Blog name is one of the most important factor which makes a blog stand out of the crowd. There's no doubt that your blog name has the potential of giving better conversions, more traffic and affiliate sales.

Hence, It is must to select a nice blog name which can pay you in a long run.

In today's article, I'll be sharing some of the most useful tips on how to come up with a good blog name for your blog which can help you in becoming a successful blogger in coming days. In case you are looking for a query like "I need a name for my blog", re-branding an old dying blog or simply want to start a new name blog then the following tips will be surely helping you out. 

Some Domain Name Generator Tools to Help You Come up with the Perfect Blog Name Ideas

But before getting started with the main topic, let me first tell you some basics.

Basically, Blog names are classified into two major categories : -

1. Generic Names 

Blog names which are completely relevant to the blog niche or topic are said to be Generic Names. These blog names are considered to be highly search engine optimized which can contain your main keyword

Generic Names can easily drive a huge traffic on your blog as your blog audience knows what they'll be getting on your blog. 

Let's discuss it with an example. 

Example : This blog which I've made mainly focuses on Blogging and is named as ( You can clearly see that I've included my niche i.e, Blogging in my blog domain name. My blog audience can easily predict that what type of content I've on my blog.

2. Branded Blog Names 

Branded Blog Names are very different from Generic Blog Names. They are not related to blog niche. Many of the best blog names are based on their author names for blog titles.  

Example : 

Well, If seen carefully then you will find that there's a very thin line between brand names and generic blog names. If a generic blog name goes viral and become popular among people, it automatically get converted into a brand name. 

Example :

Now, back to the main topic. Here are the things which should be considered become registering a perfect blog name. 

Tips to Come up with a Perfect Blog Name 

All of you knows that a blog name plays very important role in it's success. So there are some important aspects which must be considered before choosing nice blog names. 

1. What's your Blog Niche or Topic ? 

This is the very first step which should be considered before coming up with blog name. You should properly find out what topic you'll be covering/discussing on your blog. If you want to target your blog audience then your niche matters the most. 

Suppose you are having a food blog then naming a blog like is a good start. In case you come up with a funky blog name then your blog might get affected. 

For example : "The Onion", most popular news site. This site doesn't contains any food related topics, it's a news website. When I can to know about this site, I thought it would be a food blog. 

So, always make sure to choose a blog name which easily represents your blog niche. 

2. Brandability 

While choosing a blog name make sure that they can be branded in future. Always select a blog name which is easy to understand and remember. 

Example : The Four Hour Work Week, is an amazing example of brandable name. People will have no problem while recalling it. 

3. Search Engine Optimized Blog Names 

You can have a blog  name with a keyword that your website ranks for. Every query which is related to your blog name will help you in improving your search engine ranking. 

Using a keyword as your primary blog domain name is a good idea. This thing can be very beneficial for you in future. 

Always try to add keywords in your blog name either using it as a primary keyword or combinations of keywords. 

Note : Putting a keyword in your blog name is not compulsory. If you are having a high quality content over your blog then you can easily rank for any keyword related to your niche. 

4. Easily Audible 

Always avoid to have a fancy and complicated blog names. A Blog name which is easy to understand and audible can help you a lot. What I'm trying to say is whenever you tell someone about your blog name via phone, he/she should be able to easily catch it and type the correct blog address names. 

Not only on call but even in daily life where you need to tell your blog names in meetings, conferences and podcast.

Select a blog name which is attractive and easy to understand at the same time. People should get the right blog address and reach on correct website you told to them. 

Tips for coming up with an easy audible blog name 

1. Try getting a short name instead of selecting a long one 

For example : The Site named, "" is easy to understand and can be remembered rather than something as

If you choose to have a long and a complicated blog name then it might look spammy to both search engines and readers as well. 

2. Avoid numbers and hyphens 

Next tip which you should follow for getting a good name for blog title is avoiding hyphens and numbers can be very beneficial in terms of search engine optimization. Blog names with numbers are more difficult to tell and usually misunderstood. 

If your domain name contains a number then it is possible that your readers may get confused. It is also possible that they might not visit your site ever again. Audience might get confused whether there's a number or a word in domain name. 

Example : Tech4geeks can be easily misunderstood whether it is techfourgeeks or techforgeeks. 

5. Select .com domain name version

A proper domain name plays a huge role in your success. Here selecting .com domain name version means that you should not choose any country specific domain. Most readers are easily attracted towards a .com domain name. Even search engines prefer to have a .com domain names.  

