These days copied contents are one of the biggest issues which are seen in the blogging world. Bloggers spend their valuable time in gathering information and collecting data for creating high-quality blog posts. But Later on, they found that their content has been copied by some other person.

Though it is not practically possible to stop copy and pasting of content, but there are several ways by which you can stop other bloggers from copying your content. You can try giving them a warning message and if even they don’t give you proper response then you can file a DMCA complaint google against that person.

But now the next question arise, How to Find Copied Content ?

Well, there are plenty of online tools available for bloggers which can help them detecting copied content. Recently, I’ve written an article on best online plagiarism checker tools which can be used for finding duplicate blog content. You can easily point out various copycats with the help of some of the best online plagiarism checker tools which I’ve listed down there.

Do you know that even google can help you in such cases ? Google Allows you to report duplicate content and if Google finds enough proofs against copied content then they will take some serious actions. Google will either be removing your content or blog permanently.

Note : You can easily file a DMCA complaint against your duplicate content as whatever content you uploads on your blog automatically turns into your copyrighted content i.e, you become the owner of that particular content.

But Why There’s Need To
File a DMCA Complaint ?

1. First of all, That’s your content and you’ll not want that someone else to claim on your content. You have invested your lots of efforts and valuable time and how can you allow someone else to simply claim it ? That’s not right !

2. Another reason why you should file a complaint is that Google has an algorithm which is used for pointing out duplicate contents available content. Google Algorithm can easily find duplicate content but cannot distinguish between authorized and copied material. Therefore, In such cases, you can face some serious problem and can also be penalization which can result in you to face a decrease in your sales or website traffic drop.

How to File a DMCA Complaint
Within 60 Seconds ?

1. Firstly, Open DMCA Complaint Form for filling details.


2. There you have to enter you contact information. Always be careful while filling the form and provide accurate details to Google.

3. Next, it comes to giving a clearance that the duplicate material is not authorized.


Note : Make sure that all the information which you are providing are accurate and you are the actual owner of the content i.e, authorized content owner.

4. Then enter your date and signature.

That’s all. Simply submit all the details and soon your DMCA complaint will be processed.

Important Points You Should Keep In Mind :-

1. Try to fill all necessary fields.

2. Explain them properly about your content ownership.

3. Don’t provide them fake information or else you can be in some serious problems.

Also, if you are not the owner of the original content and you are claiming for it then in such cases you may be fined for false claim.


You can easily file a DMCA complaint about all type of duplicate materials. By filling all the details correctly and providing them with proper explanation can actually help you fighting against your duplicate contents.

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