Checking keyword rank is one of the most effective way and the best practice done by many bloggers, webmasters and seo experts for checking whether their website links are appearing in google search engine results pages for a specific query or not. If yes, then on which position ?  

If your website links are not showing on search engine results then some serious actions should be taken for improving your keyword ranking

If you are ranking good then how good ? 

Rank checking not only helps in improving site results but also in knowing more about your competitors on search engines results. By knowing more about your competitors you can plan your own strategy to outrank those competitor's blogs. 

Well, there are a large number of keyword suggestion tools which are available for checking Google Keywords ranking. 

In today's article, I'll be focusing on how to quickly and easily check your keyword ranking on search engine results. 


Top 8 Google Keyword Position Checker Tools

1. SEMRush

This is personally my favourite tool. There are many professional bloggers and SEO experts which highly recommend using this tool for knowing the keyword ranking in a particular blog post. 


SEMRush has an easy interface, Means anyone can easily use this tool without facing any type or problems. You just need to enter your site URL or web address of a specific page and that's all. All type of necessary information will be displayed to you of your site. Further, You can easily analyse the results and check which keywords in ranking good for your site. 

This amazing Search Engine Marketing tool can be used for Free Trial but you have to get their subscription for higher usage. 

2. SEO SERP Workbench 

Next in our list we have, SEO SERP Workbench. Basically, this is a Google Chrome Extension, so you won't be facing any type of update issue which is usually seen in many offline rank checker tools. SSW ( SEO SERP Workbench ) is widely used by pro-bloggers and webmasters for checking their search engine ranking of the keywords. This tool has already downloaded over 79k+ times which indicates how popular it's among people. 


SSW supports so many countries such as UK, US and many more. You just need to select a keyword and check it's rank on search engine results pages. Not only your's but you can also analyse your competitor's site with the help of this useful extension. 

You can easily add this extension to Google Chrome Browser for free. 

3. SEO Scores Android App 

SEO Scores is an amazing Android App which will surely make all desktop users feel jealous. It's a full SEO toolkit containing 32 SEO tools for better reports.

You will be getting many amazing features in this Android application. Checking website ranking scores, analyzing backlinks, notification for blog mentions, backlinks comparison and many more features are adding in SEO Scores. 


Believe me, if you are having a android device then you won't be needing any other seo tools for your site after installing this application. 

You simply need to install this application via App Store and start checking keywords ranking. Simple, Isn't. 

The best thing which I've  liked about this tool is, you don't have to type of your website URL again and again which helps you in saving your valuable time. You need not to copy all your report data manually, Reports will directly be sent to your email inbox which is another cool feature of this tool.

4. Small SEO Tools

This online seo tool is very popular among people when it comes on analyzing site reports without much problem. Not only as a keyword rank checker tool, but it is also used as a backlink checker tool. 


Small SEO Tools is quite fast when it comes to track keyword ranking. You can add upto 20 keywords at a time. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three search engines which is supported by this tool. 

5. Moonsy's Google Position Checker

Moonsy's Google Position Checker tool has very smooth feature. This powerful tool is available for free which allows you to check your keyword ranking as well as analyzing your competitors rank. 


The main reason behind it's popularity is it's simple and clean interface which allows you to check for more than one domain name at a time for a particular keyword. 

Adding your competitor's site URL allows you easy keyword ranking comparison. This is how you can see how well it's working for both the sites. 

6. Rank Checker 

Similar to SSW, Rank Checker is an extension available for Firefox browser provided by SEObook. This tool claims to be an open source and fully secured. 


Here "Fully Secured" means that your reports will not be exported to any SEO company. 

Rank Checker is fully hosted on your PC and let you to easily check keyword ranking. 

You can get your personalized report for keyword ranking in case you have logged in your Google Account. You can also see how well you are ranking for a particular keyword in search engine results in general by turning it off. 

You can easily export your site reports in ".csv" file for creating a record. 

7. Keyword Rank Checker By

Another powerful tool helps you in analyzing your site reports. It is a free tool which performs very well when you are checking keyword rank according to different countries. 


Keyword Rank Checker supports total 100 countries which is very impressive feature added to this tool. 

8. SEO Centro 

At last we have, SEO Centro. SEO Centro is very much similar to Moonsy and Small SEO Tools. This tool provides a detailed keyword ranking report according to three different search engines viz., Google, Yahoo and Bing. 


You can also track you competitor's report too with the help SEO Centro. 


You can easily find out a large number of online tools to check your keyword ranking quickly and easily. You should find out your competition and see your website ranking for that particular keyword. If you have an idea about your search engine ranking you can do following things :- 

1. Are your efforts is showing off or not ? If not then try to know why and acquire the first position on search engine ranking pages. Read how I improve my search engine ranking

2. If your keywords are ranking well then it will help you in monetizing your site content and help you in making more money from your blog. 

3. I've observed many companies which don't focus on proper keyword optimization, They simply pay to Google Adwords for appearing on search engine results. Contacting to these companies and putting your offer among them can result in a good deal. 

That's it with this list of some best Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools. I also want to tell you that the more smartly and faster you work i.e, updating your blog regularly can actually help in performing well in search engine results. 

I will personally suggest you to try out SEMRush which is an awesome tool containing many amazing features.

So, How's the article ? You liked it ? Which tool are you using for checking keyword ranking ? Kindly leave your comment below and let us know. At last, If possible then please share this content with your friends... :)