If your blog readers type your blog address with a .com extension ( which is not owned by you ), they will either be landing on someone else' s website or on a broken link. This will surely going to affect your blog very badly.

For Example : A famous blogger named Darren Rowse buyed a .com domain name version for his website for about $ 5,000. He had buyed it because he found that most of his valuable blog audience were landing on some other blog which is affecting his blog badly. 

Another thing which should also be avoided is having a funky extension. Domain name such as can confuse the readers and they might get landed on some other site named 

6. Lock all your top level domain names to your blog 

If you are concerned about losing readers, copyright or branding then I would suggest you to lock all the TLDs ( Top Level Domains ) relevant to your blog name. If you have a .net domain then you can buy and lock .com, .org etc. domain versions. 

For Example : A Online Grammer Checker Tool, has locked the domain name which redirects to their homepage. In case if anyone had bought it, then company can face some serious loss in their sales.

Precautions while selecting a Cool Blog Name 

It is permanent process to setting up a blog name. Even a simple mistake can ruin you business, branding, audience or readership. So, Here are some precautions which you always take care of before finalizing your blog name. 

1. Checking copyright Infringement 

It might possible that the blog name you had come up with is already a part of an existing brand or product. These type of mistakes usually happen when you are not aware about the existing brand. 

Whatever may be the reason you would never want to mess with the copyright laws and cause damage to your site. Therefore, avoid such type of mistakes and be always on a safe side. 

2. Again check your affiliate blog name 

Most of the times we choose to have names for personal blogs which closely relates to our main product. But there are some companies which doesn't qualifies you for commissions as your site URL consists on their product name.

So always follow this precaution before you loose all your site commission just because of one silly mistake.

3. Scope of Keyword 

In case your blog name consist of a specific keyword then make sure that your content is aligned with blog name. Writing content which is different from your blog name can result in some serious loss. 

For Example : A blog named cannot simply start writing on fashion or travel topics. Therefore, make sure to add a keyword in blog name which is relevant to your blog content.

Best Domain Name Generator Tools 

Here are some best domain name generator tools which can help you coming  up with a perfect blog name :- 

Some Domain Name Generator Tools to Help You Come up with the Perfect Blog Name Ideas

Thesaurus is there to help you out in finding a creative names for a blog by coming up with alternative or synonyms keywords which can be added in blog name. This can be very beneficial in case your chosen name is already registered by someone else. 

Some Domain Name Generator Tools to Help You Come up with the Perfect Blog Name Ideas

Panabee is one of the most popular online blog name idea generator. You need to just enter your keywords and search for available blog names, It'll bring you all related results like :-

1. Keywords Synonyms. 
2. Modified domain names. 
3. Available usernames for social media channels. 
4. Top Google sites ranking for your desired domain name. 
5. Apps having any relation with the blog name. 

Some Domain Name Generator Tools to Help You Come up with the Perfect Blog Name Ideas

If you are planning to build a brandable blog then it is must to lock your blog name as your usernames on major social media platforms or channels.

This amazing tool checks around 102 social media forums and platforms to check blog name availability as your username. In case your username is already registered by someone else then selecting a different domain name for your blog will surely be a good decision.

Some Domain Name Generator Tools to Help You Come up with the Perfect Blog Name Ideas

Another great blog  name generator which helps you in generating a list of catchy names for a blog . You just need to enter your primary and secondary keywords and start searching for unique titles for blogs.

Some Domain Name Generator Tools to Help You Come up with the Perfect Blog Name Ideas

Next on the list we have, Picky Domains. A platform where you can get help for choosing blog name with the help of members who will come up with some of the great names for blogs. If you pick up a suggestion then you have to pay them $50 else no charge. 

Tip : If you are creative enough then you can make some serious money by providing a blog title suggestions service to other people out there. 

Some Domain Name Generator Tools to Help You Come up with the Perfect Blog Name Ideas

Last but not the least we have, Dot-o-mator. This is one of the creative blog titles generator. In case you are looking for some latest and cool blogname generator then this is what you need. In case you are looking for a cool web 2.0 styled domain names then this tool will be helping you a lot. This tool generates a list of trendy web 2.0 domain names such as 


What should a perfect domain name be like ? 

A perfect domain name should aim to be short and easy to understand. It should not contain any hyphens, numbers or complicated words which can create any type of confusion. 

Also make sure that your blog domain name doesn't mess with any copyright blog name or copyright laws. 

I hope, these tips will surely help you to come up with a perfect blog name. 

So, how's the article ? Leave your comment below in the comment section in case you want to ask any thing related to this article, want to give your feedback or any other type of suggestion.