What are the ways by which we can actually monetize a blog and start making some real cash ? 

All of us knows very well that there are many ways to monetize our blog content, but you should better know which one of them works good and effective. Most of the monetizing ways are outdated or not results as expected. 


So, I'll not be discussing those ways here, Except those ways I'd mentioned some amazing ways to make money from your blog. Let's get started :- 

1. Google Adsense

The most popular and widely used ad network for making money through blogging. Google Adsense works excellent and is still the most effective method for monetizing blog content. Ones you start getting quite decent blog traffic, It can pay you good amount.

Suppose if you are getting about 1000 visitors a day then you can easily expect of making $100-$200 per month. For getting more Ads clicks, Proper ads placement is must. After all, More Click you get, The more Money you make !

Note : If your Google Adsense Application not got approved then you can also try other ads network. Infolinks, the best Google Adsense Alternative helps you in making good amount if you are getting huge traffic per day on your blog. 

2. Banner Ads

Showing banner ads is another way of making good income from your blog, In case you are not interested in showing Google Adsense Ads. Using buy sell ads services is a good option for getting advertisements for your blog. If you are making about 4000 visits a day or even more then their's no doubt that you will be getting lots of opportunities for publishing ads. Contacting to some of the big brands relevant to your niche is surely a good option. I'll surely recommend you to implement this method as it's the most profitable way for start blog earning. 

3. Product Reviews 

I personally knows many people who are making lots of money ( somewhat around $100-$500 ) simply by reviewing just 2-3 products on their blog. Reviewing products on blog is another effective way for making money online. If you have loyal blog audience which reads your blog daily then this method will work like a charm. You can ask for $100-$500 per product review depending on your site ranking and daily traffic. 

4. Blog Services

All the above mentioned ways will only work if you have a good site ranking or getting decent blog traffic. But what if you are a newbie ? Being a beginner this is the best way you have got for making money online. Selling blog services to other bloggers will surely work out for you. 

Providing Content Writing service, logo designing, designing blog themes, generating blog plugins etc. are some services which you can provide and make money from it. 

The best thing about this blog monetizing method is, you don't need huge blog traffic or good site ranking. Just proper promotion to right people who can take your services will definitely work out. Remember, the more clients you make, the more money you generate. 

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the way which can help you making money even when you are sleeping. It is the right choice but it needs some skills. Product selling skills on your blog/site is must for this method. Always remember, No one likes buying products from strangers. So what should we do then ? 

Making a list of people who can buy your products from your site can help you a lot in starting your Affiliate Marketing earnings. You must have lots of patience for this method. 

6. Selling Personal Products 

If the above ways are not working for you effectively, it's better to start selling your own products on your blog. Selling E-books, Products information, blog  themes, plugins etc. are few things by which you can earn money online. Making money for this method totally depends on your skills. You need to find out that in what things you are good at ? A Content Writer, Designer, Developer or a Speaker ? Just search for your good skills and launch your product for increasing your blog earnings. 

7. Building an Email List 

Last but not the least, Building an E-mail List. This way can also help you in making good amount online. 

If you want to get started with good blog earning, better start working on this method. If you are not making an E-mail list, you are not taking the full advantage of it. I'll recommend you to start making an email list from the first day of your blog. 

In case, if you are thinking that how can we make an Email list then here's some tips. Start following the effective ways which I have listed down in order to grow your email list. Carefully read the below tips :-

1. Start Driving More traffic 

You won't be getting more Subscribers for your site, no matter how good your offer is unless you are able to drive some quality traffic to your blog. More traffic you get, More easily you'll be able to increase your Email list. Blog Commenting and Guest Posting are personally my favourite ways to drive more blog traffic to your web pages or blogs. 

2. Offering Freebies 

Want to quickly increase your email list ? Then it's better to provide freebies to your blog audiences. Blog readers will never going to signup your site if they won't find something interesting. Readers want a strong reason to subscribe  your newsletter. Offering e-books are the best way for getting newsletter subscribers for your site. Do make sure that, Your E-book is worth reading. 

3. Using a Good Autoresponder 

If you are actually serious of making email list for your site then you should follow this way. Using online services like GetResponse, Mad Mimi, Aweber etc can help you a lot. 

4. Creating a Landing Page 

If you want more email subscribers for your site then try for using landing pages. Blog pages is the big distraction which prevents your blog audience from focusing on email newsletter widget. Whereas, On the other hand landing pages shows less distraction and helps you to get more email subscribers. Using Thrive Landing Pages, OptimizePress etc. helps you in creating your landing page. 

5. Using Effective Call to Actions

Using Words like "Subscribe" or "Get Free Updates" etc. for your Newsletter Widget are just not correct. It's very common now a days and people don't pay any more attention to these words.

Rather than using these words, Using "Get Instant Freebie Now" or "Download Free E-book" etc. easily helps you in getting more subscribers to your site. 

6. Using Social Media Sites 

Social Media Networking sites are the best and the most powerful way which can help you in growing your network. Making Email List will be lot more easier if you are having good social media contacts. 

You all knows that these social media sites are becoming more popular day by day. If you are not interacting with other people on these social networking site then you are surely losing many loyal visitors for your site. 

Creating Facebook Page, Community, Twitter Feeds, Google Plus are some popular online networking sites which can help you in growing your network. 

Tip : Before you start using any monetizing method listed above, make sure to test all of them one by one and find out which one works properly for you. Avoid monetizing your blog using all possible ways available online. If you focus on some selected blog monetizing methods, then only you'll be able to make money from your blog. 

So, How's the article. Did you liked reading it ? What are your methods by which you are monetizing your blog ?  If you have some then please share those proven ways with us. In case you want to give your feedback or have some questions about this article then do leave your comment below. At Last, Kindly share this article among your friends... :)