While searching for the blog post in online communities and forums, I’ll advise you to make a proper response to the questions which are asked by bloggers. Responding to questions not only helps you increasing your website visitors but also help you in making good relations with other bloggers. Answering questions by putting your blog post links helps you in gaining backlinks for your site.

All of you had noticed that, If you have good relations with other bloggers and webmasters in your industry then your social shares will be boosted and helps you in your blog’s success.

2. Searching LSI Keywords

Next, on our list, we have LSI Keywords. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing which is a part of Google algorithm. LSI keywords are not only important for site SEO but also helps you in producing blog post ideas.

Let me firstly define you, What does LSI keyword actually means ?

Here’s an example.

I’ve searched for “PS” in Google Search Engine. Well PS can have different meanings like Playstation, Photoshoot,  Photo size etc. But every time you search for google, It shows you the most accurate results. Ever thought how does Google do so ?

Google shows you accurate results because of the additional keywords which you have added to your query. Suppose, I’ve searched for “Ps image size”, now Google will easily figure out that here Ps means Photoshop. This is because of the keyword “Image size” which I have added with “PS”. This part of an algorithm which is used by Google is termed as LSI algorithm.

But How to Find LSI Keywords related to your Niche ?

LSI keywords are basically relevant keywords to your query. I’m sure you have seen those related keywords and query which is shown by Google at the bottom of  the page when you type your particular query.

These related keywords which are shown to you can help you in generating some good ideas for your blog post. These keywords are not only important for searching ideas but also helps you increasing your site ranking.

Here’s the screenshot which shows you LSI keywords.


In the above example, I’ve search for a keyword “ Blog Earnings”. Related to my keyword, Google has shown some relevant searches and keywords which can be used for getting new blog post ideas.

Not only for generating ideas, LSI keywords are also used as one of the most popular on-page SEO technique. You can add these keywords to your blog post and make it optimized for search engines.

But you are only shown to few keywords, I’ve written a whole guide on LSI keywords in which I’ve talked about how to find LSI keywords, Best Tools for searching LSI keywords, Best places for adding LSI keywords and answered many more FAQ’s related to this particular topic. Below I’ve added a link to my LSI guide, Kindly read it for more information.

3. Interviewing Other Bloggers

Probably, the best way to make your blog famous in a short period of time. Not only for blog popularity, but interviews are also done for building backlinks to your blog. Don’t know how ? Here’s how :-

Whenever you interview any popular blogger on your blog, you share their experiences, ask your questions and other related stuff. After you finished up with the interviewing part, you head on to publish that interview on your blog.

The expert, You have interviewed will be surely checking your post. If your post is interesting and good from expert’s point of view then he/she will be adding your post link in their about us page for making their visitors check their interview done by you. This is how you get a backlink from a popular blog.

Isn’t amazing ?

Asking questions to experts in your industry can actually help you getting new ideas for your blog content.

I’ve mentioned few things which you should always remember while taking interview of an expert :-

First of all, You have to search for actual experts in your niche who actually have quite good knowledge. Making a list of experts and then contacting them actually helps you doing this task easily.

1. Always talk politely and with respect to the experts.
2. Do visit their blogs before contacting them. Reading their blog posts will help you in knowing about their writing style and their lifestyle.
3. Take proper appointment from experts for conducting an interview on your blog.

If you remember the above point before contacting to experts, I’m sure they won’t be refusing your offer and will result in getting high-quality backlinks as well as blog’s popularity.

4. Start Reading Relevant Niche Blogs

This method needs some serious work. For this before, firstly you have to make a list of some popular
blogs in your niche. Making a list and reading other blogs in your niche not only helps you generating blog content ideas but also helps you in creating really good backlinks.

Tip: I’ll recommend you to make a list of those blogs which are updated frequently. Those blogs which are updated more frequently have really a high number of loyal readers. And obviously, if a blog has a good number of loyal readers then you can expect a good number of readers on your blog via your submitted backlink.

Next thing you have to do is make good relations with those blog owners. Making good relations with popular blog owners can be very beneficial for your blog. Even your network will be increased if you have good relations with other bloggers in your niche.

After making good relations with other popular bloggers, you can request them to put your site link in their blog post. If a blog post has a similar information to the post you have published on your blog then you can ask them to add links in their blog post. Mostly bloggers don’t have any problem while linking your blog to their blogs.

Tip : For making this method work effectively you have to improve your site ranking and domain authority. If you have good site ranking as well as DA then you can easily make other bloggers add your post link to their blog.

5. Using Social Media Platforms

Being a blogger, I’m sure you have joined many social networking communities related to your niche.

Just like all the above ways social media platforms also helps you in producing unique blog ideas and building backlinks to them.

Facebook Communities, Google+ communities, Pinterest boards, Instagram, Twitter etc. can help you getting amazing blog ideas for your next blog post.

You simply need to type your particular keyword and click search. This is how you will get relevant posts to your entered keyword.

Start reading their post headlines and generate unique ideas for your blog posts.

6. Contacting Readers Directly

This is the most interesting and beneficial way for generating blog post ideas. Though there is very less possibility of getting a backlink from this method but you can surely get help in increasing your blog’s readership.
For this method you need to have a good number of loyal readers or subscribers. If you have a good number of subscribers then asking them their queries directly or asking for their feedbacks can help you generating good blog ideas.

If your blog reader is facing any type of issue or can’t figure out anything related to your site content then asking about their doubts can help you getting new content ideas and making your readers feels good.

You can try creating a social media page or community where people can ask their doubts. Not only communities but you can also try sending direct mails for asking reader’s feedback.

This method is quite time consuming, But if you are totally out with your blog post ideas then this is the best way you have got to get back on track again.  

Do remember, Always create content that has value for readers.

7. Exchanging links

Last but not the least, we have a method called Exchanging links. Let me explain you how this method works.

We all love using Facebook, right ? All all of us have friends related to our blogging niche.

Discussing things with those blogger friends and experts in your niche helps you generating some amazing ideas for blog post. Asking your questions, discussing problems etc. usually, generates some good content ideas which are actually good for your blog.

Not only discussing topics, but you can also try asking for exchanging blog links. Exchanging blog links can really help you in increasing the total number of backlinks your blog have. You simply have to add your friend's relevant link in your post and give them your backlink.


So, These were some of the best ways on " How to Get Blog Post Ideas + Backlinks ".

As I always recommend you to create content that has value for readers. Don’t try to just create blog content, rather try solving your reader's problems and doubts and I guarantee, you’ll see success soon.

Hope, you have found this article interesting. Please feel free to leave your feedback below in the comment section below.