In this article I'll be discussing some of the most effective tips for guest blogging which can help you to improve your site ranking and also to perform good in blogosphere.


These days every webmaster knows the importance of guest blogging and they now considering it as an effective online marketing technique. Not only bloggers or webmasters but even some big multinational companies have also started guest posting because of some important factors.

If you are taking your blogging career seriously then I'm quite sure that you have already started with this work. Guest Blogging on other blogs relevant to your niche, pays you well in future.

But what if you have recently started with blogging ?

In case you are a Newbie Blogger, You must be thinking " What is Guest Blogging " and " Why Guest Blogging is necessary ? ".

But before I answer to these questions, Let me ask you some simple questions.

1. Do you have want to have a good number of blog subscribers ?

2. Do you want to improve the credibility of your blog among your readers ?
3. Do you prefer natural blog promotion ?
4. Do you want to gain more blog traffic and make it more visible ?
5. Do you believe in this link building strategy ?
6. Do you prefer making good relations with fellow bloggers and pro-bloggers ?

Is your answer is "YES" for the above listed questions then no doubt you are a passionate blogger. Guest Blogging will help you to get all these benefits for your blog.

Now, Here's the answer of your question:-

What is Guest Blogging ?

"Basically, It's an effective technique by which you can appear in relevant blogs with your latest blog content links as a guest."

But, you should always remember that guest posting should not ruin the status of other relevant blog where you are publishing your link as a guest blogger. Means, you have to always submit good quality articles on other blogs which can help the blog owners in getting good traffic.

I hope, you have now got "What is Guest Blogging and it's Benefits", Right ?

I always create high quality content for guest posting and that's why it results in putting a good impression on other blog owners, lead to a good relationship with them.

Okay, now let me tell you some common myths about guest blogging which are usually understood wrong by newbie bloggers.

Myths about Guest Blogging

#1. In guest posting, Quantity wins over Quality

It is said that the number of guest posts you got approved is important than their quality. It is observed that many bloggers do guest blogging only for building backlinks. These bloggers do not focus of writing high-quality articles but instead, they focus on writing more guest posts for increasing the number of backlinks to their blog. Let me tell you that this is a bad strategy and every blogger should avoid it.

Truth : Quality of guest posts matters a lot than submitting number of guest posts just for sake of getting backlinks.

#2. Your Blog must have Good Page Rank In order to do Guest Blogging

Many Newbie bloggers have a myth that their blog must have a high PR (Page Rank) before they submit their guest post to other blogs. Well, It just not true ! You can get easily your post approved on PR4 and PR3 blogs even if you are having 0 PR. I'll advice you not to hesitate while submitting guest posts to other blogs if you are having low or 0 page rank.

Truth : Other blog owners with high page rank blogs will surely going to approve your post if it is beneficial for their blog. Blog Owners will be glad approving your guest posts as your guest post will help them in getting huge blog traffic. I don't think they'll have any problem accepting your content. 

Note : Make sure to create good quality article so that there would be no chance of getting rejected. 

#3. It's Waste to Put much efforts for Guest Blogging 

I have seen bloggers saying "Why to put much efforts in writing long and quality posts just for sake of getting backlinks when you already have other alternative ways for getting backlinks to your blog". 

This option won't be working anymore. Expecting instant results from guest blogging should be avoided. 

Truth : Guest blogging is very beneficial if posts can give long term benefits. Always create high quality content for guest blogging like you are an expert for that particular topic. Make sure to proof read your article after finishing writing work. This will help you avoiding silly grammatical mistakes ( You can take help you grammar checker tools which can be helpful to you for finding out mistakes ). More value you add to your guest post, more benefits you'll get in coming days. 

Tips for Writing Guest Posts and How to Easily make them approved ? 

1. Your main focus should be impressing the blog owners whom you want to submit your posts. Always be polite and explain them properly why you have selected their blog for guest posting. 

2. Guest post should be written for relevant blogs which have high authority and good PR. Make sure to read their guidelines before submitting guest  posts to their blog.

3. Don't copy anyone's writing style, follow you unique and creative writing style. This will going to help you in standing out of the crowd. 

4. Feels good when you see your name on other popular blogs, Correct ? So adding a  short, simple and an effective author-bio with your guest post is a good idea. 

5. You can easily make visitors to read your full guest post by offering something fresh and informative data in the beginning of your post.


I'm sure that no other publicizing method can compete with Guest Blogging. It is one of the best white hat SEO technique which contains lots of benefits for blogs. Not only this but this method will be making some loyal blog readers for your blog and also in making good relationship with other bloggers in your niche. 

Guest Blogging also helps in making your blog popular in the blogosphere. 

It's your turn now ! 

Have you ever written a guest post ? What benefits you got if you have ever written a guest post ? How are those Effective guest blogging tips which I've discussed above 

Kindly, give your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Also, if you had liked reading this article then please try to share this with others, After all, Sharing is Caring... :)