As you all know that Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social networking platforms which has over 1.3 billion users. You should not be surprised if I tell you that among this huge number about 800 million users update their feed regularly. That’s the reason why many bloggers and webmasters start using Facebook for growing their online network.

Social media integration is the must if you want to make your blog popular among people in short time. Though, Email marketing is also a useful method for increasing your blog network. But the main problem with email marketing is, People usually use it for official purpose. On the other hand, Facebook seems more friendly to users.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you got an email from a stranger, Then what will be your action ? Mostly people, ignore such emails and directly send it to their trash folder. If by chance a user will open your mail then he must think that who are you ? From where do you get my email address ? What do you want ? and other such questions. Therefore, before putting a good impression on a user, you already put a bad impression on their mind.

According to a recent study done by Kaspersky lab, It has been found that about 70% of all the emails sent globally are spam.

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Therefore, using Facebook for growing your blog network is surely a good choice. The user can access your personal information and feeds and most important, “ It Feels Personal”.

Sharing your blog updates through Facebook Like Box is one of the great blogging strategies which you must follow. This strategy will not only going to help you increasing your blog’s traffic flow but also help you increasing your loyal readership. By Adding a Facebook Like Box you also manage to distribute your blog content in one click instead of sending individual updates to your followers.

It really feels amazing when someone read your blog posts and got answers/solutions for their problems. It is also possible that most of your readers will be sharing your content among their online network and that’s how your content can get viral.

So, How to Get Started ?

Start following the below steps on “How to Add a Facebook Like Box” For Blogger so that you can easily start getting the most out of it.


How To Add A Facebook Popup Like Box For Blogger

1. Firstly, Open your Blogger Dashboard > Layout and click on “Add a Gadget”.

2. Now, you will have a popup on your screen, showing you a variety of widgets. Select, HTML/JavaScript Blogger Widget from that list.

3. Select, Copy and Paste the following source code in that HTML widget box.

Click Here to get the code

4. Save the Widget and you are done. That’s it.

But wait ! Here comes the customization part.


Now here comes the customization part. Follow the below mention steps carefully :-

1. Facebook Page ID

After pasting the code in the HTML blogger widget box, replace the below-highlighted text with you Facebook page address i.e, Facebook page ID.

2. Delay the Popup Box

According to the source code, you’ll be seeing your popular Facebook like box after 5 seconds. In case you want to delay the time, simply change .delay(5000) with a greater number ( Here 5 seconds = 5000 ).

Note : I’ll recommend to at least make it 10,000 ( 10 seconds ). Let your blog reader firstly analyze your site completely and then you can show a Facebook popup like a box.

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3. Show Popup Box Every Time

This Facebook Like box will be shown to your reader only for the first time when they visit your site. If you want to show Facebook Like Box every time to your reader then you just need to erase the following text from your blogger widget code.

$.cookie('popup_fb', 'yes', { path: '/', expires: 3 });

4. Show Only On HomePage

If you want to show your Facebook popup Like box widget on homepage only then follow these steps :-

1. Open your blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.

2. Now, paste the blogger widget code about </body> tag. Also do remember to place the following conditional statement below :-

&lt;b:if cond='data:page.type == "index"'&gt;ADD THE FACEBOOK WIDGET CODE HERE &lt;/b:if&gt;

That’s all, You have your own Facebook Popular Like Box for your Blogger Blog.


Facebook Like Box Widget for Blogger is one of the great blogging strategies which can help you growing your blog network.

Hope, you liked this post. If yes then kindly share it with your network. Also, In case you are having any type of questions or want to give your feedback for this widget then feel free to use the below comment section, I’ll soon be making a proper response to your valuable comments… :)